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Computer game adverts from 1980s

From - Posted: Nov 03, 2008 - 40,479 viewsGame | Computer game adverts from 1980s | Computer game adverts from 1980s
Computer game adverts from 1980s
Computer game adverts from 1980s
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Little known fact: every football computer game can be won simply by purchasing John Barnes. Dedicated to Goatherder, the only user I've ever bothered subscribing to, but now seems to be banned, so I've reposted one of his video's, and passed it off as my own. I only did it because this video needs to be seen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Computer game adverts from 1980s football bbc micro john barnes spectrum amstrad dodgy russian accent arcade commodore big league soccer tramnere rovers

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Adverts from 21 December 1983 on ITV Granada: Black Magic (Secret) Mandate Aftershave (Worn By Men Loved By Women) Baileys Original Irish Cream (A Purely Personal Pleasure) Quality Street (All The Fun Of The Share) Tia Maria (A Taste Of The Caribbean) Castella (Pint And Castella) Bisodol (Pace Of Life) Fox's Mints (Fox And Bear) Terry's Milk Chocolates (Mel Smith Cupid) Braun (Free To Curl) Timex (Makes Technology Beautiful) British Telecom (Out Of The Way Places) Debenhams (Toy Sale) Skol (You're A Skolar) Old Spice (The Mark Of A Man) Martini (The Right One) Kestrel Lager (The Thinking Man's Lager -- with a young Hugh Laurie!) Woolworths Christmas Show (Joe Brown)
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With the increasing computing power and decreasing cost of processors as the Intel 80386, Intel 80486, and the Motorola 68030, the 1990s saw the rise of 3D graphics, as well as "multimedia" capabilities through sound cards and CD-ROMs. Early 3D games began with flat-shaded graphics (Elite, Starglider 2 or Alpha Waves[7] ), and then simple forms of texture mapping (Wolfenstein 3D). In the early 1990s, shareware distribution was a popular method of publishing games for smaller developers, including then-fledgling companies such as Apogee (now 3D Realms), Epic Megagames (now Epic Games), and id Software. It gave consumers the chance to try a trial portion of the game, usually restricted to the games complete first section or "episode", before purchasing the rest of the adventure. Racks of games on single 5 14" and later 3.5" floppy disks were common in many stores, often only costing a few dollars each. Since the shareware versions were essentially free, the cost only needed to cover the disk and minimal packaging. As the increasing size of games in the mid-90s made them impractical to fit on floppies, and retail publishers and developers began to earnestly mimic the practice, shareware games were replaced by shorter demos (often only one or two levels), distributed free on CDs with gaming magazines and over the Internet. http:en.wikipedia.orgwiki1990_in_video_gaming
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TV adverts I found on an old tape from Christmas 1983. Many of these are on YT already,but some are not because they were only shown in the TSW region. In this block are the following ads: Moben fitted kitchens Rowenta Irons Yellow Pages (The Classic Fly Fishing by JR Hartley) OSL Holidays Heineken (At the Ascot horse racing) MFI Sale South Western Carpets of Torquay Roberts of Truro Furnishings Hayle Car Centre Haze Air Freshener (The dungeon one) Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers (Harry the spiders coming out party) Sanyo Hifi John Smiths Lager (The Rugby one: "Get