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Classic Game Room DONKEY KONG for Atari 7800 review

From - Posted: Apr 14, 2008 - 289,765 viewsGame | Classic Game Room DONKEY KONG for Atari 7800 review | Classic Game Room DONKEY KONG for Atari 7800 review
Classic Game Room DONKEY KONG for Atari 7800 review
Classic Game Room DONKEY KONG for Atari 7800 review
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Donkey Kong Atari 7800 review. Classic Game Room reviews DONKEY KONG for the Atari 7800 from Nintendo released in 1988. Nintendo's smash hit Donkey Kong was the first appearance of their leading character, Mario. Although in this arcade game he was actually referred to as Jumpman. On the Atari 7800 cartridge box it does refer to him as Mario the carpenter. This King Kong and Popeye inspired classic video game spawned dozens of successful products like handheld video games, breakfast cereal and a S Saturday Morning cartoon. Do you even remember the days when we had cartoons on TV in the mornings?? Donkey Kong was an early 80's arcade coin-op classic game, now a retro favorite. Nintendo and the Wii and NES have released numerous titles in the DK franchise now and even Billy Madison thinks Donkey Kong is the best game ever made. Now Mario is a platformer franchise money making hero. He's been in dozens of games like Mario Kart, Mario and Sonic, Mario Party, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Mario Adventure, Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario Golf, Mario Strikers, Mario Power Tennis and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Mario is like Pac Man with a moustache.Be sure to watch the original Classic Game Room episodes. Classic Game Room was the original classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999-2000, now on DVD. The HD series is reviewing PS3, Genesis, NES, Atari and Xbox 360. XBLA.

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This is emulated with MAME 0.119+. The American version only has the 1st and last levels, but the Japanese version also has the 2nd and 3rd. The name of this ROM is "Japan set 1".There were a couple mistakes, but this was quick to complete compared to my many other videos. I'm sorry if my lack of skill in this game doesn't please you enough.HOW HIGH CAN YOU GET?LEVEL 1: 25m: Jump over barrels, or smash them with hammers, and climb ladders to reach Pauline.LEVEL 2: 50m: Reach Donkey Kong's floor by climbing moving ladders and passing conveyer belts while avoiding fires, pies, and Donkey Kong, himself.LEVEL 3: 75m: Use elevators and ladders while avoiding fires and springboards to reach Pauline's floor.LEVEL 4: 100m: Use ladders to climb and break all of the pegs, while avoiding or destroying puffy flames with hammers.. Once you break all of the pegs, Donkey Kong will fall, and Jumpman, a.k.a. Mario, will be reunited for good.And then the game starts RIGHT over again... *sigh*--------------In Levels 2 - 4, you can collect items for extra points. These are Pauline's sunhat, umbrella, and purse. The Bonus at the top-right corner of the screen is also a time limit. 1 second of time multiplied by 100 represents the Bonus points you get after beating the level. If the Bonus hits 000, you die!In Levels 1 & 4, hammers will let you break barrels in Level 1, and flames in Level 4 for a few seconds. However, you can't jump with them, and you can't climb ladders with them. Because of how they're set up in those levels, you can't even use them to hit Donkey Kong if you tried. Notice how the flames in Level 4 turn blue when you grab a hammer. It's as if you were Pac-Man and they were Ghosts.American NES Version: Arcade (US set 1) Version:! Over 39,000 views! I wasn't expecting this to do so well. Thanks, everyone!--------------HOLY CRAP! Over 132,000 views! I wonder if it has to do with that... particularly infamous movie known as Pixels, hmmmm...?Oh well. Love it or hate it, if you're trying to figure out where Donkey Kong came from in that movie, look no further. The things you see the characters do to get through this game in that movie may end up being different from what you see out of the game itself, here.--------------OVER 424,000 VIEWS?! Wow... Thanks, Pixels.--------------755,000+ VIEWS!--------------834,000+ VIEWS!!--------------943,000+ VIEWS!!!--------------OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! THIS IS NO DOUBT MY HIGHEST-VIEWED VIDEO EVER!--------------OVER 1.5 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!4316 UPDATE: Since this video's proven to be an extremely popular video thanks to the game's appearance in Pixels, I may consider making quick playthroughs of some of the other arcade games that also showed up in that movie. I'm not really interested in seeing the movie, itself, though, but I might change my mind later.--------------OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!!And not only that, as of this post of 7916, this, the original Donkey Kong arcade game, is now officially over 35 years old! CONGRATULATIONS!Thanks for watching, everyone!
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Classic Game Room reviews PAC MAN for Atari 5200! How does this version of Pac Man compare to the Atari 2600 version and Namco's arcade stand up classic? Arguably the most famous video game character in history, Pac Man is recognizable everywhere in the world. The mesmerizing maze based game has been ported onto dozens of game consoles, new and old and has been shrunk down to play on watches, phones and toys. Back in 1982 there were fewer ways to play Pac Man than there are now, and unless you went to the arcade to play a real coin-op Pac Man machine you weren't going to find a quality Pac Man conversion unless you had the ATARI 5200. The CGRHD Atari 5200 reviewer reviewing Atari 5200 games like Pac Man loves this game cartridge. Pac Man on the 5200 looks great, sounds great, plays well and is a stunning example of the potential that Atari's 5200 game system. The analog Atari 5200 non-self centering joystick is terrible for Pac Man, practically ruining the experience. I'm out to find a better controller but can say with certainty that this version of Pac Man is awesome! It just needs a better controller.
