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Classic Game Room ATOMIC ARCADE PINBALL review

From - Posted: May 05, 2011 - 41,029 viewsGame | Classic Game Room ATOMIC ARCADE PINBALL review | Classic Game Room ATOMIC ARCADE PINBALL review
Classic Game Room ATOMIC ARCADE PINBALL review
Classic Game Room ATOMIC ARCADE PINBALL review
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From 1979, feel the ATOMIC DISCO. Classic Game Room reviews ATOMIC ARCADE PINBALL from Tomy released for home use! All plastic, all awesome. No quarters required, just fork over a $20 for five D-Cell batteries to drive the flippers, bumpers and blinking lights wild.

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After the amazing responses from my last video, I had to do it justice by giving it's own time to shine. Tomy made quite a few tabletop pinball games but this one is the rarest next to "Pirate Treasure" Pinball. It is rare but mind you this was released in 1991 where as Tomy Atomic Arcade was released back in 1978. I didn't mention in the video but this goes out to atarileaf who if it wasn't for him I wouldn't start up my tabletop pinball collection either, check out his channel and subscribe to him if you haven't yet: and his Atomic Pinball review:
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Tomy Atomic Pinball, from 1979 unbelievably! I had one in the very early 90s. This isn't it. But it's a very similar one I bought from eBay. Join me, let's play pinball, loud and active.BG: https:www.jamendo.comentrack374975midnight-blueMe: http:www.twitter.comnostalnerd
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Take a tour through the pinball machine’s rich past, from its origins in France to Roger Sharpe’s heroics that overturned the pinball ban! Subscribe to LORE: http:bit.lyLoreSubscribe Follow Lore on Twitter @LoreInAMinuteWatch Sega Genesis LORE here: http:bit.ly2sMgPBJWritten by William LuAnimated by Jeremey Chinshue: by Jake ‘The Voice’ Parr: has its origins in the 1800s when the French invented what was called a “Bagatelle-Table." This was a variation of a billiard or pool table in which players use a cue stick to hit balls into pockets surrounded by pins. In 1869, inventor Montague Redgrave developed the spring launcher; this would be one of the first features of the modern pinball game.In 1931, coin operation was added to these machines and features like sounds, bumpers, and score trackers soon followed. Finally, in 1947 player controlled flippers were added, ushering in the Golden Age of pinball machines. But these flippers were a little late to the party, as pinball already had a bad reputation that would be difficult to tilt, er shake.Without flippers, the early pinball machines were games of chance instead of actual skill; because of this they were lumped together with slot machines and were classified as a form of gambling, which was illegal in the United States.Adding to pinball’s shaky reputation was the fact that most of the pinball manufacturers were based out in Chicago, home of Al Capone and the hotbed for organized crime. Many lawmakers at the time were convinced that pinball had a mafia connection, and one man, New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, made it his crusade to rid the machines from his city.Initially, LaGuardia found it difficult to get public support for banning pinball machines since they didn’t have the stigma that was attached to slot machines. However, after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, LaGuardia took advantage of the U.S.’ wartime “Salvage for Victory” campaign which called for citizens to donate as much scrap metal to the war effort.On January 21, 1942 a ban on pinball machines was approved and police squads raided any public space where pinballs were to be found. The NYC raid collected around 2,000 pinball machines and in a PR display that Eliot Ness would be proud of, they smashed all of them with sledgehammers. Almost one ton of scrap metal was collected from these pinball machines.Pinball had to go underground to shady parlors and strip clubs, but in 1976, the coin-operated amusement lobby wanted New York to reconsider the ban. They wanted to show that pinball was a game of skill and not chance. It all came down to one shot.They brought in expert player Roger Sharpe. Sharpe claimed that pinball is a game of skill, and he would prove this by not only calling his shot, but describing a specific path the pinball would take. Sharpe’s called it exactly how he described it and just like that, the pinball ban was overturned and pretty soon, the machines were back in arcades all over the country. Have fun!--------- About LORE in a Minute!:LORE is your one-stop shop for the history, plot, backstory -- you name it -- of your favorite franchises from video games and anime to comics and movies, and more. LORE pairs your favorite YouTubers like Dodger, Octopimp, Comicstorian, Stampy, Ricepirate, and Markiplier with talented animators all over the world. Find out the top facts and Easter eggs of games like Fallout 4, Overwatch, Gears of War, Dark Souls all the way to classics like Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, Mario, Bioshock, Half-Life, and Zelda. We also cover movies, comics, cartoons, anime, and TV shows, so be sure to check out our library for Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Batman, Avengers, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and more!--------- Polaris Animated Universe: http:bit.ly1P77c59 LORE! http:bit.lynNfsws Subscribe for more LORE! http:bit.lyMoarLore Follow us on Twitter! http:www.twitter.comLoreInAMinute--------- Thanks for watching LORE!
