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Classic Game Room X ARCADE TANKSTICK review

From - Posted: Mar 07, 2011 - 107,812 viewsGame | Classic Game Room X ARCADE TANKSTICK review | Classic Game Room X ARCADE TANKSTICK review
Classic Game Room X ARCADE TANKSTICK review
Classic Game Room X ARCADE TANKSTICK review
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Classic Game Room reviews the X-ARCADE TANKSTICK from X-Arcade powered by Xgaming. This massive dual arcade joystick with a trak-ball can be used on PCs with USB inputs and on Sega Dreamcast, PS2 (and PS1), GameCube, PS3 and Xbox 360 with the appropriate adapters. Complex, expensive and difficult to program, the X-arcade Tankstick won't be for those who aren't serious about their gaming with some time, money and patience on their site. Awesome arcade-style gameplay is delivered when all is said and done though. For this review the Xarcade Tankstick was tested with PC games before and after programming, Mame emulators, PS2 and Sega Dreamcast. CGR recommends the Dreamstick from Dream Arcade for Xbox 360 because it is a 360 controller disassembled and built into an arcade stick to prevent lag. The Tankstick works well with PC, Dreamcast and PS2 (all tested for this review using adapters) but don't expect to not do repair work on it. Build quality is questionable given the price but it's nothing a butter knife and a few hours can't fix, which is irritating. The Tankstick can be purchased as a massive controller as shown or bought with an X-Arcade stand up arcade machine. Versatility and style may be the X-Arcade Tankstick's biggest assets, but those really interested in a house-sized joystick may also want to consider a custom job for the same price. In any event, it is impressive and replaces the Dreamcast controller which needs replacing for many games like Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

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A look at the Hori RAP V3 SA, DreamArcades Dreamstick, and the X-Arcade Dual Joystick. Join our forums: http:retrogamecenter.boards.netSubscribe to Game Escape: Follow me on Twitter: http:twitter.comGame_Escape_A look at the Hori RAP V3 SA, DreamArcades Dreamstick, and the X-Arcade Dual Joystick.Follow me on Twitter: http:twitter.comGame_Escape_Subscribe to Game Escape: music is taken from the Persona 4 OST, a property of AtlusUSAIndex Corp.
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Classic Game Room HD reviews the Quantum Fighterpad for the SEGA Dreamcast video game console. The Quantum Fighterpad by InterAct is an exciting controller for the Dreamcast because it has a unique shape, 6 buttons on front like an arcade fighting machine, and programmable buttons. Are you looking for a fighting stick with programmable buttons for special moves and combinations on the DC? Well, here's the gamepad for you. Play games like Street Fighter 2 and Capcom vs. SNK and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast with this awesome controller by InterAct. You can play 2D and 3D fighters with it, as well as shmups and shooters and RPG games from Japan. Build quality is nice, the buttons are pretty good and this thing is the size of a Sega GameGear. The review of the Quantum Fighter Pad by Inter Act will show what a cool controller this is and how it can be had for a bargain these days. Always watch Classic Game Room for video game reviews for Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn and Sega Genesis. SEGA!
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Classic Game Room reviews the SUPERPAD 64 controller for the Nintendo 64. The Superpad 64 is a cheap aftermarket controller to buy if you need more controllers or replace broken or lost ones, but the Super Pad 64 for N64 is sub par at best.
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Classic Game Room reviews the SUPER GAME BOY for SNES, a super duper adapter that allows you to play all of your old school Nintendo Game Boy videogames on a large television or HDTV with a Super Nintendo! This video review of the Nintendo Super gameboy shows video gameplay footage of Game Boy games played using the Super Game Boy with Super Nintendo (and 3rd party game consoles like the FC Twin). Super Gameboy plays old school Game Boy games such as the grey and black cartridges, but not the clear Game Boy Color videogames. Games featured in this review that demonstrate the quality of the Super Game Boy are Metroid II, Donkey Kong, Super R.C. Pro Am, Robocop, Star Wars, Warioland, Godzilla, Street Fighter II and Battle Arena Toshinden. This CGR review of the Super Game Boy has gameplay from Super GameBoy on SNES showing Super Game Boy gaming gameplay in HD action,
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ULTRA MASSIVE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE GUIDE VOLUME 1: To Make A Video Game Review Show That Doesn't Suck! #2!! Karnage 1.5: Volume 1: Mark on Amazon at CGR on Patreon at http:www.Patreon.comClassicGameRoomCGR shirts, mugs & gear at http:www.ClassicGameRoom.comFollow CGR at: http:www.twitter.comClassicGameRoom http:www.facebook.comClassicGameRoom http:www.instagram.comClassicGameRoomClassic Game Room reviews the NINTENDO 64 video game console from Nintendo released in 1996. The N64 is Nintendo's 64-bit answer to the Atari Jaguar and plays videogame cartridges instead of CDs like the Playstation and Sega Saturn. This video review of Nintendo 64 shows a gray N64 videogame console with a matte grey finish and blue controller. The N64 is the successor to the Super Nintendo SNES game console (and uses the same wires) and the predecessor to the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. This CGR review of Nintendo 64 system shows the N64 game system in glorious HD video.
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