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Dash Off My Little Pony game

From - Posted: Jun 06, 2011 - 51,306 viewsGame | Dash Off My Little Pony game | Dash Off My Little Pony game
Dash Off My Little Pony game
Dash Off My Little Pony game
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PLAY HERE: The game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. - Collect as much apples as you can - You have only five minutes - Rainbow Dash cannot fly when power is low - Collect apples to regain power - Meet friends to gain unlimited power! - Beware of bad cupcakes Special thanks to: - Lauren Faust and her AWESOME team for magic of frienship - All bronies from this thread on ponychan for great pony models: - RainbowCrash88 for fantastic soundtrack: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is © Hasbro

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Let s Play My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Adventures in Ponyville

Here's the video no one saw coming and no one really asked for that's right it's time for a little magic! If making Let's Play videos is jumping on the bandwagon and being even slightly positive about Friendship is Magic is also jumping on the bandwagon then this is me jumping between two wagons like a maniac... that kind of sounds fun actually. Personal Favourite: Rainbow Dash's Cloud BumpTo save your game in Adventures in Ponyville, you need an account on The Hub's website. Saving is automatic when you are logged in.Mo' Ponies thread: http:mlpforums.comtopic35122-mo-ponies-a-friendship-is-magic-related-lets-play-seriesLink to game here: http:www.hubworld.commy-little-ponyshowsfriendship-is-magicgamesmlp-adventures-in-ponyvilleSince the game isn't working, here's stand alone versions of everything.Pony creator: http:www.hasbro.commylittleponyen_CAplaydetails.cfm?R=E3077416-5056-900B-105A-064BAB814645:en_CAApplejack Mini Game http:www.hasbro.commylittleponyen_CAplaydetails.cfm?R=E300C93D-5056-900B-1050-A310A192B6BD:en_CAPinkie Pie Mini Game http:www.hasbro.commylittleponyen_CAplaydetails.cfm?R=E304C303-5056-900B-109B-6492EE636711:en_CARainbow Dash Mini Game http:www.hasbro.commylittleponyen_CAplaydetails.cfm?R=E3061D88-5056-900B-10F5-F15CCFE117E3:en_CAAlso do you think you can find better "morals" for these mini games? Then post them in the comments and I'll put the best for each minigame here.Original "Morals": 1. Friends don't let friends dance their lifes away 2. Stealing food from work is OK if your tummy is rumbling 3. Apples are awesomeComments "Morals": 1. Dancing Ponies are Ponies that need help. - ThisIsMeCutieLauren 2. Eat food from work - duke86fan 3. TBAEdit: Also here's a blog post about my idea for a fan game: http:teamheroface.blogspot.com201110my-little-pony-fan-game-idea.htmlOh yeah and apparently people like videos they like and subscribe to YouTubers they like... just saying. Also check out my blog here: And my Twitter here:!TeamHeroFace
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5:41 Seconds of Wonder- Our first video of the My Little Pony game for iPad. Coming from Gameloft later this year.
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A flash game found on one of Hasbro's international MLP sites. Shows all possible endings.Link: http:www.hasbro.comfi_FImy-little-ponyplaydetails.cfm?guid=E3077416-5056-900B-105A-064BAB814645&src=endeca
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AKA: Project Pony 2. In this I play some more awesome games by some more rather creative Bronies. Alt pony name: Awesome McCoolmaneTo save your game in Adventures in Ponyville, you need an account on The Hub's website. Saving is automatic when you are logged in.Also judging from the My Videos & Playlists page this video is the 100th video on my channel... go me. On a side note I think I should have gone with Awesome McCoolmane or something. Also for a little bit more pony check out this post from my blog: http:teamheroface.blogspot.com201109lets-play-more-my-little-pony-games.htmlNow unless if I find a lot more short games (enough to do multiple parts) this will likely be the last time I play My Little Pony fan games this way (using Adventures in Ponyville as a transaction between games). You can look forward to Let's Plays of the bigger games when they come out, like My Little Investigations, Spike's Quest, any of those 3D ones I keep seeing or even *gulp* a (SFW) Date Sim if anyone asks me to play one... and tells me how to play these.Personal Favourite: Derpy DeliveryMo' Ponies thread: http:mlpforums.comtopic35122-mo-ponies-a-friendship-is-magic-related-lets-play-seriesGames used (In order of appearance):Adventures in Ponyville: http:www.hubworld.commy-little-ponyshowsfriendship-is-magicgamesmlp-adventures-in-ponyvilleRunaway Pony - MLP:FiM Based: http:wolfkodi.deviantart.comartRunaway-Pony-MLP-FiM-Based-253878078Derpy Delivery: http:www.mediafire.comdownload8nl1kt8lgn2ncknDerpy+Delivery.zipSuper Filly Adventure: http:www.newgrounds.comportalview579165Iron Pony Challenge: http:jinrohdev.deviantart.comartMLP-FiM-Iron-Pony-Challenge-257884229Story of the Blanks: http:www.newgrounds.comportalview573755Edit: Also here's a blog post about my idea for a fan game: http:teamheroface.blogspot.com201110my-little-pony-fan-game-idea.htmlOh yeah and apparently people like videos they like and subscribe to YouTubers they like... just saying. Also check out my blog here: http:teamheroface.blogspot.comAnd my Twitter here:!TeamHeroFaceLike me on Facebook! http:www.facebook.comTeamHeroFaceI'm also on Tumblr! http:mr-nutt.tumblr.comAlso Google+! Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupsGreyCartGreyCart Facebook page: https:www.facebook.compagesGreycart862070100485927
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Pokemon Crossover Game Preview

