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Commando Arcade Complete Game

From - Posted: Oct 24, 2009 - 112,466 viewsGame | Commando Arcade Complete Game | Commando Arcade Complete Game
Commando Arcade Complete Game
Commando Arcade Complete Game
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✪ Ikari warriors Arcade Complete game walkthrough

Legendary commando type shooter completed with one coin. TAS used this time.If you would like to see real one coin, no TAS video, then check this link success in this game depends on pure luck as much as your playing skills. Enemies are often spawned randomly and they follow you everywhere. When you kill them, a new wave of them comes. Later in game almost all enemies are kamikaze and they explode when they are close to you. Tanks are also spawned randomly to some point. Thanks explode when they spend fuel(?!?).You lose all your weapon power-ups when you die so losing one life often mean that game is over for you. And all that happens at easy mode which is default one. Try play it on hardest if you dare.Game starts to be hard when you came to water parts. In water you move slowly, floating mines follow you, enemies dive so you cannot shoot or bomb them and finally, if they don't kill you with bombs or bullets - they explode when close to you.Still, game is nice and fun to play and two sequels followed it.- UnHuman -
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Gun.Smoke is a 1985 vertical scrolling shooter arcade game by Capcom. This Wild West-themed game was designed by Yoshiki Okamoto. Gun.Smoke centers on a character named Billy Bob in the NES version, a bounty hunter who is after vicious criminals of the Wild West. Despite its name and theme, it has no connection to the Western TV series Gunsmoke.Gun.Smoke is similar to 1942 and Commando, also developed by Capcom, but with some differences. This game is a scrolling shooter in which the screen scrolls upward automatically and players only have three ways to shoot, using three buttons for left, right, and center shooting. The player can also change the way the gunman shoots through button combinations. The player dies by getting shot or struck by enemies otherwise by getting caught between an obstacle and the bottom of the screen. The player can collect special items, including a horse for protection up to three hits (or get killed by an obstacle), boots for speed of movement, bullets for faster shots and rifles for longer shot range. These items are found by shooting barrels and rifles, boots, and bullets can stock up to five. Some items that add score points include stars, bottles, bags, dragonflies, and cows, but two other items to watch out for are the yashichi, which is a 1up and the cattle skull, which reduces Billy's power.Note: Two versions of Gun.Smoke were released under license in America by Romstar. One has a fixed sequence of bosses; in the other, the third and sixth levels are swapped, so that Roy is followed by Wolf Chief, and Pig Joe is followed by Ninja. The other version also removes the boss rundown.
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This is a deathless playthrough of the 1988 Data East game "Robocop", with the default settings. Created using MAME 0.145
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Kung-Fu Master was the first beat 'em up game. It was the video game equivalent of Bruce Lee's Game of Death, and it was groundbreaking in 1984. It is cited as the inspiration for subsequent successes like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Captain Commando, and Streets of Rage.
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Just a bit of an interesting Arcade game called Chiller.
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Yes, the hostage shooting was a boo-boo. Haha.Can anyone get through the game the second time around?My vlog
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Full Playthrough WARNING: Cheats are used. Requested by: Mr523cbg
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Arcade Longplay 115 Ghosts´n´Goblins Played By: MontyMole The weapons are completely random, which is why i enver got a knife. But i was quite lucky with the magical weapon, without it the game is not beatable. You can alos download a DivX version at http:www.archive.orgdetailsLongplay-GhostsNGoblins_Arcade "
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アーケード版ALL 23 http:youtube.comwatch?v=Nl4fRhS3yj0 33 http:youtube.comwatch?v=RMKpmJvJMyo
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Come check out my stream at http:www.twitch.tvtoad22484Speed run of the arcade Contra. I uploaded this previously but then found the difficulty setting and bumped it up to hardest. The bosses were a bit faster and tougher to kill, how arcade should be. Still couldn't get the sound to sync which sucks, sorry about that.
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► Commando 1985 Capcom. Full game.Series: 1. Commando 1985 - 2. Mercs 1990 - 3. Commando 3 2007 - Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation 3 , PSNCommando World version Senjou no Ookami Japan version.Visit my channel: my videos: my playlist: videos are made with the use of SaveState visit my about page for more information:
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My top Arcade Games 80 S 90 S

Alcuni dei miei titoli preferiti dell'epoca d'oro dei videogiochi da bar, quando con appena 1000 lire potevi passare delle ore divertenti e spensierate con gli amichetti nelle sale giochi o nel baretto vicino casa.
2,466 views | Aug 25, 2013

game | Commando Arcade Game MAME done and played by a Puerto Rico man

Commando Arcade Game MAME done and played by a Puerto Rico man

Puerto Rico man playing Commando
1,382 views | Jun 11, 2012
game | Afterburner II Arcade

Afterburner II Arcade

After Burner II (c) 101987 Sega. Another three-dimensional Sega game rendered with their superb sprite-scaling technology; this time putting the player into the seat of a powerful jet fighter. 23 colourful, fast-moving stages await the player, as he or she takes on the hordes of enemy planes intent on the player's destruction. At the end of every second stage, the player's jet fighter is re-fueled and re-armed, either by the appearance of a large support plane, or by landing on a military airstrip. After Burner's straightforward shoot'em up gameplay is unremarkable and repetitive, but fun - largely down to the game's incredible visuals. Deluxe cabinet dimensions : 80'' (203cm) Deep x 53'' (135cm) Wide x 69'' (175cm) High. Weight : 800 lbs (362 kg) Upright cabinet dimensions : 24, 8'' (63cm) Deep x 33, 9'' (86cm) Wide x 72, 8'' (185cm) High. Weight : 273 lbs (124 kg) Sega X Board hardware Main CPU : (2x) 68000 (@ 12.5 Mhz) Sound CPU : Z80 (@ 4 Mhz) Sound Chips : YM2151 (@ 4 Mhz), Sega (@ 4 Mhz) Screen orientation : Horizontal Video resolution : 320 x 224 pixels Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz Palette colors : 24576 Players : 1 Control : stick Buttons : 2 In the cutscenes that show your jet fighter landing on a landing strip in order to reload the missile supply, there are some special vehicles that will make a cameo appearance. In the first landing, you'll see a man riding the motorcycle from "Hang-On". and in the second landing, you'll see the famous Ferrari Testarossa-like car from "Out Run". Alfa Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Sega Taikan Game Special - 28XA-198) on 21121987. Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (After Burner Sega S.S.T. Band - PCCB-00032) on 061990. Composition and arrangement by SEGA S.S.T. Band. The tracks 1 and 3 are arrange versions. An ABII unit appears in the 1991 movie 'Terminator 2 - Judgment Day'. ABII is essentially the same game as "After Burner", but there are a few differences, mainly the fact that it is possible to control your plane speed. - SERIES - 1. After Burner (1987) 2. After Burner II (1987) 3. G-Loc - Air Battle (1990) 4. Strike Fighter (1991) 5. After Burner Climax (2006) -- Consoles : Nintendo Famicom (1989) NEC PC-Engine (1990) Sega Mega Drive (1990) Sega Saturn (1996, "Sega Ages : After Burner II") Sega Dreamcast (2001, "Yu Suzuki Game Works Vol. 1") Sega Dreamcast (2001, "Shenmue II") Sony PlayStation 2 (2004, "Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 10 : After Burner II")
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scramble arcade game
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