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Contra arcade speed run

From - Posted: Mar 19, 2007 - 121,710 viewsGame | Contra arcade speed run | Contra arcade speed run
Contra arcade speed run
Contra arcade speed run
Game Trailer Duration: 7 minutes 59 seconds 
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Come check out my stream at http:www.twitch.tvtoad22484Speed run of the arcade Contra. I uploaded this previously but then found the difficulty setting and bumped it up to hardest. The bosses were a bit faster and tougher to kill, how arcade should be. Still couldn't get the sound to sync which sucks, sorry about that.

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Arcade Longplay 211 Super Contra Played by: Tsunao The second game. Also involves two muscular men (one shirtless) shooting aliens. Front flips are involved, as usual. This game has a weird jump mechanic, what with holding Up to jump higher. This ain't no Valis, yo! I was expecting the big robo spider boss to appear D: (it's just the boss music. :3). Oh well. Playing the game on Difficult (I thought I had the game on Very Difficult. D: Oh well. It is already done.) Weapons can be upgraded by picking up the same powerup twice. It Wasn't seen again until Contra 4. As usual, I get the spread because a kazillion things are going on. Since I suck (and wanted to play on a higher difficulty), I abused teh states of saves or sumthin'. Emp'rer Devil Gava's parts take a lot of punishment. o_o Madness!
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Want more videos? Support me on Patreon! http:www.patreon.comTJTFollow me on Twitter @TJT64 https:twitter.comTJT64Visit to see my latest projects!Thanks everyone for the kind comments. Although I do not make any money from these fun re-masterings of classic games you can show your appriciation by donating to my HeartWalk page to help raise money to reduce death and disability from cardiovascular diseases. My goal is to raise $395 by September 7th.http:heartwalk.kintera.orgdallastxtjtownsendYou can also download and print the high res image from the link below for free.Download the image here... http:elemental79.deviantart.comartContra-Energy-Zone-Boss-353834306For this project I decided to start with the 8-bit Nintendo game Contra and up the resolution to 9600x5400 pixels.The Nintendo game Contra was one of the more popular NES games about some guys who looked like Rambo trying to defeat some aliens on an island. Or at least that is what I think it was about.I tried to match the style of the game as close as possible, but took some creative liberties where I thought it really needed it.I figured the Level 6 boss, who I think is a robot, would be the coolest looking boss. The last boss is a giant heart and that seems too easy. The other bosses are not really characters.The songs in this video are from the games Gears of War (Hope Runs Deep) and Bulletstorm (Battle High). There is also a bit of music from Riptide (They Came From the Blue).Each frame in this video represents 10 seconds of work. The image spans across 3 PSD files with over 500 layers at a resolution of 9600x5400 pixels. The project took 25 hours to complete over the course of 6 days.
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: TsunaoThe game that started it all.Basic plot of Contra games: Men (sometimes buff and shirtless) or women (Hard Corps and Uprising comes to mind) fight aliens. Frontflips are involved. "They sure blew up good." -Contra 4Surprisingly, this game only has one shirtless character (Player 2)No skills. Did had a replay with me using Laser on the last stage, but it desynced. -_- Spread Gun, as usual, wrecks the game and difficulty (still doesn't stop the game from being hard.) On the subject of difficulty: played on Normal. (should've put it on Hardest because real players play Contra on Hard. No exceptions.)
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You can download this game from this link if you wanna try it out: http:contra.wikia.comwikiContra_Evolution Konami should really think about releasing this game on PC, Steam, consoles, etc. since it's only currently available for mobile gaming. I'm still kinda mixed up with Michael Bay's TMNT movie trailer released so to feel better I'll play some Konami games. Konami after all made the first TMNT games for the NES so I'll do some Contra games first. Besides if Michael Bay is looking for a franchise to make money off using explosions, guns, and boom Murica then what better franchise than the Contra franchise by Konami! This game franchise and Michael Bay will get along well since this game has guess what guns, explosions, giant robots, aliens, etc. It's Michael Bay all over the place coz MURICA! lmao Well, if you're wondering already this game is only available for the Android, IPhone, and IPad. This is basically the remake of the original Contra with updated graphics, gameplay, sound, controls, etc. It looks pretty good I must say and it's like the original except that it's been upgraded with two more female characters with different moves and attacks. Bill and Lance of course are back. I'm playing the Chinese arcade version released back in 2011 coz I can't find any English version available for PC so meh. Oh, well. I guess I'm stuck with Chinese symbols and stuff.
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Name: Contra Evolution Revolution Platform: Arcade Character(s): Lance Language (voice): - - Language (text): Китайский ChineseПлейлист Playlist:"Contra Evolution Revolution video game" "Contra Evolution Revolution Arcade" "Contra Evolution Revolution прохождение" "Contra Evolution Revolution геймплей" "Contra Evolution Revolution гемплей" "Contra Evolution Revolution gameplay" "Contra Evolution Revolution longplay" "Contra Evolution Revolution let's play" "Contra Evolution Revolution walkthrough" "Contra Evolution Revolution playthrough" "Contra Evolution Revolution" "Contra Evolution" "Konami China" "Konami"
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game | Contra Speed Run NES

