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Classic Game Room TWISTED METAL review for PS1

From - Posted: Jun 14, 2012 - 100,455 viewsGame | Classic Game Room TWISTED METAL review for PS1 | Classic Game Room TWISTED METAL review for PS1
Classic Game Room TWISTED METAL review for PS1
Classic Game Room TWISTED METAL review for PS1
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Twisted Metal review. Classic Game Room reviews TWISTED METAL for the original Sony PlayStation released in 1995. Developed by SingleTrac and Sony Interactive Studios America, Twisted Metal is the biggest name in vehicular combat video games! Twisted Metal has 12 playable characters vehicles, each with their own storyline and about a half dozen different environments to destroy your opponents in. Twisted Metal was an early PlayStation 1 release with 2 player split screen multiplayer that won the hearts of countless players with it's competitive, fast paced gameplay in an era when it wasn't common. CGR Twisted Metal video review features Twisted Metal PS1 gameplay recorded from PlayStation 3 video game console.

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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Twisted Metal II for PlayStation. Twisted Metal II is a car combat game that combines an interesting line up of characters on a path of destruction to destroy each other. This game was published by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and developed by SingleTrac. Released in 1996, the game became an instant PlayStation classic more successful than the initial game in the series. This video game review features video gameplay footage of Twisted Metal II and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Amanda. Check out more reviews from Classic Game Room at http:www.YouTube.comCGRundertow, http:www.YouTube.comCGRoverboard and http:www.YouTube.comClassicGameRoom. Find trailers at http:www.YouTube.comCGRtrailers. Get more Classic Game Room on Facebook at http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoom and at
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Twisted Metal: Head On review for Sony PSP!!Buy "The Best of CGR" on Blu Ray and DVD! to Follow http:www.instagram.comClassicGameRoom http:www.twitter.comClassicGameRoom http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoomEthel Cyborg Ninja accounts! http:www.twitter.comEthelCyborg http:www.instagramEthelCyborgNinjaClassic Game Room reviews TWISTED METAL: HEAD ON for Sony PSP! Vehicular chaos and carnage return to the small screen in 2005's Twisted Metal: Head-On for the portable Sony PSP! Crash cars, machine gun enemies and unleash wild special attacks, Twisted Metal is great fun on the go (or on the couch)! Head on in for insanity!!
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Twisted Metal 3 Review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review Twisted Metal 3 for the PS1. Developed by 989 Studios and published by 989 Studios. Another entry in the Twisted Metal franchise. This continues the series with more car combat violence. The game was developed by a new studio, which makes the game feel very different than the original two. While not as good as the first two, the game is still as fun and interesting. This video review features video gameplay footage of Twisted Metal 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan. Check out more reviews from Classic Game Room at http:www.YouTube.comCGRundertow and http:www.YouTube.comClassicGameRoom. For the latest trailers, visit http:www.YouTube.comCGRtrailers. Get more Classic Game Room on Facebook at http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoom and at
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Twisted Metal Did You Know Gaming? Feat Mace the Omnilution Fan made

