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Classic Game Room TANGLED for Nintendo Wii review

From - Posted: Nov 30, 2010 - 297,145 viewsGame | Classic Game Room TANGLED for Nintendo Wii review | Classic Game Room TANGLED for Nintendo Wii review
Classic Game Room TANGLED for Nintendo Wii review
Classic Game Room TANGLED for Nintendo Wii review
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Classic Game Room reviews TANGLED the video game from Disney based on Tangled the animated 3D movie based on Rapunzel the fairy tale. Tangled the videogame for Nintendo Wii is a standard E for everyone rated kids game aimed at fans of Tangled the film. This CGR review of Tangled from Planet Moon Studios has gameplay from Disney Tangled the videogame on Nintendo Wii showing Tangled gameplay using standard Nintendo Wii controls with Wiimote and Nunchuk controllers. If you get stuck at a level where you can't get Flynn back to Rapunzel make sure to look around the let down Rapunzel's hair near the tree stump! It got me every time... I tried to use a flamethrower but it isn't in the game...

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Visual Quality:medium,anti-aliasing:on My system:Cpu:E2180 2.00ghz,Graphics Card:Ati Radeon HD3400,Ram:4gb,Hdd:400gb,windows xp sp2
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heres the link for the walkthrough comment rate subscribe,vsit my channel=) BE AWESOME BE Y2J
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game | Nintendo Wii Intro for Disney s Tangled

Nintendo Wii Intro for Disney s Tangled

Co-directors: Claire Keane and Vincent Rogozyk Illustrations & Hand Drawn Animations: Claire Keane Motion Graphics: Vincent Rogozyk
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INSTAGRAM - https:www.instagram.compromisetamangTWITTER - http:bit.ly2jDr6jcSNAPCHAT - Promise PhanFACEBOOK - https:www.facebook.compromisetamangphanLIKE for more Disney Villain videos ! Mother Gothel is probably the most vain and selfish disney villain ever. Locking up Rapunzel and using her hair for youth ..Evil !!! But her Makeup is fabulous, its very dramatic with a lot of gold and black eyeshadow. You can't be a Disney villain without the dramatic makeup. Thats why its so fun to do their makeup transformations. Also I plan on doing more Disney Villains this year. Who do you want me do next?!My Disney UP Makeup Video : Products : LeeAnni Eco http:mygl.amyt_315_leeannieco Boo-Boo Cover-Up http:mygl.amyt_315_booboocoverup MARSK http:mygl.amyt_315_marsk VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind http:mygl.amyt_315_vintage NYX Cosmetics Pops Butter Lipstick http:mygl.amyt-315-nyx-butter-lipstick Too faced cosmetics Liquid foundation It cosmetics powder foundation Sigma Dark brown eye brow pencil Makeup geek vegas light palette Too Faced Semi sweet Chocolate palette NYX cosmetics Black wonder Eyeliner Doll me up lashes bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara Motives Cosmetics Contour Duo Mac Spice Lip Liner Brushes : Stippling It cosmetics brush Morphe Brushes ' Contour brush, Powder Brush, Flat Eyeshadow Brush ' Sigma Tapered Brush, Eyeshadow precision brush, Flat brush bareMinerals Blush BrushEbay: Mother Gothel Wig, Tear Drop Gold Earrings & Medieval Red gownThanks for watching and come back soon to my Channel !!!My Facebook : https:www.facebook.compromisetamangphan Instagram : PromiseTamang Twitter: https:twitter.comTamangPhanMy 2nd youtube channel :
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READ DESCRIPTION!!before anyone decides to comment negative things about who i ship and what my headcanon is. if you dont like this then dont watch, simple.part one: after jack and rapunzel build their own kingdom, arendelle, they have a beautiful baby girl named elsa who inherits jack's winter powers, three years later they have another daughter named anna who has the bubbly personality just like her mother. when elsa is eight years old and anna is five, the two girls decide to have fun and play in the snow elsa created in the ballroom. they get too carried away and elsa accidentally strikes anna on the head with her powers, so she calls for her mother and father. jack and rapunzel come running in and rapunzel heals anna while also tampering with her memories a little, making her forget elsa has winter powers. jack and rapunzel agree to close the gates to keep elsa safe, elsa also decides to distance herself from anna to keep her safe because she's scared that she'll hurt her again. thirteen years pass and rapunzel decides it's time to hand the thrown over to elsa, so at the coronation party, while rapunzel is dancing, elsa and anna start talking. jack sees this and over the moon that his two little girls are talking and laughing again. but elsa then reminds herself to keep herself distant, so anna has had enough of not understanding this and confronts elsa when she pulls away from her. elsa gets too frustrated and annoyed so she accidentally lets her powers go and runs off in fear. once she gets to the water and starts to freeze it, jack stops in front of her and tells her to stop, but elsa stops believing and runs right through her father. rapunzel sees her daughter run off and begins to get upset. anna decides to go after her sister and tells jack he needs to stay and look after rapunzel. up in the north mountain, elsa begins to hear this voice telling her she isnt alone and that nothing 'goes better than cold and dark', we then see it is pitch telling her these things, trying to manipulate her and turn on jack. anna reaches a store where she gets a change of clothes and meets say something (instrumental) by a great big world
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game | Funny scenes from Tangled movie