Contra Speed Run NES

Come check me out at http:www.twitch.tvtoad22484 for a variety of games and challenges!Contra, easily one of the most popular NES games. I haven't played it in a long time until just a few days ago, when me and a friend started playing. I decided to do a speed run and here it is :D. Slipped a couple times in stage 3 and in stage 7 Should have skipped the B as it took too long and I really didn't need it. Oh well, enjoy.
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First off, sorry about the sound quality. Arcade games tend to be very bombastic, so couldn't be helped.As requested by Jason Blue. Who knew. There's a reason I haven't posted any videos of the Arcade versions of Contra before, mostly because, the controls stink. Like, really.. really... stink. There is significant delay in you aiming, and your character shooting in the direction you want him to. As it happens, I'd been working on trying to play and learn this game before the request came in, so I figured, might as well go full hog, and record this morning.Boss notes below: Stage 1: Mid-Boss: Great Heli: Heli is about as easy as it was on the NES, although the arcade games' shoddy aiming system doesn't help when Soldiers start jumping out of the machine. No.. the really tricky part of stage 1? The next bit.Boss: Base Entrance: This.. is alot harder than it has any right to be. The snipers are alarmingly accurate in this game, and the fact Bill doesn't always seem to want to aim where you want him to doesn't help matters. The best thing I can say about it, is at least the Spread Gun sometimes phases through the sandbag defenses, killing the Snipers early, and giving you an easier time. Still.. this is abnormally hard for a first boss, I have to say.Stage 2: Boss: Magnus: A thankful breather boss. The trick from the NES version where you can go behind him and kill him early doesn't work here, as he's too fast for that. Thankfully, neither Magnus or his gunners have much health to begin with, so he falls fast.Stage 3: Boss: Graver (Or.. Jagger Froid? *shrug*) Nice, predictable, at least if you can kill the thing that spawns the maggots quickly. The rest relies on good timing, and noticing whether you have to duck or jump his shots. Not too hard. Getting to him though? Those two sack-like enemies just before him have to be killed in seconds, or you're dead.Stage 4: Mid Boss: Galerel the Fort of Bones: It died.Boss: Metal Alien: (This thing got renamed in Contra 3 to Vicious Slave Hawk, but here it's just called Metal Alien apparently.): My god, for a boss who dies if you so much as cough in his general direction, this was the hardest thing in the game. No joke.He has two attacks. If he pulls them off at the same time, you die, you can't dodge it. If he pulls off one attack, and then the other in the wrong order, you die, you can't dodge it. If he shoots his projectiles twice in a row.. you die.. and you can't dodge it. If the egg sac in his lair decides it didn't want to register the fact you pumped a load of bullets into it, you die.If you're starting to get the picture, you basically need him to pull of the exact attack he does in this video to have any chance of survival, or you die. And even then... To dodge his bullets, stand in the middle of the screen, and run to the left as they approach, with a correctly timed jump, they pass under you. The timing is very exact, as is the positioning, so even if this boss co-operates, you can still.. well.. die. To dodge him lunging at you, you need to duck, but make sure you're underneath HIM and not his tongue, as his tongue has a very, very large hitbox. All in all, this thing was a bastard. I hated it in Contra 3, I hated it here.Mid Boss: Multi-Headed Alien For a first form, we have yet another boss whose hitpoints are in the single digits but manages to be a complete bastard. The sheer amount of enemies and shots on screen means, I use the screen clearing attack here, just to get the precious seconds it takes to pump enough bullets into it to die. Then phase 2 happens.Final Boss:Red Falcon: ... and suddenly, the difficulty drops like a rock. This game doesn't seem to have a middle ground in difficulty does it? Play it safe, and stick to the back, keep firing, until at least one of his arms has been destroyed. After that, it's timing walking up to him, blasting him for a few seconds, stepping back, dealing with his flunkies, and repeat. This boss is fairly hard to deal with if you don't have a spread gun, but there's an even sillier way of dealing with him. Got a few lives to spare? Walk into his head. Sit there, and fire. Apparently he's weak to the standard bullets and dies before you Game Over. So there's that.All in all, this was hard for the wrong reasons, and most of the blame goes to the shoddy aiming method. If it controlled like the NES game, we'd have a classic here, but I recommend sticking to the 8bit (or even 16bit) games instead.
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Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Altered Beast by Sega
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NES Longplay 001 Contra Played by: RavenLord
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super contra arcade FULL

