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Crazy Climber クレイジークライマー

From - Posted: Mar 17, 2009 - 314,206 viewsGame | Crazy Climber クレイジークライマー | Crazy Climber クレイジークライマー
Crazy Climber クレイジークライマー
Crazy Climber クレイジークライマー
Game Trailer Duration: 8 minutes 31 seconds 
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Crazy Climber クレイジークライマー Movie was recorded using the genuine Nichibutsu PCB ニチブツ純正基板を使用 □ http:www.geocities.jpkamoisfine

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クレイジークライマー Crazy Climber (Japan) Nichibutsu 1980 611600点 Player なび 収録Ver ThunderMAME32UI+0.143X おはようございますっ!こんにちはっ!はーーいっ!こんばんはっ!はいっ!ごきげんさっ!(^^) 2448銀河年ぶりです。なびです。いつものように(まくーーがあーーき)遊んでいたら1周ノーミス込みで新記録が出ました。うれしいですね(^^) めざせ100万点!越え それでは弱気になりましたら誰より早く海で逢いましょうあなたと私って事でこの辺で失礼いたします。すいはんきmame replay site クレイジークライマー発売年:1980.10 開発/発売元:日本物産 ジャンル:アクション コントローラ:ツインレバー(8方向+8方向) システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[Z80] 音源チップ[AY-3-8910, Custom] ゲームファンの間で名作と語られる「クレイジークライマー」。 ビルをよじ登る主人公の両手を操作するのにツインレバーを採用したという点には、ただただ感心するばかりである。 ビルの屋上までよじ登り、 うまくヘリコプターにつかまれば、 ラウンドクリアとなるが、ゴリラの登場や、植木鉢が落ちてくるなど、ユニークな障害が待ち受けている。 音声合成による「ガンバレ」の声援や、落ちていく時の「アー!」がとても印象的である。 Crazy Climber (c) 1980 Nichibutsu [Nihon Bussan Co., Ltd.].Crazy Climber is a 2-D, strategy style game. The game is strategic in the fact that you must plan your moves as you climb up the building and anticipate the hazards that await you. You start out the game at the bottom of a building to be scaled. As you climb up the building, you will be assailed by bald people throwing flowerpots, signs with loose electrical wires, very large apes, falling signs, trash and barbells, and a bird that likes to drop bad things on your character. Your goal is to make it to the top of the building and catch the helicopter, which will transport you to the next building to be scaled. Of course, you will be rewarded for quickly making it up the building by getting a bonus (that is as long as you can catch the helicopter). The things one does for publicity.- TECHNICAL -The game was released in several different cabinet styles. Taito licensed the game from Nichibutsu and released it in the US in a generic orange 'Taito' cabinet with Americanized artwork. A cabaret version of the game was also created.Nichibutsu's standard cabinet was shaped similar to the Taito cabinet, but it had a plain white exterior with the Crazy Climber logo from the marquee on the kick plate and diagonally on the sides. The marquee and monitor bezel art are very vibrant, using many custom fluorescent colors. The control panel is black painted metal with artwork painted on in orange, white and red. The marquee had no backlight.Nichibutsu's deluxe cabinet was taller and had a very unusual control panel. The panel attached to the front of the cabinet separately and was metal covered with a curved piece of plexiglass. Full color artwork of the climber scaling the outside of a building is silkscreened onto the curved plexi. The instruction sheet was moved from its position on the standard cabinet's monitor bezel to a window on the control panel. The deluxe cabinet also used several Nintendo parts, including the same type monitor (Sanyo 20EZ) and the same style of coin mechs used by games like "Donkey Kong", "Donkey Kong Junior", et. al.Prom Stickers : CCMain CPU : Z80 (@ 3.072 Mhz) Sound Chips : AY8910 (@ 1.536 Mhz), Discrete circuitryScreen orientation : Horizontal Video resolution : 256 x 224 pixels Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz Palette colors : 96Players : 2 Control : Double 8-way joysticks- TRIVIA -Crazy Climber was released in October 1980. It was Fujiwara's first game.- SCORING -Each building has a STEP POINT heading. This indicates how many points you get for each window you successfully climb to. You also start out with a certain amount of bonus points per building. On buildings one and two, they decrease by 100 about every 2 seconds while on buildings three and four they decrease by 200 points about every 2 seconds. Below are listed the STEP POINT and BONUS RATE points : Building 1 - Step Point : 100 - Bonus Rate : 10000 Building 2 - Step Point : 150 - Bonus Rate : 20000 Building 3 - Step Point : 200 - Bonus Rate : 30000 Building 4 - Step Point : 250 - Bonus Rate : 40000- SERIES -1. Crazy Climber (1980) 2. Crazy Climber 2 (1988) 3. Hyper Crazy Climber (1996, Sony PlayStation) 4. Crazy Climber 2000 (2000, Sony PlayStation)- STAFF -Designed and programmed by : Shigeki Fujiwara- SOURCES -Game's rom. Machine's picture. F.A.Q. by Kevin Butler A.K.A. War Doc
