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Classic Game Room PANASONIC 3DO console review model FZ 1

From - Posted: Sep 27, 2011 - 257,460 viewsGame | Classic Game Room PANASONIC 3DO console review model FZ 1 | Classic Game Room PANASONIC 3DO console review model FZ 1
Classic Game Room PANASONIC 3DO console review model FZ 1
Classic Game Room PANASONIC 3DO console review model FZ 1
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Panasonic 3DO review. Classic Game Room reviews the PANASONIC 3DO video game console model FZ-1 released in 1993. The Panasonic 3DO has an awesome library of video games like Road Rash, Myst and Novastorm but unfortunately was released with a $700 price tag in the early 90's, yikes! Failure in the marketplace followed but the awesome games still arrived on the Panasonic 3DO. Panasonic 3DO video review features Panasonic 3DO model FZ-1 (as well as comparison shot vs. model FZ-10). Prone to breakage and difficult to repair, the Panasonic 3DO is for serious collectors looking to relive the early 90's in style with some awesome games.

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SNK Neo-Geo CD console review!!Buy "The Best of CGR" on Blu Ray and DVD! to Follow http:www.instagram.comClassicGameRoom http:www.twitter.comClassicGameRoom http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoomEthel Cyborg Ninja accounts! http:www.twitter.comEthelCyborg http:www.instagramEthelCyborgNinjaClassic Game Room reviews the SNK NEO-GEO CD video game console from 1997! If the Neo-Geo AES or MVS is out of your budget then check out the Neo-Geo CD! Features a great library of Neo-Geo games even though it's plagued by awful loading times thanks to its 1x speed CD drive. No region encoding means you can easily play Japanese imports, the controller is really nice and it features S-video and composite video outputs. The Neo-Geo CD is a good deal!
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Sega Saturn console review. Shop CGR shirts, hats, mugs & gear! Game Room reviews the Sega Saturn video game console! Released in 1995 to the US market, this 1996 vintage Sega Saturn shows the pure solid construction and beauty of this underrated and nearly forgotten game console. Sega purists know about the Saturn of course, as well as the Master System, Dreamcast and Sega Genesis. But what about everyone else? This is the game system that has Panzer Dragoon and Darius Gaiden and Radiant Silvergun! The Sega Saturn has awesome controllers and plays games from Japan with a 4 in 1 converter and memory card. The Saturn has Virtua Fighter 2 and Daytona USA! What happened to make the Saturn die off so soon when so much potential was left untapped. The Saturn is remembered by many as a SHMUP video game system with awesome 2D rendering and gameplay, perhaps that is its lasting shining legacy. Watch the Classic Game Room hardware review of the Sega Saturn game system with HD footage of the console in high definition. Play import shooters on the Sega Saturn with ease and all of the awesome Western releases, all being reviewed by CGRHD.
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ULTRA MASSIVE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE GUIDE VOLUME 1: To Make A Video Game Review Show That Doesn't Suck! #2!! Karnage 1.5: Volume 1: Mark on Amazon at CGR on Patreon at http:www.Patreon.comClassicGameRoomCGR shirts, mugs & gear at http:www.ClassicGameRoom.comFollow CGR at: http:www.twitter.comClassicGameRoom http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoom http:www.instagram.comClassicGameRoomClassic Game Room HD reviews the Sega Power Base Converter for the Sega Genesis. This amazing device allows you to play Sega Master System games on the Sega Genesis! The Sega Master system is an older video game console than the Megadrive and was released in 1986 in the United States. The SMS has a huge collection of excellent games like Shinobi, Out Run, Thunder Blade, Golvellius, Hang On and F-16 Fighting Falcon. The Sega Genesis is the 16-bit hero from Sega that was released in 1989 and is legendary today. Regrettably the Master System failed to compete against the Nintendo Entertainment System and is somewhat obscure today. Bring it back! The Power Base Converter is the perfect way to rock those old Master System games with your Sega Genesis any time, any where! Classic Game Room reviews new and old video games and video game equipment. Check back frequently for new reviews!
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Tomcat Alley video review. Classic Game Room reviews TOMCAT ALLEY for Sega CD (Mega CD), a FMV Full Motion Video button prompt style videgame which was released in 1994 as a Sega TruVideo production. Play as the co-pilot in an F-14 Tomcat fighting against waves of cold war era ex-Soviet bad guys trying to destroy the USA! Move your exciting cursor around the screen and click on things and lock on to enemy jets and helicopters to shoot them down. Tomcat Alley has abysmal gameplay but awesome cut scenes with cheesy B-movie style and fun editing that changes depending on your actions. It even features a girl from a Bond movie! This CGR Tomcat Alley review has gameplay from Tomcat Alley on Sega CD showing jet fighter air combat video game play in HD action from Sega Mega CD.
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