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Chú khỉ buồn 14

From - Posted: Sep 15, 2013 - 105,015 viewsGame | Chú khỉ buồn 14 | Chu khi buon 14
Chú khỉ buồn 14
Chu khi buon 14
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game chú khỉ buồn 14,mem nào vào web chơi thấy có chú khỉ buồn mới thì vào cmt mình biết để làm video gợi ý chơi nha,chúc các bạn chơi vui vẻ...

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Latest video : 22 Cob Strategy --------------------------------------- Click for Details 00:00 - Streak 95 04:11 - Streak 96 08:29 - Streak 97 13:06 - Streak 98 15:01 - Streak 99 18:50 - Credits NOTE: This was all recorded at 18 FPS in order for me to save significant amount of space. ( i literally dedicated a hard drive just for this recording stuff so i hope the quality is still OK. NOTE: These sets of videos were meant to show the strategies and not really the streak therefore whether you think its real or not doesn't really bother me and i end it at 100 streak because i find that i no longer need to go any further . my aim is to help others come up with better strategies in order to reach further. after countless times playing Vasebreaker Endless ( some just for the sake of playing and some for attempting a certain streak ) . I luckily made it to Streak 100 and for those who are rather confused. . i made this series of videos ( Vasebreaker Endless Streak 1-100 ) in order to show some of the very simple strategies you may be able to use for your strategies and perhaps improve. There are countless possible strategies that may be made applied for Vasebreaker endless primarily because we all have our preferences as to what vases to we want to open. Not to mention that these series of vases may have different outcomes and it will all fall in to how we try to handle the situation using the available resources. sometimes you just need to use what's available or sometimes you just have to risk everything and try to gather them in order to maximize the usage of cherry bomb. I try to make sure I make the most out of the available plants and try to be aware on different factors that dictate my strategy. my strategies are all based on - Where are the bonus vases located - How many possible gargantuars ( varies every 10 streaks ) - I always pick either top right case or the bottom left vase . this has no bases and is simply my preference. - Depending on how many initial plants i have then i will try to find a possible location for them. - Possible location of jack-in-the-box. - If plantern is available i will try to find the best place to use it ( not always the best but i always try my best ) either as a way to reveal some vases or as a sacrifice to delay or both. - Potato mines always force me to apply delay tactics on that lane in order to gather the gargantuars in the best possible way - Peashooters force me to always find a backup threepeater repeater wallnut - Wallnuts force me to focus on possible location for the bucket heads prior to gargantuars. - Snow pea force me to apply less to no DPS on the lane ( either use only 2 or one repeater or 2 squash or as a sacrifice in order to gather the gargantuars ) - Threepeaters force me to focus more on the other lanes at which they can shoot. - Repeaters force me to remember if jacks-in-the-box already exploded near the 7th , 8th or 9th column. they also force me to use less squash on that lane in order top maximize their DPS ( sometimes very risky ). - I always try to make sure I get 3-4 plants initially ( either from the 1st three vases or sometimes force me to use the bonus vases ) - Squash are probably the most complicated part of the strategy because if they are not used very well they can vanish or hit less zombies . sometimes getting a lot of these earlier can lead to a very bad situation and can sometimes force me to use a cherry bomb. - For Bucket heads i rely on enough DPS to kill them and simply waiting for them to be eliminated ( reduces the risk of wasting squash on stray bucket heads ). takes a lot of time but is really worth it. - for Gargantuars i rely on different combinations of plants depending on what's available and sometimes sacrificing some plants in order to make the most out of every DPS the other plants can deal. - with 9 Gargantuars and only 5 squash available ( streak 90+ ) things can get really messy because you really need to make sure you hit as much as possible gargantuars in a lane with a single squash. - I always try to remember what plants were already out and what plants are still on the vases and same goes with the zombies. I may not know the location but at least i know the probability at which they could appear for every vase i opened after opening 3 vases initially. - I try my best to NOT use cherries unless it's the last resort. - Keep it simple try not to overreact and be calm I Hope this helps you out in creating strategies for Vasebreaker Endless. Have fun -Hitori
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