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Yep!! Believe it or not, this is *really* a game screen of Super Pac-Man on the Atari 7800, and it is now one of THE RATHER DAMN BEST conversions ever made for that classic system indeed, in which this whole translation was designed no less by a person known as "PacManPlus" on the Atari Age forums. The original forum thread for this one is right here: http:www.atariage.comforumsindex.php?showtopic=132832 ...where you will know a lot more about the bug-fixes that went into the development of this newest Atari console version, which CERTAINLY blows away the living hell out of the unreleased 5200 and 400800 versions... plus it is even more difficulty-balanced than ever, making it much closer to the arcade... all the way down to the graphics, sounds, and how smoothly excellent this baby plays!!!! d=^-^=b !! Remember, this is a world-exclusive video of Super Pac-Man on the Atari 7800, in which this entire game will soon be available in true cartridge form officially through the Atari Age website: ...and do enjoy this most amazing discovery of a translation right here, and do not forget, YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST right here on YouTube!!! ^_~ !!
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LINK TO OPENING MUSIC ! 0:22 Atari 2600 1:12 ZX Spectrum 1:49 MSX 2:33 Atari 800 3:17 Intellivision 3:49 Amstrad CPC 4:22 TI99 5:18 Amiga 6:09 Commodore ( Nintendo Version ) 6:54 Commodore 64 ( Ocean Version ) 7:48 Colecovision 8:39 Colecovision ( Opcode Games ) 9:15 DOS ( Donkey Kong PC ) 9:54 Gameboy 10:32 Atari 7800 11:21 FLASH 11:55 NES 12:40 Coleco table top ( emulated ) 13:22 Creds 14:06Song: Donkey Kong Remix By: Deryl Wingate this guys channel out ! He has some wicked beats Here Amazing work & an Awesome Channel ! Atari 800 footage provided by Source:http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiDonkey_Kong_%28video_game%29Donkey Kong (???????, Donki Kongu?) is an arcade game developed by Nintendo, released in 1981. It is an early example of the platform game genre, as the gameplay focuses on maneuvering the main character across a series of platforms while dodging and jumping over obstacles. In it, Jumpman (now known as Mario) must rescue a damsel in distress, Lady (now known as Pauline), from a giant ape named Donkey Kong. The hero and ape later became two of Nintendo's most popular characters.The game was the latest in a series of efforts by Nintendo to break into the North American market. Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo's president at the time, assigned the project to a first-time game designer named Shigeru Miyamoto. Drawing from a wide range of inspirations, including Popeye and King Kong, Miyamoto developed the scenario and designed the game alongside Nintendo's chief engineer, Gunpei Yokoi. The two men broke new ground by using graphics as a means of characterization, including cut scenes to advance the game's plot, and integrating multiple stages into the gameplay.Despite initial misgivings on the part of Nintendo's American staff, Donkey Kong proved a success in North America and Japan. Nintendo licensed the game to Coleco, who developed home console versions for numerous platforms. Other companies cloned Nintendo's hit and avoided royalties altogether. Miyamoto's characters appeared on cereal boxes, television cartoons, and dozens of other places. A court suit brought on by Universal City Studios, alleging Donkey Kong violated their trademark of King Kong, ultimately failed. The success of Donkey Kong and Nintendo's win in the courtroom helped position the company to dominate the video game market in the 1980s and early 1990s.Gameplay:Donkey Kong is one of the earliest examples of the platform game genre; it is sometimes said to be the first platform game, although it was preceded by Space Panic.[2] In contrast to Space Panic, however, Donkey Kong was the first platform game to feature jumping,[3] introducing the need to jump between gaps and over obstacles or approaching enemies, setting the template for the platform genre.[4] Competitive video gamers and referees stress the game's high level of difficulty compared to other classic arcade games. Winning the game requires patience and the ability to accurately time Jumpman's ascent.[5] In addition to presenting the goal of saving the Lady, the game also gives the player a score. Points are awarded for finishing screens; leaping over obstacles; destroying objects with a hammer power-up; collecting items such as hats, parasols, and purses (presumably belonging to the LadyPauline); and completing other tasks. The player typically receives three lives with a bonus awarded for the first 10,000 points,[6] although this can be modified via the game's built in DIP switches.
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All bosses compilation of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat without taking damage for Nintendo Gamecube and Wii (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy - Rate - Comment - Subscribe =) ►Activate the description for the order of the bosses!!Every boss fight:Bosses:Boss 1 - Dread Kong - 00:00 Boss 2 - Scruff Roc - 01:03 Boss 3 - Rogue-Hog - 02:34 Boss 4 - Turret Tusk - 04:15 Boss 5 - Mo-Hog - 05:59 Boss 6 - Karate Kong - 07:28 Boss 7 - Fleet Roc - 08:20 Boss 8 - Grave Tusk - 09:48 Boss 9 - Hard Roc - 11:37 Boss 10 - Torch Tusk - 13:39 Boss 11 - Bloat-Hog - 15:30 Boss 12 - Ninja Kong - 17:40 Boss 13 - Cactus King - 19:14 Boss 14 - Gloat-Hog - 21:04 Boss 15 - Thunder Roc - 23:02 Boss 16 - Double Tusk - 25:15 Boss 17 - Sumo King - 26:49 Final Boss - Ghastly King (Final Kong) - 27:44Ending - 30:02All boss battles of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat taking damage for Nintendo Gamecube and Wii in 1080p and 60fps ►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2016)◄
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