yourself a mate called Smith") Anchor Butter Wings Holidays Courts Sale Renault 9 Baileys Irish Cream Weetabix (You make it neat wheat mate) Barclays Super Saver Account Fosters Lager (With Paul Hogan) Buswell of Torquay (Heating,Air conditioning etc) Bernard Matthews Norfolk Turkeys Setlers Indigestion Tablets (Express Relief) Nescafe Cadbury's Flake (The Classic one with the girl in the boat under the waterfall) Fairway Furniture Sale John Smiths Yorkshire Bitter Halifax Building Society Butlins Holidays Texas Furniture Sale Homeworld Sale Camborne Persil British Rail Tickets Offer Volkswagen Polo (The one where Geoff Capes lifts up the car) Input Software Magazine Weetabix (Hunger Pangs Bats) Budget Electric MFI Sale Anglia Building Society Cadbury's Creme Eggs (The classic one!)
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Gaming has been around for a LONG time. Video games have been around for a while as well, but the 80's is really where it started. Video games were semi-popular in arcades and computers, but the NES, Atari, and more was what truly started video games into becoming what it is today. I wasn't even born yet, but I still played many man games from the 80s as a kid, my first game ever being Super Mario Bros. Plus a LOT of research went into these choices. Some of them are games that I truly love and play still today, others are games that a sort of unbearable now, like Pitfall, but they still were influential in video game history and were amazing at the time... Sorry for the LONG intermission between my videos. My last vid was over a year ago and that won't happen again. I've got 2 videos in the cooker, The Top 10 games of the 90's and the Top 10 games of the 2000s. As well as 5+ in concept mode. I've got Music themed top 10's coming, funny videos, and more... I'm a busy guy,so I can't promise a LOT. But do expect about a video a month. Each video takes weeks to create. Months even, and that's not taking into account technical problems. I was more then half way done my Top 10 N64 games and my computer completely shut-down. That's one example... If you like my work, and would like to see more content more often, check out my other channel. Youtube.comBamblakopz Here you will see GameplayCommentary on current games like Halo and Call of Duty. I have at least 1 video a week uploaded on that channel. If that's your thing please check it out! If not, that's fine too... :D Thanks for your support everyone! SPOILERS for this video below! Songs Used: Intro: Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest--- Bloody Tears Pitfall: Pitfall 2 theme Galaga: ET theme and Galaga 88 Arcade Theme Star Wars Arcade: Star Wars Tie Fighters Theme Street Fighter Arcade: Street Fighter Bonus 2 Theme Super Mario Bros: SMB Castle Theme Donkey Kong Arcade: DK Medley (Smash Bros Brawl) Megaman 2: Megaman 2 Metal Man Theme Pac-man Arcade: Pac-man Theme Remix http:bit.lyLrbSy Tetris: Tetris B Theme The Legend of Zelda: Underworld Remix http:bit.ly5mLurJ Credits: The Official LOZ Orchestrated version
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Awesome 80 s Tv commercials part1 An assorted collection of awesome 80s commercials. Please read the description for highlights!Highlights: 0:34 Matt LeBlanc & Terri Farrell in Cherry 7up commercial. 1:54 Pat Morita (from Mr. Miyagi fame) in Colgate commercial. 4:28 Barbara Bowman 4:43 Kelly Rutherford 7:58 Dom DeLuise in Ziploc storage bags commercial.If you like them please comment and Like, maybe even subscribe if you want more!See more
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game | Astro Wars from GRANDSTAND Completed Part 1

