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Classic Game Room XBOX 360 DREAM STICK arcade joystick review

From - Posted: May 15, 2010 - 168,148 viewsGame | Classic Game Room XBOX 360 DREAM STICK arcade joystick review | Classic Game Room XBOX 360 DREAM STICK arcade joystick review
Classic Game Room XBOX 360 DREAM STICK arcade joystick review
Classic Game Room XBOX 360 DREAM STICK arcade joystick review
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Classic Game Room HD reviews the Xbox 360 DREAM STICK arcade joystick from Dream Arcades. The Dream Stick is a real 8-way arcade style joystick that is perfect for games like Ms. Pac Man as well as Frogger, Scramble and Ikaruga. It is also ideal for the numerous fighting games on Xbox 360 like Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, Street Fighter II, UIimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Soulcalibur 4. Awesome build quality and heavy construction make this one controller that won't slide around the coffee table with vigorous gameplay. This is a wireless controller that runs on two AA batteries and has six buttons on front. Those wanting a joystick to play games with the triggers and dual analog sticks should stick with the standard 360 controller though, the Dream Stick is made for fighting and arcade games only. Manufactured by Dream Arcades, a developer of home arcade machines, cabinets and cocktail video game arcades. The Dreamstick is an Xbox 360 arcade player's dream come true. This CGR review of the Xbox 360 Dream Stick reviews the Dream Stick on video showing the Dream Stick in HD.

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Classic Game Room reviews the X-ARCADE TANKSTICK from X-Arcade powered by Xgaming. This massive dual arcade joystick with a trak-ball can be used on PCs with USB inputs and on Sega Dreamcast, PS2 (and PS1), GameCube, PS3 and Xbox 360 with the appropriate adapters. Complex, expensive and difficult to program, the X-arcade Tankstick won't be for those who aren't serious about their gaming with some time, money and patience on their site. Awesome arcade-style gameplay is delivered when all is said and done though. For this review the Xarcade Tankstick was tested with PC games before and after programming, Mame emulators, PS2 and Sega Dreamcast. CGR recommends the Dreamstick from Dream Arcade for Xbox 360 because it is a 360 controller disassembled and built into an arcade stick to prevent lag. The Tankstick works well with PC, Dreamcast and PS2 (all tested for this review using adapters) but don't expect to not do repair work on it. Build quality is questionable given the price but it's nothing a butter knife and a few hours can't fix, which is irritating. The Tankstick can be purchased as a massive controller as shown or bought with an X-Arcade stand up arcade machine. Versatility and style may be the X-Arcade Tankstick's biggest assets, but those really interested in a house-sized joystick may also want to consider a custom job for the same price. In any event, it is impressive and replaces the Dreamcast controller which needs replacing for many games like Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
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I built a new arcade stick and this time I was aiming to make it as easy as possible. I made a wood case and used authentic arcade parts (Myoungshin Fanta lever and Sanwa buttons). I had no access to a workshop, I completed it on our balcony in couple of days work and the only power tool I used was an electric drill. This tutorial video shows how I did it. Remember I am no woodworking expert at all and I am no electric expert, this can be done by anybody.Tools include an electric drill, hole saws, hand saw, hand plane, wood rasps, sandpaper (hard and soft), clamps. First plan the desired layout. I used the Namco Noir. Plan how to cut the wood. If you are no expert don't cut it yourself. Go to the store, give them the plan and let them cut it for you. Tell them to be very accurate. You might still need to adjust the panels a bit. Use the hand plane and sandpaper. After the dimensions are right glue pieces of the frame together. I used wood glue to join the elements. Wood glue these days make a bond that is stronger than the wood itself. I used the top panel to position the support blocks. Beware not to glue the top panel yet. I marked the lines to round the edges. Round edges are not necessary BTW. I cut the edges roughly with the hand plane. It can be tricky without a fixed table but doable. I used the rasp to round the edges further. Finished with sandpaper. For the USB cable I drilled a hole first. I cut the rest with the hand saw. And used a rasp and sandpaper to soften the edges. I taped the layout on the top panel. Marked the holes with a wood screw. The pilot holes must be drilled very accurately. Sanwa buttons require 30mm holes. The Korean stick requires a 35mm hole. While drilling the wood might burn a bit so take it slow and interrupt a few times. I sanded the holes. I tested the holes with the buttons and the stick. Positioning the lever and the holes must be done very accurately. Widen the holes in multiple steps. I used threaded inserts for the M4 screws. The hole depth must be very accurately drilled or the top panel