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Classic Game Room GOLDEN AXE 2 Sega Genesis PS3 review

From - Posted: Aug 12, 2011 - 46,918 viewsGame | Classic Game Room GOLDEN AXE 2 Sega Genesis PS3 review | Classic Game Room GOLDEN AXE 2 Sega Genesis PS3 review
Classic Game Room GOLDEN AXE 2 Sega Genesis PS3 review
Classic Game Room GOLDEN AXE 2 Sega Genesis PS3 review
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Classic Game Room reviews GOLDEN AXE 2 for Sega Genesis from 1991 played here off of the PS3 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. CGR review features 2 player Golden Axe 2 gameplay from Sega Genesis (Sega Mega Drive), the 2nd Golden Axe 2 side scrolling beat 'em up videogame from Sega on the Genesis.

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http:www.Patreon.comClassicGameRoomE.T. Atari 2600 review! CGR is supported by a legion of rad fans around the galaxy. If you dig it, please kick in at least $2 on Patreon for CGR production :) Lord Karnage will smile upon thee!!Classic Game Room reviews E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL for Atari 2600 from 1982, a video game reviled by many. Does it deserve the abuse it gets? Mark digs into E.T., plays the game and suffers through an adventure based on one of his least favorite movies of all time... and that's even before he starts analyzing E.T. the video game! Sure, it looks pretty good for an Atari game. It works fairly well and has some interesting ideas, but E.T. suffers from a lack of fun. Perhaps it should phone home and go far, far away!!
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Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews SONIC'S ULTIMATE GENESIS COLLECTION from Sega! This amazing collection disc of more than 40 Sega Genesis, Master System and Sega Arcade games is a must have for fans of the Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, Mega CD, Sega Megadrive, Dreamcast, Saturn and Sonic! This CGRHD review of Sonic's Ultimate Sega Genesis Collection features gameplay footage from the video game from Sega. This is available on PS3 Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles. CGRHD tells you how to unlock arcade titles in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection like Zaxxon, Shinobi, Altered Beast, Alien Syndrome and Golden Axe. Genesis games included are Streets of Rage (watch Streets of Rage 3 gameplay footage in the video review), Golden Axe 1 through 3, Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2 and 3, E-Swat, Alien Storm, Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III and Phantasy Star IV, Shinobi III, Columns, Decap Attack and many, many more. This video game review of Sonic's Ultimate Sega Genesis Collecion features the PS3 Playstation 3 version with unlockable games and trophies (we show a trophy list in the review).
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Video Locations:1. Arcade 00:18 2. ZX Spectrum 01:48 3. Commodore 64 03:21 4. PC Engine CD 04:54 5. Sega Master System 06:24 6. Wonder Swan 07:56 7. Atari ST 08:27 8. Amiga 10:59 9. Sega Genesis - Mega Drive 12:39Description Source: http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiGolden_AxeGolden Axe is a side-scrolling arcade hack and slash game released in 1989 by Sega for the System 16-B arcade hardware. It is the first game in the series.Makoto Uchida was the primary developer of the game and also was responsible for the creation of Altered Beast, a similar game. Several ports of the game were created, most notably for the Mega DriveGenesis and Master System.PlotThe game takes place in the fictional land of Yuria, a Conan the Barbarian-style high fantasy medieval world. An evil entity known as Death Adder has captured the King and his daughter, and holds them captive in their castle. He also finds the Golden Axe, the magical emblem of Yuria, and threatens to destroy both the axe and the royal family unless the people of Yuria accept him as their ruler. Three Warriors set out on a quest to rescue Yuria and avenge their losses at the hands of Death Adder. The first is a battle axe-wielding dwarf, Gilius Thunderhead, from the mines of Wolud, whose twin brother was killed by the soldiers of Death Adder. Another is a male barbarian, Ax Battler, wielding a two handed broadsword looking for revenge for the murder of his mother. The last is a long-sword-wielding Tyris Flare, an amazon, whose parents were both killed by Death Adder.The warriors save the inhabitants of the ransacked Turtle Village, which turns out to be situated on the shell of a giant turtle. The turtle takes the characters across the sea, and they then fly to the castle itself on the back of a giant eagle. Once at the castle they defeat Death Adder, who is wielding the Golden Axe and save the land. In the Mega Drive and PC versions, and also in other ports, the characters also battle Death Adder's mentor, Death Bringer, as the true final boss.GameplayProgress is made through the game by fighting through Death Adder's henchmen, including men armed with clubs and maces, skeleton warriors, and knights. Players are able to attack using their weapon, jump and cast spells that hurt all enemies on the screen. The force of this magic depends on the number of "bars" of magic power currently available. The bars are filled by collecting blue 'magic potions' attained by kicking little sprites who then drop the potions. These sprites appear during regular levels and during bonus stages in between levels. The male warrior Ax is able to cast earth spells. The dwarf Gilius, casts lightning spells and the female warrior Tyris casts fire magic. Each character has a different number of maximum magic bars and varying ranges of attack.Various steeds known as bizarrians are found in the game. These can be ridden when the enemy rider is knocked off, or if one is found dormant. The least powerful steed is known as the Cockatrice (which also appeared in Altered Beast)[2], which can be used to knock down enemies with a swipe of its tail. The more powerful dragon, which can either shoot fireballs or breathe fire, is found later in the game.In addition to the main quest, some home versions of the game included "duel mode", a survival mode type game that pitted players against increasingly powerful foes in consecutive rounds of play. This mode also featured a two-player one-on-one option.
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Golden Axe PS3 Walkthrough Guide for a number of trophys which will all be listed below but the main goal was PERFECT WIN without saving the game!Trophys That was Earned during this Walkthrough in Local Co-Op Mode1 Cockatrice 2 Turtle Village 3 Amazon Magic 4 Dwarf Magic 5 Potion 6 Survivor 7 Co-Op Win 8 Win 9 Perfect WinTrophys that was wasnt earned in this video are the followingOmni Character Barbarian Magic Online Co-Op ___________________________________________________Character Names and PSN players who featured in this video are belowAmazon = PSN ID: SAS_Smithy_1986 Dwarf = PSN ID: BlindGranny
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Classic Game Room reviews WARIO LAND: Super Mario Land 3 for Nintendo Game Boy from 1993. F Mario, Love Wario! Collect coins and buy Wario some pimp daddy love in this amazing platformer for Nintendo Gameboy. Warioland for Nintendo Gameboy is the first Wario Land game featuring Wario as a lead character. This CGR video review of Wario Land, Super Mario Land 3, has gameplay from Wario Land showing Warioland game play on Gameboy in HD action recorded from Game Boy Advance SP.
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Classic Game Room reviews MARVEL SUPER HEROES for Sega Saturn by Capcom from 1997. Based on the 1995 arcade machine, Marvel Super Heroes is a one or two player 2D style fighting game with Marvel characters such as Wolverine, Captain America, Psylocke, The Hulk and Magneto. Each character has a storyline and fights through the videogame to the end boss. The plots are loosely based on Infinity Gauntlet as characters fight for Infinity Gems which can be used as short term power ups to give you an edge in battle.
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