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I recently hacked my 1979 Tomy Atomic Arcade Pinball toy machine to add some flashing LEDs. It's super easy to do and only requires the most basic soldering and electronics skills. If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in the comments section :) Thanks a lot for watching!Check out Jeff's Pinball Page for more information on the inner workings of the machine: http:www.jeff-z.compinballtoysatomicatomic.htmlFilmed with a Canon 550D (Rebel T2i).----Want more of my random videos? Then please go ahead and subscribe to my channel :) http:youtube.comsubscription_center?add_user=flx04part2Also, check out my electronic music videos, demos and tutorials on my other channel: http:youtube.comflx04
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Atomic Pinball Tomy & Atom Pinball CS Toys Electronic Cheng Ching Taiwan
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Classic Game Room reviews STRANGE SCIENCE Pinball Machine from Bally Midway released in 1986. Strange Science was released around the same time as Weird Science, the movie. The objective in Strange Science pinball is to transfer a woman's brain into a monkey and a monkey's brain into a woman by hitting targets and ramps to complete 1980's style objectives. Strange Science is most famous for an insane 5-ball multiball after player locks five pinballs in the atom smasher. This CGR video review of Strange Science pinball has arcade pinball machine game play from Strange Science.
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This clock reads time data from WWVB Atomic Clock data broadcast over radio waves. It then uses the upright display from an old pinball machine to show the time.More information at: http:wp.mepk3lN-8yK
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The latest pinball machine from the makers of The Hobbit and Wizard of Oz connects to your phone and much more.Make Your Own Amazing Cardboard Pinball Machine the Game of Thrones Limited Edition Pinball Machine from Stern An $8,500 'The Hobbit' Pinball Machine­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­----IGN OFFICIAL APP: http:www.ign.commobile FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comign TWITTER: https:twitter.comign INSTAGRAM: https:instagram.comigndotcom?hl=en WEBSITE: GOOGLE+: #pinball
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Firepower II™ (1983): is the re-charged sequel to Firepower produced by Williams®. It was designed by Mark Ritchie with art drawn by Constantino Mitchell and Jeanine Mitchell. Warp into a thrilling outer space battle on this classic table with exciting features like the double scoring two ball multiball. Spell FIREPOWER to score big and earn Extra Balls and Specials. Complete the open Left Ramp shot to earn Mystery scores. And master the tough Left Orbit shot to lock in your Bonus. Firepower II, "the legend lives on."ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, ViolenceSteam: http:store.steampowered.comapp238... iOS: Google Play: Amazon App Store: OUYA: https:www.ouya.tvgamePinball-Arcade PS4: PS3Vita: Xbox One:©2016 FarSight Studios, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders. Created and distributed under license from Williams Electronic Games, Inc, All rights reserved, and Gottlieb Development, LLC. All rights reserved. ©Stern Pinball Inc. All rights reserved. TALES OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS® & ©1996 Williams Electronics Games, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
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