will break through. It was a bit messy but the threaded inserts are inserted and stable. One hole went through the top panel and the others got humps too so I was not accurate enough. I used wood glue and saw dust to cover the hole and sanded it. I used acrylic for the bottom panel but it is not necessary. Actually plywood would be more stable. Hole must be drilled in the acrylic before inserting the screws or it will break. I glued the top panel and the case was ready for the varnish. To sand the surfaces between layers I used a P240 grit sandpaper. You can stop here and the case is finished but I wanted a darker and shinier surface and that needs multiple layers. Sand, dust off, apply varnish, wait 24 hours and repeat a couple of times. For the last finish I wet sanded with a P2000 and P2500 grit sandpaper. Not really the result I expected so I added one last thin layer. Professionals can get a beautiful mirror surface but I think this the best I can do. The case was finished so I inserted the lever and the buttons. These are 30mm Sanwa snap in buttons but they don't need to snap. Just push into the 30mm hole and they will stay. I bought a cheap PCB (USB encoder) with prepared wires for the Korean levers (Crown or Myoungshin Fanta) and Sanwa buttons. It does not require soldering. If you have no access to a PCB like that you can always extract the PCB from a controller and solder wires to it. Check my video about the PCB soldering. Cable ties are useful to organize the cables. I used small wood screws to fix the PCB and a hook screw to tie the cord. It is important to fix the cord to something solid so you don't rip it off the PCB accidentally. I secured the bottom panel with felt pads and the case is assembled. Tested the stick and all the buttons and it is ready to use. :)Music: - Way Out West, Spaceman - Belladonna, Meltin' GuitarCheck this link if you are interested how I built my old custom ardcade stick: http:youtu.beMVH2Q8oFzoY
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Classic Game Room HD reviews the portable SEGA NOMAD, the Sega Genesis Nomad that plays Sega Genesis game cartridges on the go! Sort of, although this is portable it really isn't that portable due to its size and pathetic battery life. But that doesn't stop it from being a worth addition to any Sega Genesis fan's library. You can play Genesis games on the couch, in bed, on a long road trip. Wherever you want, just don't try to throw this thing in your pocket and save games frequently. This CGR hardware review of the Sega Genesis nomad has pictures and video of the Sega Nomad showing the Sega Nomad playing Sega Genesis video games.
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This is a quick video on the topic of product design and how video game controllers have evolved over the years. In this video I focus on Sega and Microsoft controllers as they appear to stem from the same family (Note the Microsoft logo on the front of your Dreamcast). I look at how the design has evolved and developed from one console generation to the next. From the very basic 2 button Master System controller right up to the current generation wireless Xbox 360 controller.**Note to all SonyNintendoVectrex fanboys** This is a video about Sega and Microsoft peripherals and the product design history specific to these companies products. Other manufacturers products are not relevant here. But why you ask? Well, I am not looking at who inventeddeveloped what or who introduced which feature into the console market first. I am only looking at Sega and Microsoft's design choices from one generation to the next. I am not saying who or what (if any) external influence affected their design choices. Product design, branding and marketing are topics I personally find very interesting. I collect peripherals from all the manufacturers and for most consoles, both old and new. I am NOT a fanboy. Maybe in future I'll make a video about Sony or Nintendo controller evolution.**Note to all internet experts** I didn't forget the Mega Drive six button controller. I know it exists! I own a few variations of the 6 button Mega Drive controller. Unfortunately I didn't have an official Sega controller to hand at the time of making this vid so decided to omit it and keep the video streamlined. This goes for the SG-1000 controller, Master System Control Stick, Mega Drive Mega Fire and any other official variant of a standard controller (with the exception of the 3D Saturn controller). The button in the middle of a 360 controller is called the Guide button. The smaller Saturn controller was the original controller for the system. The Saturn came out in Japan before NA and this is the controller it shipped with. The Duke (big fat Xbox original controller) was the original Xbox Controller. The Xbox came out in NA before Japan and this was the controller it shipped with.Unfortunately I've now had to switch comments for this video off. This is because some people believe it is acceptable to flame bait, troll and post abusiverude remarks. I'm really sorry if you have a genuine comment to make. I hate having to do this but it simply became too time consuming and difficult to continually moderate and remove abusiveidiotic comments from fanboys and 5 year olds.Thanks for watching!
