Game | Classic Game Room DIRTY DRIVIN arcade machine review

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Classic Game Room DIRTY DRIVIN arcade machine review

From - Posted: Jul 11, 2012 - 64,685 viewsGame | Classic Game Room DIRTY DRIVIN arcade machine review | Classic Game Room DIRTY DRIVIN arcade machine review
Classic Game Room DIRTY DRIVIN arcade machine review
Classic Game Room DIRTY DRIVIN arcade machine review
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Dirty Drivin' review. Classic Game Room reviews DIRTY DRIVIN' arcade machine from Raw Thrills and Specular Interactive, a 2011 release for new arcades, fun centers, bars and wherever good times are to be had. This awesome vehicular combat racing game is the loudest, explodiest, most obnoxious game ever and rocks with a vibrating seat, machine guns and WHITE ZOMBIE. CGR Dirty Drivin' video review features Dirty Drivin gameplay recorded from the actual racing game arcade cabinet! Check out the awesome HD monitor, massive speakers and blinky lights! Dirty Drivin' is hard to miss. Once you start playing you'll be sucked into the ferocious gameplay where you crush enemy vehicles, blow them up or explode and you won't be able to quit! Save your upgraded vehicles using the cabinet keycode system and shoot for the high score. Operators can link eight Dirty Drivin' cabinets together to make it really awesome.

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SUBSCRIBE & LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.comellyawesome A review and demonstration of the iCade Arcade machine tablet for iPad. It's totally awesome! Twitter: http:www.Twitter.comAppChatOfficial @AppChatOfficial GooglePlus: http:www.gplus.toappchat Facebook: http:www.facebook.comellyawesome My instagram username: EllyAwesome My website: AppChat Shirts (I don't make money from selling them, just there incase you want one! :D) http:www.appchat.spreadshirt.comOutro music (dancing music): Ambitions by Hankijord http:www.soundcloud.comhankijord Background music by: Pixel girl logo and extra awesome by: iCade compatible games: Commodore 64 Hard Lines Super Crossfire HD AirAttack HD Pix'n Love Rush DX Super Crate Box Forget-Me-Not Gridrunner Caverns of Minos GoatUp Minotron: 2112 Minotaur Rescue Atari's Greatest Hits Silverfish MAX Match Panic Mos Speedrun Arcade Jumper Velocispider No Gravity Warblade HD EnbornX Muffin Knight Sideways Racing Super Mega Worm Super Mega Worm Vs. Santa (Free) Compression HD IronStar Arena Emerald Mine Space Inversion Space Inversion 2 HD Space Inversion Puzzle Puzzle Bot Blast Freeesh HungryMaster ElectroMaster PLUM CRAZY TorpedoRun Hummingz EVO HD The Exterminator Baby Monkey (iPhone only) Flashback (iPhone only) Frogger Decades League of Evil League of Evil 2 Bob's Action Racing iBlackjack HD Spectaculator, ZX Spectrum Emulator Dingo (ZX Spectrum)(Free) Dynamite Dan II (ZX Spectrum) Starstrike II (ZX Spectrum) Diversion Diversion HD Zombie Diversion Haunted Hallway Retroid EnbornX INC Super Drill Panic Stardash Meganoid Neoteria Katana Jack! Box Cat Fruity the Snake HD ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD Retro Dust HD PAC-MAN for iPad An Alien Annihilation (Pro) Saucelifter! Heavy Disc Interstellar Force Influx Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Terra Noctis Rock Crush Jungool Quixotic Donkey Jump MagMaze Dynastunts Smash Toons Wizard Ops Dark Incursion Bomber Cat Final Run Don't Run with a Plasma Sword Paper Monsters Phoenix HD RPG Quest Cave Shooter HD Cave Shooter 2 Shogun Monkey Labour Aemula Oldies (DOS emulator) Ice Rage Cavorite Cavorite 2Video Info: Camera: Canon t3i aka 600d with the 18-55m kit lens Edited in Final Cut Pro X Filming took around 5 hours and editing took about 5 hours 880MB and 6 hours to upload :( haha Footage was NOT colour corrected :)Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the quality of this product or any concern relating to this product. If you choose to purchase this product and are in some way unhappy with them please take your concerns to the company. I am in no way affiliated with the company that sells these products I am just reviewing one of their products.
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Eternal Champions review!Buy "The Best of CGR" on Blu Ray and DVD! to Follow http:www.instagram.comClassicGameRoom http:www.twitter.comClassicGameRoom http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoomEthel Cyborg Ninja accounts! http:www.twitter.comEthelCyborg http:www.instagramEthelCyborgNinjaClassic Game Room reviews ETERNAL CHAMPIONS for Sega Genesis from Sega released in 1993. Is it Mortal Kombat? Is it Street Fighter II? It's both! This bizarre fighting game is a Sega Genesis Sega Mega Drive exclusive and packs odd characters, colorful visuals, cool music and challenging fight game gameplay. CGR Eternal Champions video review features Eternal Champions Genesis gameplay and shows many of the Eternal Champions Fatalities (aka Eternal Champions Overkills).
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