I've been planning this for a loooong time. And now, it's here. PART 2 IS NOW LIVE: Music (in order): -TM PS3: Ready Set Destroy -TM1: Rooftops -TM2: Los Angeles theme -TM Black: Main menu theme -TM PS3: Ready to DieThis DYKG Fan made video talks about the legendary car combat series, Twisted Metal. The longest running franchise exclusively for the Playstation platforms. This mostly covers TM1, TM2, TM Small Brawl, TM Black, TM Head-On, and the canned TM titles.Subscribe to the actual DYKG for more gaming trivia! http:bit.lyDYKG_SubscribeFull script (for you pathetic weeaboos who think my "voice acting" sound retarded): DYK Twisted METALDid you know? That the first Twisted Metal was originally named: High Octane, and then: Urban assault. High Octane can be referenced throughout the game, and examples are the posters in the very first level that advertise the game, and the cut endings. SPEAKING of those endings, they were going to be live action, but they were cut because they are deemed a bit too sexist, violent, campy, etc., and this was planned by one of the TM creators, David Jaffe. The endings were dramatically different comparing to the final product, and they can be found in Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition.Twisted Metal 2 is the best game in the franchise, by fans and game devs alike, and hell it's the only TM game released on PC. But in the Beta, most of the driver's names and vehicles were different. Roadkill's Marcus Kane was JD, Twister's Amanda Watts was Andy Pearson, Axel himself had lighter skin and not wearing, Hammerhead was Hammer Head, Warthog's Capt. Rogers was Col. Dawson, Thumper's Bruce Cochrane was just Bruce, and Spectre's Ken Masters was Alex Moore. Speaking of beta, Darkside, Yellow Jacket, and Pit Viper was supposed to make a return to that game, Yellow Jacket didn't make it but it's a background object in HKK, Darkside was a boss in the New York rooftops but also be seen in the game's options menu, and Pit Viper was replaced by Grasshopper but in the game files, it's named "PV."TM Small Brawl was originally going to be released on the PS2 with the similar graphics as Twisted Metal Black, but was dropped and ported on the PS1 because it's not a good atmosphere when involving a bunch of RC cars destroying each other. It's originally called Twisted Metal: KIDS, but the title seemed a bit too stupid. And there was an ending for Axel, but it was removed because it's both racist and offensive to black, paraplegics, and both.In Twisted Metal Black, many things were cut in the PAL version of the game such as: nearly all of the cutscenes because it's too dark for the European audience, when a car gets destroyed there's no driver on fire, the 747 plane in the Junkyard level already crashed at the start, and the text in the game's story mode was removed. Speaking of the game's loading screen, if you play as Minion in the story mode, he speaks in numbers. From decrypting the fricking numbers, here is what he's saying:I do not think this is real. I must speak in code or he will discover me. We are trapped in his head. This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth sees his life, it is not real. All of us are trapped in his head. I miss the old colorful world. We will return to old world one day. In the real world my name is Marcus A. Kane.There's a few cancelled Twisted Metal games, there's TM: Apocalypse which took place in a post apocalyptic environment dominated by Calypso's tourneys, and they include: Mr. Grimm, Shadow, Thumper, Outlaw, Crimson Fury, Sweet Tooth in a gas mask, Darkside, Minion, Warthog, Axel, and Hammerhead as playable characters, but the game was dropped because one of the devs was 'not down with the post-apoc. vibe.' Twisted Metal: Revolution was utilized street and hip-hop influence, and featured characters with a more realistic look, like Sweet Tooth looks more of a smooth criminal. No MJ refs here. And lastly a sequel to TM: Black, dubbed as: Twisted Metal: Lost. The game can be playable in TM Head on: Extra twisted edition, it contains 4 new levels, and 2 new vehicles which is Gold Tooth (Gold Sweet Tooth), and 12-Pak (driven by a headless guy named Sam Boomer) , and the game is supposed to have a 3D platformer element, too and control as Sweet Tooth, but that was used on the "Sweet tour" extra, where you collect info about the canned title including artwork. But why is this cancelled you may ask? The story given as to why the game had never been released in full was because most of the development team had died in a plane crash, but this is often cited as merely urban legend created to give the game a more "mysterious air" to it.
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Here is a collection of best Playstation one (PS1) games of all time! Enjoy and have fun :)Please make sure to watch other parts: Part 2: https:youtu.beW2VYnugjMyI Part 3: https:youtu.beLB-beS4jY3M Part 4: https:youtu.beYH_EuOZgZVM Part 5: https:youtu.bekBRr9DFeEN8 Part 6: https:youtu.beDPK0DxojKnc Part 7: https:youtu.beVXN1mESRkpY Part 8: https:youtu.bektZZTJQFJ0I Part 9: https:youtu.be98CH59_hiWIThanx for watching the video and supporting Please rate the video if you like it Always appreciate your feedback XXX Also tell me what's your favorite games? ;)New videos here: Top PS3 games over 700 games: https:goo.glnPLgWCGames list: 1- Tarzan 00:06 2- Tomb Raider II 00:37 3- Captain Tsubasa J Get in the Tomorrow 01:15 4- Die Hard Trilogy 01:49 5- Die Hard Trilogy 2 02:24 6- GTA 2 02:56 7- Disney's Hercules 03:28 8- Crash Bandicoot 04:01 9- Crash Team Racing 04:34 10- Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped 05:11 11- Jackie Chan Stuntmaster 05:42 12- Aladdin In Nasira's Revenge 06:14 13- Resident Evil 1 06:50 14- Resident Evil 2 07:35 15- Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis 08:16 16- Pitfall 3D - Beyond The Jungle 08:53 17- Mortal Kombat 4 09:27 18- Need For Speed - High Stakes 10:02 19- Need For Speed 2 10:34 20- Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed 11:06 21- Need For Speed III - Hot Pursuit 11:38 22- Ninja - Shadow of Darkness 12:11 23- Oddworld- Abe's Oddysee 12:46 24- Pepsi man 13:18 25- Medal of Honor 13:54 26- Medal of Honor - Underground 14:29 27- MegaMan Legends 15:03 28- MegaMan X3 15:35 29- MegaMan X4 16:09 30- MegaMan X5 16:41 31- Megaman X6 17:18 32- Tenchu - Stealth Assassins 17:49 33- Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins 18:22 34- spider-man 18:58 35- Spider-Man 2 - Enter Electro 19:36 36- Skullmonkeys 20:08 37- Tomba! 2 - The Evil Swine Returns 20:41 38- Twisted Metal 2 21:13 39- Twisted Metal 4 21:47 40- Wild 9 22:19 41- Tekken 3 22:55 42- castlevania - symphony of the night 23:28 43- Armored Core - Master of Arena 23:59 44- Armored Core - Project Phantasma 24:32 45- Apocalypse 25:05 46- Ace Combat 2 25:37 47- Fighting Force 26:11 48- Fighting Force 2 26:45 49- Duke Nukem - Time to Kill 27:15 50- Einhander 27:49 51- Final Fantasy IX 28:17 52- Final Fantasy VII 28:55 53- Final Fantasy VIII 29:30 54- Micro Maniacs Racing 30:08 55- Crusader - No Remorse 30:41 56- Akuji the Heartless 31:14 57- Alundra 31:50 58- Alundra 2 32:21 59- Breath of Fire III 32:54 60- Breath of Fire IV 33:32 61- Chrono Cross 34:05 62- Forsaken 34:43 63- Grandia 35:15 64- Lunar Silver Star Story Complete 35:48 65- Parasite Eve 2 36:20 66- Shadow Madness 36:56 67- Xenogears 37:31 68- Valkyrie Profile 38:06 69- Toy Story 2 38:38 70- Bushido Blade 39:12
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Twisted Metal 2 All Endings

