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Circuit Rider 3D

From - Posted: Dec 19, 2013 - 260,674 viewsGame | Circuit Rider 3D | Circuit Rider 3D
Circuit Rider 3D
Circuit Rider 3D
Trailer Duration: 01 minutes 45 seconds 
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Circuit with the Nissan GT-R in the Citiy Rider 3D Game. play at

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City Car Driving Home Edition v1.3Played with Logitech G25.Download: http:citycardriving.comWebsite: http:tirexihd.wix.comtirexihdMy PC: http:tirexihd.wix.comtirexihd#!my-gaming-rigc14cxMy Video Editor: http:www.cyberlink.comproductspowerdirectorintroduction_en_EU.htmlCity Car Driving v1.3.1 City Car Driving v1.2.5 City Car Driving 2013 Car Driving Simulator 2013 City Car Driving Car Driving Simulator Car Game
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Assault Course game - MINICLIP 3D running in military path assault course oyunu oyna - Magicolo tarafından Oyun miniclip Türk 3d oyunlar ücretsiz çevrimiçi Assault Course game miniclip video tutorial level 1 Stammi a sentire, pivello! Questo non è un albergo! Devi strofinare il pavimento, pelare le patate e dare una mano al campo di addestramento. La vita della recluta non è facile. http:www.miniclip.comgamesassault-courseit Militaresco gioco di allenamento per soldati purtroppo molto simile a free running, solo cambia la grafica. Comunque buono per il resto con musica. VOTO: 7 Assault Course Gold You need to be in complete charge of your body if you want to survive the bootcamp full of big jumps, barbwire and explosions! Score 35,000 points for the Gold Award! Assault Course Silver To impress your superiors, you need to have a fast time and a clean uniform! Score 25,000 points for the Silver Award! Assault Course Bronze Every new recruit has to be in top physical shape if they want to become all that they can be! Score 15,000 points for the Assault Course Bronze Award! Military training for soldiers, unfortunately the game is very similar to free running, only changes the graphics. Still good music for the rest. RATING: 7 Video by Magicolo
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A video from the new game called Universal Gravitation. You will feel like the spider man when playing this game. Have fun. http:www.pacogames.comactionuniversal-gravitationen
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Walkthrough for game Vehicles 3: Car Toons! play: http:www.pacogames.comlogicvehicles-3-car-toonsenHelp police, ambulance and fire truck arrive to the park slot.
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Android: Download: iOS Download: link: http:www.appbrain.comapptruck-driver-3dcom.androidromania.truckdriver SlideDB link: http:www.slidedb.comgamestruck-driver-3d Facebook Page: https:www.facebook.compagesTruck-Driver-3D166900223476818Do you like truck games? This truck simulator allows you to drive different kinds of heavy trucks. You can use a wood grabber, a bulldozer, a forklift to load the big trucks with different type of cargo. This 3D truck game has 4 big maps with 10 levels each: mountain, quarry, countryside and industry. Drive the lorry of this truck simulator and finish the missions before you run out of fuel! (Real truck interior camera)Features of this Truck Simulator: -truck loading with:-forklift-wood grabber-bulldozer -different type of cargo -big truck simulator maps -trucks with and without trailer -interior camera -steering sensitivity -cool and smooth graphics -traffic cars -realistic truck and traffic damage -fuel system with gas stations -realistic truck and cargo physics -And many more!2 new maps coming soon for this truck simulator!
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Testing DRIV3R - DRIVER vehicles in Edy's Vehicle Physics demo.
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