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Đàn Organ Nàng Kiều Lỡ Bước

From - Posted: Sep 15, 2011 - 775,602 viewsGame | Đàn Organ Nàng Kiều Lỡ Bước | Dan Organ Nang Kieu Lo Buoc
Đàn Organ Nàng Kiều Lỡ Bước
Dan Organ Nang Kieu Lo Buoc
Trailer Duration: 03 minutes 37 seconds 
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After seeing so many rude and hurtful comments, I often thought about disabling the comment section or better yet just delete the video to make things easier. But then I realize that I didn't put this video up to show my physical beauty, I'm not competing in any beauty pageant, I just simply want to show everyone a video of me singing a song that I really like and next to me is of course a very beautiful and talented pianist :) And yes, I am also aware that I sang a few words wrong, so I apologize for that. So my point is I will not delete this video, nor will I disable everyone from commenting. I truly thank those who stayed constructed to their criticisms and to those who complimented. I also want to tell those who leaves "mean" "rude" "off-topic", and "ignorant" comments that you may go ahead and do so, I welcome you, it is okay with me because again, my purpose here on Youtube is only to show my singing ability, not shine through it all with my physical appearance :)----------------------Written by Khac Viet Originally done by Tuan HungPianist- Mai Hoang. Check out her Youtube channel if you want to listen to her play!
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