Compilation video of Twisted Metal 2 World Tour all endings. including the endings of secrets characters: Minion and Sweet Tooth.1996 - Sony Computer Entertainment All Rights Reserved
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game | Twisted Metal All Cutscenes 2012 Game Movie 1080p HD

Twisted Metal All Cutscenes 2012 Game Movie 1080p HD

MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA ALL CUTSCENES: GLP on Instagram: http:instagram.comglplaygr0und Follow GLP on Twitter! http:twitter.comglittlep Like GLP on Facebook! http:facebook.comgLpLaygroundTwisted Metal (2012) was the reboot to the storied Twisted Metal series, but alas it never caught on like it did in the PS1 and early PS2 days. Once of of Sony's franchises, this is (as of now) the last installment in the series.The cutscenes are great, and with this particular game it felt like gameplay wasn't needed at all. The cutscenes speak for themselves. We hope Twisted Metal comes back some day!Our 2nd Channel, GLP TV -
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game | TWISTED METAL Evolution


The videos of EVOLUTION, I try to bring a list of all games of a franchise. {ENGLISH} Os vídeos de EVOLUTION, eu procuro trazer uma lista com todos os jogos da franquia. {PORTUGUÊS} SUBSCRIBE INSCREVA-SE: https:goo.glF0Bp3nList of all games in the vídeo Lista com todos os jogos no vídeo01. Twisted Metal (1995) 02. Twisted Metal 2 (1996) 03. Twisted Metal 3 (1998) 04. Twisted Metal 4 (1999) 05. Twisted Metal: Black (2001) 06. Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (2001) 07. Twisted Metal: Black Online (2002) 08. Twisted Metal: Head-On (2005) 09. Twisted Metal (2012)» Twitter: https:goo.glRj4Rtj » Facebook: https:goo.glW9bNtI » FanPage: https:goo.glIYHPq3 » Instagram: https:goo.glPHUIef » SnapChat: http:goo.glvKhIbJ✓ YOUTUBE ANDREW LUIZ: https:goo.glbwUf6S ✓ YOUTUBE INDIEACHIEVEMENT: https:goo.glTmy2XR
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Final Fantasy 7 review. Classic Game Room reviews FINAL FANTASY VII for PlayStation 1 from SquareSoft released in 1997! The epic JRPG masterpiece that got Westerners addicted to the Japanese Role Playing Game genre remains an epic, beautiful masterpiece more than a decade after its release. Available as a cheap buy for PS1 or a download for your PlayStation 3, it's never too late to enjoy the saga of Final Fantasy VII. CGR Final Fantasy 7 video review has gameplay from Final Fantasy VII the demonstrates its amazing visuals, game play and music.
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PS1 Collecting Hidden Gems