Funny scenes from Tangled movie

Some of my favorite scenes I cut out from Tangled movie. Enjoy watching!
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game | Disney Tangled walkthrough mission 2 part 1 PC

Disney Tangled walkthrough mission 2 part 1 PC

Visual Quality:medium,anti-aliasing:on My system:Cpu:E2180 2.00ghz,Graphics Card:Ati Radeon HD3400,Ram:4gb,Hdd:400gb,windows xp sp2
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game | Disney Tangled The Video Game Part 10

Disney Tangled The Video Game Part 10

Please read the Description BoxInfo Box. This videos may contain Spoiler! Watch for your own risk!Playlist: __________________________________________________.: Info about this Video :. English Title: Tangled: The Video Game Platform: Wii, Nintendo DS, PC Developer: Planet Moon Studios Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Genre(s): Action Mode(s): Single-player, Multiplayer Release date: November 23, 2010 __________________________________________________First time PlaythroughRunthrough System UsePlayed on: PC __________________________________________________I only record these games for Entertainment Purposes, for myself, friends and other people that have interest for the videos. I never record the video to show off my gaming skill; I'm just showing of the games. My videos isn't about me, it's about the game. This isn't walkthrough. None of my video suppose to be one either, they just GameplayPlaythrough. Most of my playthrough videos are first playthough..: Recording DeviceProgram :. - Bandicam.: AyaAnnyGaming Blog :. More info about my Channelrules :. http:ayaannygaming.wordpress.comaboutabout-my-youtube-channel.: Frequently asked questions :. http:ayaannygaming.wordpress.comaboutfaqs.: Facebook :. http:www.facebook.comAyaAnnyGaming.: Live Gaming :. http:www.twitch.tvayaanny~~~~~~~ Enjoy the Video! ~~~~~~~
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game | 10 Mistakes of Disney s TANGLED You Didn t Notice

10 Mistakes of Disney s TANGLED You Didn t Notice

This video is only for entertainment purpose, with no intention of offence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Movie Freaks! Like and Follow us to keep yourself updated about our latest Videos, Movie Mistakes, Facts & News➧ ▶ SUBSCRIBE NOW - http:bit.ly1TPNq1v● Facebook - https:goo.glYmj0k9 ● Twitter - https:goo.glg8Rtgf ● Instagram - https:goo.glFVF3Va ● Google+ - https:goo.glWBseGf✔ Store - https:goo.gl1feXrT ------------------------------------------------------------------ Music- Martina (Original Mix) by Naikee Listen- : Naikee https:soundcloud.comnaikee112 https:www.facebook.comnaiKee112 https:twitter.comnaikee112 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Production company- Walt Disney Pictures & Walt Disney Animation StudiosDistributed by Walt Disney Studios & Motion Pictures ------------------------------------------------------------------ Mistakes:1.When Rapunzel and Pascal were playing hide-and-seek, the flower pot outside the window is shown with a painting of a flower. In the later parts of the film, no painting is seen there.2. After Flynn complains to the Stabbington Brothers about his nose getting messed up on his wanted posters, they are found by the mounted guards. If you look closely at the shot of the guards on the cliff, one of the horses led by Maximus is grey. Even in the shot when they gallop over the hill top in chasing Flynn - who has just abandoned his partners - one of the horses up front next to Maximus is grey. In the next shot when the captain demands his soldiers to retrieve Flynn's satchel for whatever it took, all the horses are following Maximus are brown.3. When Flynn tells Rapunzel that he and the kingdom are not "simpatico" he is lying on his left side. In the next scene, when Rapunzel uses her hair to pull him back upright, he is lying on his back.4. In the pub, the piano playing thug knocks all the keys off with his hook, which can be seen when Rapunzel puts her frying pan by her face so she won't get hit by the keys. But in the next shot, the thug is playing the piano, when there should have been no keys.5. As Flynn and Rapunzel are getting out of the river, after they had just escaped the cave, you can see that there is no wound on the palm of his left hand, even though he had just cut it on the rocks before.
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