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Showing my Xbox,telling where I got it and where I get all my gaming stuff,Also showing a little gameplay of Half Life 2.
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Classic Game Room HD reviews STAR WARS JEDI ARENA for Atari 2600 from Parker Brothers released in 1983. Han does shoot first, but not in this game. This game has you playing as a Jedi and battling it out with an oppont by electrocuting them through a shield with your Atari 2600 paddle controller. This is an Atari 2600 video game played with the paddle controllers for analog movement and control, sadly the game doesn't make very good use of it. Confusing controls and clunky gameplay make this one to pass up when collecting Atari 2600 Star Wars games, stick to Death Star Battle or The Empire Strikes Back instead. This CGR review of Star Wars Jedi Arena has gameplay from Star Wars Jedi Arena showing game play footage from Atari 2600.
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Suite a de nombreuse demande, voici quelques truc utile pour bien utiliser un stick arcade et bien le prendre en main pour la premiere fois.
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Classic Game Room PLAYSTATION 2 SCPH 79001 review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the MODEL SCPH-79001 PLAYSTATION 2, the PS2 slim! This slimmer, thinner, lighter, smaller PS2 has everything that you need to play the bulk of Playstation 2 and PSone video games. Two controller ports, two memory card slots, backwards compatibility with PS1 and awesome value for the money. The SCPH 79001 Playstation 2 is just like its older, bigger sibling, the original PS2, but less than half the size. CGR likes the build quality, quiet running and space saving size of the PS2 Slim model SCPH-79001, even though the design of the PS2 Model SCPH-90000 is slightly refined.
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Classic Game Room HD reviews TOM CLANCY'S SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION for Xbox 360, also available for Windows PC. This stealth shooter excels with excellent controls that make the sneak and peek and shoot gameplay really slick. Waste bad guys, assassinate them for mark and execute bonuses and make Sam Fisher kick more ass than an ass-kicking factory. This CGR review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction has gameplay from Splinter Cell Conviction showing Splinter Cell Convision game play footage in HD. Earn P.E.C. points (Persistent Elite Creation) by playing the missions over and over again to upgrade weapons. Additioanl deniable ops missions add to the gameplay as well as multi-player and co-op missions. Don't forget Ubisoft Uplay! (I actually did forget) Splinter Cell Conviction is a cool shooter that should appeal to fans of steal combat games and shooters like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Tenchu Shadow Assassins.
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ULTRA MASSIVE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE GUIDE VOLUME 1: MASSIVE 2: TIMEY PICTURES WITH SILLY CAPTIONS!! To Make A Video Game Review Show That Doesn't Suck! Karnage 1.5: Volume 1: Mark on Amazon at CGR on Patreon at http:www.Patreon.comClassicGameRoomCGR shirts, mugs & gear at http:www.ClassicGameRoom.comFollow CGR at: http:www.twitter.comClassicGameRoom http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoom http:www.instagram.comClassicGameRoomClassic Game Room reviews BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN REMIX from Takara for the Sega Saturn released in 1996. This 3D style fighting game is sufficiently cheesy with awful writing, voice dialog and music to make it sufficiently hilarious. Who needs a real story and acting in a fighting game?? Not me, give me cheesy and serve it up with a side of bad polygon cleavage. Battle Arena Toshinden is a weapons based fighting game where you can pick from numerous characters and roll around the arena in a 3D style, wow! Somewhat awkward by today's standards... in fact really awkward by comparison to modern fighters, but still playable and entertaining.
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AIR FLO controller review. Classic Game Room reviews the AIR FLO Xbox 360 controller from Power A, a video game controller for Xbox360 that uses a built in fan and rubber grips to keep players' hands cool and comfortable during play time! The Air Flo technology keeps you cook with a built in 40mm fan that circulates up to 3.41 cubic feet or air per minute! AirFlo controller also has dual rumble motors, a chat headset port and light up LED lights. LEDS for this model are green and give the Power A Air Flo controller for Xbox 360 a cool look (although very bright). LEDs and fans can be turned on or off on the controller. Air Flo fan has 2 speeds. Air Flo controller video review features Power A Air Flo controller in black.
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