Sony's Playstation 1 ruled the 2nd half of the 1990s and there were hundreds of great games for the console. However, some hidden gems are still out there for serious collectors. Please use the links below to get deals & help support Metal Jesus Rocks!Buy console games eStarland: http:goo.glEz4070 Buy old DOS & PC games at GOG: http:goo.glEzudc7 Collectorz Game Cataloging: http:goo.gli9ZZPA Awesome TeeFury gamer & nerd T-shirts: http:www.dpbolvw.netclick-7674116-11687034Donate if you enjoy my videos: http:goo.glCwivHmFOLLOW ME Twitter: http:twitter.comMetalJesusRocks Facebook: http:facebook.comMetalJesusRocks Site:
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SVGR Twisted Metal PS3

Episode 112: Twisted Metal (PS3)Twisted Metal is a vehicle combat video game developed by Eat Sleep Play and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. It is a reboot of the Twisted Metal franchise.
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game | Twisted Metal All Cutscenes PS3 1080p

Twisted Metal All Cutscenes PS3 1080p

WET - All Cutscenes:
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game | Twisted Metal All Character Endings! PS1

Twisted Metal All Character Endings! PS1

Twisted Metal - All Character Endings!In this video is the endings to Twisted Metal that never made it on the game. Twisted Metal: Head On for PlayStation 2 is where the endings to Twisted Metal are. Lost endings to Twisted Metal I think it's called on there. Sorry for how bad the quality and sound is on the videos. That's how they were on the game. The endings are so cheesy they're embarrassing to watch but a Twisted Metal fan like me gets a kick outta them.Here is a list of endings below.Calypso and the CombatantsSweet ToothNeedles Kane - 2:32 Yellow JacketCharlie Kane - 5:18 DarksideMr. Ash - 7:35 OutlawSgt. Carl Roberts - 8:56 ThumperBruce - 10:54 Crimson FuryAgent Stone - 12:20 Pit ViperAngela Fortin - 13:44 WarthogCommander Mason - 14:54 Mr. Grimm - 16:13 SpectreScott Campbell - 17:03 HammerheadDave & Mike - 18:26 RoadkillCapt. Spears - 19:32If you enjoyed this video, check these out! Arcade Playthroughs! - http:tinyurl.comArcade-Playthroughs Sony Playstation Playthroughs! - http:tinyurl.comPSX-Playthroughs Sega Genesis Playthroughs! - http:tinyurl.comSega-Playthroughs Super Nintendo Playthroughs! - http:tinyurl.comSNES-PlaythroughsIntro Song - Take-Five - Pompeii Facebook! - https:www.facebook.comixfalloutix
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game | Classic Game Room SPY HUNTER review for PS2

Classic Game Room SPY HUNTER review for PS2

Spy Hunter review. Classic Game Room reviews SPY HUNTER for PlayStation 2 from Midway released in 2001. This awesome retro remake of Spy Hunter is more of a re-imagining of the series than a direct remake. Spyhunter gameplay is fast and awesome as you drive the new Interceptor through missions filled with enemies and obstacles. CGR Spy Hunter video review features Spyhunter PS2 gameplay in HD action recorded from PlayStation 2 (Spy Hunter is also available on Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, PC and more). The original Spy Hunter was released in 1983 and while this game bears little in common with the original it is very challenging and filled with driving, shooting and boating! Watch as your car turns into a boat and motorcycle and crush enemies with missiles, machine guns and flame throwers!
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game | Twisted Metal All Lost Endings

Twisted Metal All Lost Endings

All endings of Twisted Metal 1 1997 PSX1. These Lost endings are found in the game bonus Twisted Metal: Head ON - Extra Twisted Edition for PS2. SUBSCRIBE for more Twisted Metal EndingsSony Computer America All Rights Reserved.
3,929 views | Mar 05, 2013

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