Game | Classic Game Room WARIO LAND Nintendo Game Boy review

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Classic Game Room WARIO LAND Nintendo Game Boy review

From - Posted: Aug 06, 2011 - 182,430 viewsGame | Classic Game Room WARIO LAND Nintendo Game Boy review | Classic Game Room WARIO LAND Nintendo Game Boy review
Classic Game Room WARIO LAND Nintendo Game Boy review
Classic Game Room WARIO LAND Nintendo Game Boy review
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Classic Game Room reviews WARIO LAND: Super Mario Land 3 for Nintendo Game Boy from 1993. F Mario, Love Wario! Collect coins and buy Wario some pimp daddy love in this amazing platformer for Nintendo Gameboy. Warioland for Nintendo Gameboy is the first Wario Land game featuring Wario as a lead character. This CGR video review of Wario Land, Super Mario Land 3, has gameplay from Wario Land showing Warioland game play on Gameboy in HD action recorded from Game Boy Advance SP.

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10 hidden Game Boy features you didn't know about! Subscribe to The Gamer: https:goo.gl9cpWgf The Game Boy was innovative for so many reasons. The portability of the system gave us gaming on the go and it had a library of games filled with a lot of classics including the original Pokemon games. Even with all the games and the Game Boy camera, the portable device could do things you can’t even imagine.Into sewing? Well, the Game Boy was compatible with a sewing machine that would automatically create patterns and designs. The Game Boy was great for camping trips, but the device could also be used to catch some huge fish. Systems like the GameCube and SNES were compatible with the games, but there was also a way to play games on the Sony Playstation. The Game Boy wasn’t really built for multiplayer action, but there was a four player link and a number of games you could play with three friends. The Mission Impossible game has some amazing features including the ability to control your TV or VCR. The original Game Boy was so tough, it could actually survive a war. For those who love style, the Game Boy has been transformed into both a luxury collector’s item and some pretty fancy shoes. Game Boy music was pretty basic, but the handheld console could be transformed into a portable radio and used with both speakers and headphones. The console also had the ability to connect to computers through special software. Watch to see all these great uses and then decide if it’s worth pulling out your old Game Boy for some action once again!#GameBoy #NintendoCheck out these other awesome videos!6 Things Fortnite Can Do That PUBG Can't Things PUBG Can Do That Fortnite CAN'T by: Alan Donahue Voice Over by: Justin Freitas Edited by: Dan SchiffmacherOur Social Media: https:twitter.comthegamer_site https:www.facebook.comthegamercomOur Website
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I'm back! So, expect lots of updates as before! Well, its been a long time since I talked about Wario. But I couldn't run from it forever. So, its time. To review, Wario Land 2. Enjoy!Get yourself familiar with my good chum Dog:, watch the very first episode here, Wario Land 1 : (it kinda blows)
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This greedy bastards happens to star in some great platformers, surprisingly. And Land 3 is easily the best!--------------------------------------------▶ Enjoyed the video? Subscribe!:▶ Support me on Patreon! : http:www.patreon.comantdude92▶ Follow me on Twitter: http:www.twitter.comantdude92▶ Like me on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comantdude92
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• Join the Club for only $5! http:www.dollarshaveclub.comssffWith Evo around the corner, it’s time to finally talk fighting games! And who better than Street Fighter? Four different Street Fighter games appeared on various Nintendo Game Boy systems and we are going to take them all on! Games featured: Street Fighter 2 (GB), Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams (GBC) Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival (GBA), Street Fighter Alpha 3 (GBA) #stopskeletons #streetfighterCredits • Written by Derek Alexander & Grace Kramer • Shot by Grace Kramer • Edited by Gabe Philbin & Derek AlexanderStop Skeletons From Fighting Merch Now At Fangamer • https:www.fangamer.comproductsstop-skeletons-from-fighting-shirtGet early access to new SSFF videos on Patreon • http:bit.lySSFFpatreonSubscribe and join the Skeleton Crew today! • thanks to Gabe Philbin for helping with the edit • https:twitter.comRabidWombat9Artwork and Bumper by the always incredible Clockwork Pixel, • http:bit.lyClockworkPixelEnding Music by •  http:hellstar.plusMore Stop Skeletons From Fighting • The Day One Patch and No Man's Sky Next: https:youtu.beO4zhOpCrq3s • Doom Console Ports #2 (Jaguar3DOSaturn): https:youtu.beXsKLvzNT7E0 • Secrets of the N64 Expansion Pak: https:youtu.ben17SDFZSu_o • How Mega Man 11 Rose from the Ashes of Mighty No 9: https:youtu.be1q5y071lzas • Resident Evil 2 Ports: https:youtu.bexguGtRw-zN8 • Kojima vs Konami Explained: https:youtu.beL8pSoKfjsgwFollow SSFF!! • Instagram: http:bit.lySSFFinstagram (@stopskeletons) • Twitter: http:bit.lySSFFtwitter (@stopskeletons) • Facebook: http:bit.lySSFFfacebook • Twitch: https:bit.lySSFFtwitch