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This is one of the hardest game I ever played. I managed to play it through with 2 Lives and no continues, but using gamesaves!
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第二弾 ファミコン曲10分間メドレー1986年 第一弾1985年メドレーは→https:youtu.beDTL47DoIejQ 1986年に発売されたファミコン・ディスクシステムのソフト30本をメドレーにしてみました。初頭にはディスクシステムが登場しゲームのアクション性が前年に比べ全体的に上がってます。ゼルダの伝説、ドラゴンクエストなどの名作が登場した年でもあります。 プレイ動画はあいかわらずの下手さですみません。。曲順 01.ゼルダの伝説 02.ツインビー 03.グーニーズ 04.影の伝説 05.がんばれゴエモン!からくり道中 06.グラディウス 07.北斗の拳 08.ゲゲゲの鬼太郎・妖怪大魔境 09.機動戦士Zガンダム 10.アトランチスの謎 11.謎の村雨城 12.ドラえもん 13.ソロモンの鍵 14.スターソルジャー 15.魔界村 16.スパイVSスパイ 17.ディグダグII 18.マイティボンジャック 19.スーパーチャイニーズ 20.プロ野球・ファミリースタジアム 21.プロレス 22.戦場の狼 23.スカイキッド 24.ドラゴンボール・神龍の謎 25.マッピーランド 26.スーパースターフォース 27.迷宮組曲・ミロンの大冒険 28.ワルキューレの冒険 29.光神話・パルテナの鏡 30.ドラゴンクエスト
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パックランド Pac-Land (Japan newer) ナムコ 1984 533,080pts Player KIN 収録Ver MAME32Plus!0.116 パワーエサによる連続7,650点(ROUND11)が嬉しかったです。※update March 02, 2010 mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.comパックランド 発売年:1984.08 開発/発売元:ナムコ ジャンル:アクション コントローラ:3ボタン システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[M6809, HD63701] 音源チップ[Namco]ナムコの人気キャラクター「パックマン」を主人公とした、横スクロールアクションゲームの傑作。 当時、その美しいグラフィックは、テレビアニメではないかと思った程である。 操作は3つのボタンで行い、左右の移動に2つのボタンを使用し、ボタンを押す回数で移動スピードを調節する。 そして、もう1つのボタンをジャンプに使用する。 よく練られたステージ構成と、 多彩なフィーチャーと、絶妙な操作感覚とゲームバランスなど、どれをとっても名作と呼ぶにふさわしい作品である。 Pac-Land (c) 1984 Namco.In the cartoon world of Pac-Land, a fairy is lost and needs Pac-Man to help her get back to her home in Fairyland. Pac-Man's efforts are hampered by his ever-present enemies in the form of five deadly ghosts - Pinky, Inky, Blinky, Clyde and Sue - who constantly pursue Pac-Man as he travels through the colourful world of Pac-Land. When Pac-Man has helped the lost fairy get back to her home in Fairyland on the final stage of each trip, he is given a pair of magic shoes to help get back to his own home in Pac-Land.In this, the 8th game in the seminal series, Namco opted to steer the series away from the maze-based antics of Pac-Man's previous adventures and instead created a colourful, sideways-scrolling platform game. This change of direction necessitated the addition of arms, legs and a face to the previously basic Pac-Man character, although much of the design work had already been completed for the 'Hanna-Barbera' cartoon series upon which the game is based.Directional buttons make Pac-Man walk right or left, and it's possible to make him run by pressing down on a directional button repeatedly. Pac-Man must avoid the ghosts and other deadly objects that populate Pac-Land, either by jumping over or dodging them; unless, of course, he has picked up one of the mandatory Pac-Man 'Power Pills' that litter the levels which, as in Pac-Man's previous outings, make him temporarily invincible and turn the ghosts blue and vulnerable to being eaten. Each stage must also be completed within a set time limit, otherwise Pac-Man will be constantly pursued by a ghost. On some stages, Pac-Man must use a springboard to jump over large ponds. Every time Pac-Man makes it to the end of a stage, a bonus will be awarded based on how much time is left. On each stage, there are cherries and other items which Pac-Man can collect to score points.Upon reaching the end of the final stage, Pac-Man will be given a pair of magic shoes that will help him on his way home. When he has reached home, he will meet with Ms. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man, Chomp-Chomp the Pac-dog, and Sour Puss the Pac-cat. The game then begins again.- TECHNICAL -Game ID : PL Main CPU : M6809 (@ 1.536 Mhz), HD63701 (@ 1.536 Mhz) Sound Chips : Namco 8-channel WSG Players : 2 Buttons : 3 (RUN LEFT, RUN RIGHT, JUMP)- TRIVIA -Pac-Land was released in August 1984. This game was influenced by Hanna-Barbera's Pac-Man cartoon, which ran from 1982-84. The character designs and music are taken directly from the show. The background music that plays during the levels is the same as the cartoon's theme song. Mark Mendes holds the official record for this game with 4150400 points.
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ファミコン実機プレイ! ハドソンジョイスティック使用。 隠れキャラ 黄金の指(3面) 最強装備コマンド やり方→http:youtu.beosEQiXk6F3I
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game | Donkey Kong 2 Jumpman Returns Playthrough L 01