Astro Wars from GRANDSTAND Completed Part 1

Hi all, this is some pictures and a video (in two parts) of me playing and completing THE greatest electronic game in history.... 'Astro Wars' (this game trounces all over Space Invaders lol). The game has a superb docking manoeuvre, which is not always easy to do (a bit hit 'n miss shall we say..HA, see what I did there? :-D ), and you need to achieve a score of 10,000 points to complete the game. This version i'm playing on here, was originally released in 1981, and has the white Astro WarsGrandstand logo. There was an earlier release which had red logos, although the lettering is the only difference in both versions, the actual game remains exactly the same in both. For anyone wanting more info on Astro Wars, please do a Google or Wikipedia search. Hope you enjoy hearing and seeing this, it's an absolutely fantastic game, with wonderful sounds, and is still a joy to play all these years later, and is indeed a great collectors item too, which i'm glad I was able to re-purchase again a few years back, thanks to bidding and winning this very one in the video from eBay. Enjoy folks! :)
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Xmas Shopping 1987 Game Gadget Gift Guide ► Geek Shop! ► http:bit.lyGeekShopLike XmasFLIX! ► http:facebook.comXmasFLIXMusic ► ► http:iXmas.mobiVideo Commentary! (video edited for your sanity) ...Here's a Christmas Shopping Guide to help you find the perfect gift for the special nerd in your life, from Computer Chronicles ... however, it's almost 24 years old. So it might be a little outdated. I'm not sure.Gary Kildall shows us the Sony Picture Computer to add images to your VCR movies! Scribble some crap on the screen and color it. Superimpose your work of art and you'll be the hottest viral thing on YouTube! ... if only YouTube existed! Only $400!Wall Street stock market crashed in October 1987, and selling IBM and software like WordPerfect, Draw Plus, Chuck Yeager's Flight Instruction and Test Drive Accolade are flying off the shelves! 75% of sales are games. Now we get to the hot items that you will definitely want in your stocking this year! How about the Byline desktop publishing software for only $300? Or the perfect software for your 3.5" and 5.25" drives, the Laplink with a bunch of cables for only $100? And you just have to get "Higgins", your perfect productivity software for your "portable" 100lb laptop the size of a sewing machine! Who the hell needs an iPhone or iPad with this thing?! Optional great software for only $200! Then you have the nifty Complete hand scanner from "Complete PC" to scan your Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoons! You can actually scan paper and it magically appears on your computer screen! Only $249! Now we're talking portable computers! Check out that mouth watering Toshiba 1000! A steal for only $800. A portable 9-volt battery! A battery operated printer! And a neat-o piece to screw on a phone so you can plug your computer modem into any outlet!.. woo hoo! Then the perfect stocking stuffer for only 20 bucks, a folding Velcro wallet that holds up to nine 3.5" diskettes!Now we have a lovely lesbian playing with a satanic doll named Julie with a 64K memory brain. Poor Julie just wants to party and won't shut the fuck up. A Worlds of Wonder toy for $100. Then we meet the annoying "Mr. Game Show" which reacts to an audio cassette, and it's also $100. Now something for the Mac Video Works 2 for $200 to create your jaw dropping animation. ...Software to talk to God for $50. ...Fortune cookies for your computer. Who needs Google when you have world traveler software that is out of date before you open it?! The Computer Chronicles was a US television series, broadcast during 1981-2002, which documented the rise of the personal computer from its infancy to the immense market at the turn of the century. The series was created in the Fall of 1981, by Stewart Cheifet (later co-host), then the station manager of the College of San Mateo's KCSM-TV, initially broadcast as a local weekly series. Jim Warren was its founding host for its 1981-1982 season. It aired continuously from 1981 to 2002 with Cheifet co-hosting most of its later seasons. Gary Kildall served as co-host for six years (1983 to 1990) providing insights and commentary on products as well as discussions on the future of the ever-expanding personal computer sphere.During the 1980s, the show had many supporting presenters including:* George Morrow: Presenter and commentator who for a time headed the Morrow Design company, Morrow was a well known face on the Chronicles until the 1990s. Morrow died in 2003.* Paul Schindler: Featured predominantly in software reviews, Schindler contributed to the series until the early 1990s.* Wendy Woods: Provided reports for many software and hardware products, as well as talking with the main presenters in the studio about specific topics.The Computer Chronicles format remained relatively unchanged throughout its run, except perhaps with the noticeable difference in presenting style; originally formal it evolved into a more relaxed, casual style. From 1984 onward the last five minutes or so featured Random Access, a section which gave the viewer the latest computer news from the home and business markets. Stewart Chiefet, Janelle Stelson and various other individuals presented the segment. Random Access was discontinued in 1994.Despite performing well in the ratings in the United States and being broadcast throughout the world, the Computer Chronicles was cancelled in 2002. Pretty nifty stuff.FACEBOOK ► http:fb.meXmasFLIX ► FILMS ► ► MUSIC ► Do you believe in Santa Claus? Click here! ►
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UK TV Adverts 1978

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Clip from the show "Stephen Frys 100Greatest Gadgets". Stephen discusses the ZX Spectrum with comments from famous owners of the Computer. Personally, I Think the ZX81 was more Iconic than the Spectrum, but then again Im old enough to have actually owned a ZX81. Bought for my 10th Birthday by my grandparents. COPYRIGHT - I do NOT own the rights to this video, the rights belong to Channel 4 and remain so until advised otherwise. I an merely uploading this small section to show the difference between the modern consoles and the older home computers.
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The Commodore 64 is an 8-bit home computer introduced by Commodore International in January 1982. Volume production started in the spring of 1982, with machines being released on to the market in August at a price of US$595.
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