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SUBSCRIBE for more gaming trivia ► http:bit.lyDYKG_Subscribe Mario Kart DYKG Extra ► http:bit.ly2uLL1ki Second Channel ► http:bit.ly2umvRjhIn this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. The GBA was the follow up to the popular Game Boy system, and featured all of Nintendo's hit franchises at the time, including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and even Metroid. The system started it life as Project Atlantis, but had several iterations. The Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Micro were made later in the handheld's life, and the console also had a private adapter to work with the Nintendo 64 (N64), and was emulated on the 3DS and Wii U, and will likely come to the Nintendo Switch. Through our analysis of the console's development, GBA games and their gameplay and beta builds, we hope to show some of the more interesting facts from the making of the Game Boy Advance and have its history explained.Video Editing by Luis Illingworth @HeyRaguioFollow DYKG on: Twitter: http:bit.ly2oOavs2 Instagram: http:bit.ly2oO4jjA Facebook: http:bit.ly2nIrFp9 Website: http:bit.lyNpYDbDSourcesFurther Reading: https:www.wired.com200903gdc-nintendos-u https:tcrf.netPrerelease:Game_Boy_Advance_BIOS http:www.ign.comarticles20000914game-boy-advance-developer-team-interview http:www.ign.comarticles20000822game-boy-advance-development-kit-revealed http:www.jjelect.comFAQ.cfm?Ans=148 http:curiosity.jpworksenproductgameboy-advance.html https:tcrf.netGame_Boy_Advance_BIOS http:www.thetanooki.com20141230nintendos-satoru-iwata-really-wanted-a-game-boy-advance-sp-sleep-mode http:iwataasks.nintendo.cominterviews#3dshow-nintendo-3ds-made02 http:devkits.handheldmuseum.comGBA_Wideboy.htm http:bit.ly2uTwmkz http:bit.ly2vw1RS5 https:www.unseen64.net20080408zelda-ii-map-gba-tech-demo https:www.unseen64.net20080407yoshis-story-gba-tech-demo
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NEW ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: it out after this one. In this video I discuss some common ways of displaying and storing Game Boy cartridges, and then I'll share my new method that might solve the problem permanently. Then we'll transform that idea to see what other cartridge storage problems it can solve. **********I have been receiving lots of the same questions so to help everyone out I've created a FAQ. Feel free to check here for answers. https:topspot123.wordpress.commy-projectsmini-video-game-retail-box-templates********** Follow my blog and join the discussions http:TopSpot123.comLike my facebook page https:fb.metopspot123***********EDIT: One point I forgot to mention in my script was that this could also serve as a value added differentiation, perhaps for a retro game store, convention seller, or an ebay seller. I estimate that these cost about $.14 per Game Boy game. ********** Need plastic game box protectors in the UK? http:www.retroempire.ukgb-superstrong.html**********Amazon links:Products featured in the video: --------------------------------- 110 lb White Cardstock, 8.5 x 11", 250 Sheets, http:amzn.to2kQAqkY3 Mil Clear Letter Size Thermal Laminating Pouches http:amzn.to2iPcISfElmers Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, 4-Ounce, Clear http:amzn.to2ASOSPCSuggested alternative products: ------------------------------- Avery Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, Box of 50 http:amzn.to2CFEmbXAvery Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, Pack of 10 http:amzn.to2BAaSgs**********Relevant documents and templates (will add to over time)https:topspot123.wordpress.commini-video-game-retail-box-templates**********Music Credits:BGM #5 - Snoopy's Magic Show Type A - Tetris Space Zone Stage Music 2 - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Guile Stage - Street Fighter II (Game Boy) {It goes with everything} Basement - Gremlins 2 The New Batch the Video Game Water Land (Aquatic Ambiance) - Donkey Kong Land Ending & Credits - Super Mario Land Bonus Game - Super Mario Land Marin's Song, The End - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening**********#GameRoomIdeas #GamerDIY
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No More Heroes Heroes Paradise review. Classic Game Room reviews NO MORE HEROES: HEROES' PARADISE for Playstation 3 published by Konami. Fight to earn the "Very Sweet" mode in this remake of the 2007 Wii hit, No More Heroes. This Playstation 3 version has enhanced graphics, PS Move support and extra boss battles from No More Heroes 2. No More Heroes PS3 video review shows new PS3 graphics and extra dream battles as well as special moves utilizing the PS3 Move motion controller. CGR video review of PS3 No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise has gameplay from Playstation 3 showing mayhem hack and slash action in HD.
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