Donkey Kong 2 Jumpman Returns Playthrough L 01

NEW NON STRETCHED VERSION HERE: I heard about this game I shed a nostalgic tear... Then I searched and searched and finally, I played it... This is a finely crafted game with increased difficulty, 8 levels (4 old, 4 new) and to top it all off... was not made by Nintendo! The creator's name is Jeff Kulczycki. He has modded various coin-op machines (Dragon's Lair for example). But after 3 12 years of on and off hard work... This amazing "should of been the actual sequel" was born!This is being played with the MAME emulator by me... (Since coming across a cabinet is extremely hard!) Enjoy the epicness!P.S. Since I'm almost at 400,000 views and I'm a nice guy, Here's a link to the awesome rom and emulator I used here so YOU can play this!ROM: http: http:www.emuparadise.meM.A.M.E._-_Multiple_Arcade_Machine_Emulator_EmulatorsWindowsMAME_0.146_(i686_Optimized)378and also, here's a link to the Newgrounds flash version which goes by the name of DK Arcade Returns 2: http:www.newgrounds.comportalview582339
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1985年に発売されたファミコンソフトの曲を 10分メドレーにしてみました。 初投稿です。第二弾1986年メドレー→https:youtu.be8kSl0vd7-Kk曲順 01.アイスクライマー 02.バルーンファイト 03.チャレンジャー 04.スターフォース 05.スパルタンX 06.バーガータイム 07.レッキングクルー 08.キン肉マン・マッスルタッグマッチ 09.オバケのQ太郎・ワンワンパニック 10.シティコネクション 11.ドルアーガの塔 12.バトルシティー 13.ドアドア 14.スペランカー 15.ボコスカウォーズ 16.カラテカ 17.ルナーボール 18.ぺんぎんくんWARS 19.スーパーマリオブラザーズ 20.イーアルカンフー 21.超時空要塞マクロス 22.いっき 23.忍者じゃじゃ丸くん 24.ルート16ターボ 25.ジッピーレース 26.マッハライダー 27.パックランド 28.ディグダグ 29.ボンバーマン 30.スターラスターイメージプレイ動画は作者FA225です。 ヘタクソですが悪しからず。。
3,084 views | Mar 09, 2016

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