Recorded with MAME32FX and FRAPS Payback, this time is for REAL!
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game | Final Fight arcade speedrun Haggar

Final Fight arcade speedrun Haggar

Capcom. Japan, 1989. (difficulty normal)
1,427 views | Feb 27, 2012

game | Super Contra No Death Speedrun World Record

Super Contra No Death Speedrun World Record

An improved version of my previous no-death run of Super Contra (arcadeXBLA version). Total time is 6:29:14, which is, to my knowledge, the current world record. It is in no way tool-assisted. I do all of my no-death runs on my TV, which can be seen as such by the ugly "VIDEO 2" sign in most of my videos. As for the 6 lives, I do this with all my Contra runs. I set the lives to the highest setting so I can have the maximum amount at the end of the game. You can adjust the life settings via the options menu on the main screen.I also apologize for the slight glare on the screen, but, unfortunately in my house it can't be avoided.
4,949 views | Dec 08, 2009
game | Double Dragon Arcade No Death Speedrun 10 22

Double Dragon Arcade No Death Speedrun 10 22

A deathless speedrun of the Double Dragon Arcade rom. A few notes on how I was able to get almost no lag out of this version:1. This is the Japan rom. I couldn't get the other sets to play the sound effects. I'm not sure if this was due to the MAME version I'm using or some other problem with the rom sets themselves. The version I am currently using is MAMEUIFX64 0.152. 2. I bumped the Main CPU, Sub CPU, and the Sound CPU up to 140%. This will allow you to play the game with pretty much no lag. I highly suggest you do this if your PC hardware can handle it.Join us on Facebook - https:www.facebook.comcindergaming Info on Double Dragon - http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiDouble_Dragon
4,961 views | Apr 20, 2014
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Contra 2 player walkthrough NES

Hey! How is it going? Haven't uploaded any videos in a while so there you go - 2 player walkthrough for Contra on NES. Player 1 is my bro - robgu Player 2 is me - ryskag Enjoy! More 2 player walkthroughs are coming soon. Also, please let us know what game you would like to see!
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