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cookie clicker dungeons beta

From - Posted: Oct 14, 2013 - 302 viewsGame | cookie clicker dungeons beta | cookie clicker dungeons beta
cookie clicker dungeons beta
cookie clicker dungeons beta
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hay guys like da video

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www.twitch.tvanatomyzDumb speedrun. People should play without Golden Cookies if they actually want to "speedrun" this game, for reasons you'll see in the video. It took me about 5 minutes after watching Ennopp's run to figure this out, I'm surprised no one else had done it beforehand.If you're too lazy to watch the whole thing, here's a step by step guide how to do this.1. Get 10 Cursors and buy all cursor upgrades, leading up to "Ambidextrous" at 10,000 cookies 2. Sit there and do nothing, wait for a golden cookie to spawn 3. Click it, hope that it's a "Clicking Frenzy" buff, click fast, doneWhy it works: Ambidextrous gives you 8 cookies per click. "Clicking Frenzy" multiplies your clicks by 777. 8 x 777 = 6216 cookies per click.Click at 13 times per second (example): 6216 x 13 = 80808 cookies per second. The buff lasts 13 seconds total.A Golden cookie will spawn between 4-14 minutes, Clicking Frenzy is a 1.6% chance to happen. That basically translates to "pretty rare chance of happening"
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Hello everyone, welcome to another Cookie Clicker Update video, this one being on the 1.0465 update, also known as the Easter update! Added in this version are, of course, the Easter season, which adds 20 different eggs that can be found from Golden CookiesWrinklers, as well as the ability to name your store!Try out the new update!: http:orteil.dashnet.orgcookieclickerPlaylist: to any music used in the video goes to, check them out for a huge library of music! (Also available through a partnership with Fullscreen :D)Tune in every Thursday for a weekly livestream with MrIchigo9000 over at!: http:www.twitch.tvjman37zxMy Spreadshirt Store!: http:512041.spreadshirt.comJoin Fullscreen today!: to me (plz): Me:SteamSkype: Jman37X 3DS Friend Code: 2895-8439-8140 Facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesJman37X244819662217729 Twitter: https:twitter.comJman37X Google+:
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and the inevitable depression, distrust and fear that accompanies it.http:orteil.dashnet.orgcookieclickerNote: Seems like some of the windows don't show up correctly. If you see my mouse hovering at the top of the screen (with the cookies frozen) its because something like this popped up.http:i.imgur.comwtGn8xn.jpgThat's the pop-up for buying the first grandmatriarch upgrade. The second time it freezes you can guess what it says and you can almost hear the crying.
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Idle games are pretty interesting because they're so very simple, and yet they are still fun!
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If you enjoyed the video, punch that LIKE button in the FACE!Subscribe for more great content : http:bit.ly11KwHAM Share with your friends and add to your favourites it helps the channel grow more than anything :)Follow me on Twitter : http:bit.ly12aPsmi Add me on Facebook : http:on.fb.me16YKxpi Play Cookie Clicker: http:orteil.dashnet.orgcookieclickerOutro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here
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I hope this help u guys build this do not forget to cookie slap that like Button.
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Pa da idemo po 5 lajkova i suscrajbova nista posebno i tako hvala vam na gledanju pa dovidenja!!!Idle Mine stranica : http:www.kongregate.comgamescrovieidle-mineIdle Empire stranica :http:www.kongregate.comgamesbloorothidle-empire
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