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Classic Game Room X ARCADE PS3 Xbox adapter review

From - Posted: Sep 03, 2011 - 50,630 viewsGame | Classic Game Room X ARCADE PS3 Xbox adapter review | Classic Game Room X ARCADE PS3 Xbox adapter review
Classic Game Room X ARCADE PS3 Xbox adapter review
Classic Game Room X ARCADE PS3 Xbox adapter review
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X-Arcade PS3 Xbox adapter review. Classic Game Room reviews the X-ARCADE Playstation 3 & Xbox adapter that allow the X-Arcade Tankstick to work with the PS3 and original Xbox. The X-Arcade makes for an awesome fighting stick arcade style joystick (once you replace the joystick with a Happ of course) and can be used for such awesome PS3 videogames as Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6 and Blazblue. This X Arcade accessory allows the massive Xarcade Tank Stick to work on the original old school Xbox and Playstation 3. The adapter is well engineered and works like a champ without noticeable lag (at least I think so), it can be configured to act as the analog thumbstick, D-pad or dual stick twin stick shooter controls.

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This looks like the world-famous X-Arcade Tankstick with REAL arcade controls, buttons and feel but inside there is over 10,000 games running on a dual core system that is being cooled by a 90 Cubic ft. per minute fan (That means that this one fan can clear a 90 Cu. ft. room of smoke in one minute) and one in the rear for unparalleled cooling.All the games are housed on a 128 GB SSD -Solid State Drive - so there is NO NEED to ever worry about hard drive failure if you power down correctly by pushing one button that turns it on and off. It uses an attached 15 ft. HDMI HDMI to connect to ANY HDTV capable of 1080p and as an internal sound system with volume control so the games sound like they were at the arcade - right at you. You can also connect headphones RIGHT AT THE UNIT for some late-night action.Unlike the bartop arcades, this is not a novelty. There is enough room for 2 adults to play comfortably and the screen size is as big as you can bring it! Look around... there is only ONE machine like this anywhere (google it).If you want a classic stand-up without the hassle, you can buy an X-Tension cabinet and drop this in. You will have an amazing Full Size stand-up in minutes. http:www.recroommasters.comx_arcade_prm-xt-arc-t.htm
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mostrandoles la forma en que conecto mi xbox dentro de una maquinita
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X-Arcade Xbox 360 adapter review for Tank Stick and other X-arcade joysticks. Classic Game Room reviews the Xbox 360 adapter which plugs into the PS2 adapter for the X-Arcade line of fighting sticks arcade joysticks like the Tankstick. The X-arcade tankstick is, as far as CGR knows, the biggest Xbox 360 fighting stick joystick out there when paired with the PS2 adapter and Xbox 360 adapter. Xbox 360 adapter from X-gaming works by plugging into the PS2 adapter and the USB input on the Xbox 360. Play fighting games like Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat and Tekken 6 with X-Arcade TankStick. Play space ship shooters like Ikaruga and Raiden IV with X-Arcade Tank Stick. X-arcade video review shows Xbox 360 adapter in white.
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