UPDATE: Please see my new video, It's updates and some explaining. Alas, I couldn't resist anymore. I had to show a preview to the game I'm working on ^^ Anywho, as you can see, this will be a crossover between Pokemon and My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic. But who's the main opponent? You'll have to wait and find out... Enjoy!
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My Little Pony Polka is Magic

New FAQ in description below. Also, Pikachux1000 turned this into a screensaver, you can download it here. http:fav.med4hamo6This is what I envisioned when I thought of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic and Spazzmatica Polka. Basically, it's one and a half minute of showing off the "walk"-cycles I did of the main cast, which in turn was my way of reverse engineering the animation from the show. Not a whole lot else to tell about this, except that you can watch this in glorious 1080p. That's right, you can watch this at a native resolution higher than that of the show's episodes you can see here on YouTube.Drawings and animations are done by me. Visit my webzone. http:theartrix.deviantart.comMusic is Spazzmatica Polka by Kevin McLeod (Licenced under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0) http:incompetech.comAnd My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro and created by Lauren Faust and a whole bunch of legal jargon that you can easily look up on Wikipedia.Twitter: http:www.twitter.comtheartrixSee how I made the Pinkie Pie walk cycle: http:livestre.amJfPvFAQ Q: What program did you use. A: After Effects, with the sprites drawn in Photoshop.Q: Who is the pony at 0:40? A: That would be myself. I had a sketch laying around so I was like "I'll just ink and color it and put it in the animation for a few frames".Q: Can I have the SWF? A: Eh, After Effects? Also, no, you can't have the GIF or MOV or the source files.Q: What's the song? A: It's right there on the title card |:\Q: What's with the blue screen. Do you hate Windows? Are you a Mac fanboy? A: I am a Windows user, always have been. If anything, I'm not a Mac fanboy. The story is very simple, I just Google searched for a blue screen, found this one, and discovered the pro-Mac message after I actually put it in the animation and decided to leave it in.
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Rainbow Dash fakes injuries Rainbow Falls

From s4e10 'Rainbow Falls' FiM belongs to Hasbro and The Hub Network
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My little pony adventures in ponyville gameplay

http:www.hubworld.commy-little-ponyshowsmy-little-ponygamesmlp-adventures-in-ponyville It's kinda cute but it could be better, there's only 3 minigames in it so it gets boring really fast. Hypercam wont record sound on this pc(i have no idea why, i have set it to record sound but it still wont do it, it recorded sound just fine on my older pc), so it's silent vid = ssooo listen some music while watching it :D. And daaamn i didnt realise it's gonna be this long O_O.
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My Little Pony Game Equestria Girls
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Inspiration Manifestation S04E23 My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 10...

This is the twenty third episode of season 4 from MY Little Pony:Friendship is Magic titled "Inspiration Manifestation"
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This is not showing off the game, this is showing off the engine. The engine is fully coded, and now all we need is YOUR imagination. Coding hours: over 100 Lines of code: over 900 Special thanks to: Daniel W. Kallison Tristan Cobb James Workman Thessa Cat Andrew Turpel for their hard work and help with props. Note, the music in the video was added during video editing, not in the sandbox itself. All credits go to EurobeatBrony for the music. If you are interested in helping, contact the Derpy Hooves postmaster.
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A Canterlot Wedding has come to the MY LITTLE PONY game along with a stampede of new content in this update! - Journey to the brand-new Canterlot map on the Friendship Express - Meet 10 new ponies to fill your town with celebration - Get ready for the big day with festive new wedding decorations - Build your unique Canterlot with new houses and shops - Defeat Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changelings - Save the day in 40 new quests - Have fun with the enchanting "Look to the Stars" mini-gameLinks to the game: iOS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Visit our official site at Follow us on Twitter at http:glft.coGameloftonTwitter or like us on Facebook at http:facebook.comGameloft to get more info about all our upcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailers on Discover our blog at http:glft.coGameloft_Official_Blog for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft.
647,534 views | Apr 16, 2013

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