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Crazy Japanese Arcade Game

From - Posted: Sep 03, 2010 - 4,493 viewsGame | Crazy Japanese Arcade Game | Crazy Japanese Arcade Game
Crazy Japanese Arcade Game
Crazy Japanese Arcade Game
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I have no idea what this game is called. We dubbed it "Angry Dad Rampage" after the first mode we played. The whole point of the game was to throw the table as far as possible and cause as much destruction as I could.

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Not entirely sure what this game is called, but it's by Taito and is at the arcades in Japan. As far as I'm aware, you're given 60 seconds to bang on your table to get the attention of everyone who annoys you, and then finally you toss the table at them. Truly glorious.
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超ちゃぶ台返し!Against the self-centered families,at 0:31 the chabudai (dining table) is banged for them to " ! ", then at 0:37...「楽しいはずの一家団欒」「だが」... (20100717)
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A crazy game in Japan in which you flip a table over....
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First level of gameplay for Cho Chabudai-gaeshi. In this game from Taito, you pound a small table (chabudai) and flip it towards the end for maximum damage and points. In the first scenario you are a Japanese father trying to enjoy his dinner, but you are annoyed by the unending complaints of you wife and selfish children. So you have to release your anger by breakin' stuff! Edit: Added quick translations...but the video cuts out at the end. Sorry...
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