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Dawn of War 2 Retribution Hall of Fame Game 16 BEST ONE YET

From - Posted: Mar 02, 2012 - 1,350 viewsGame | Dawn of War 2 Retribution Hall of Fame Game 16 BEST ONE YET | Dawn of War 2 Retribution Hall of Fame Game 16 BEST ONE YET
Dawn of War 2 Retribution Hall of Fame Game 16 BEST ONE YET
Dawn of War 2 Retribution Hall of Fame Game 16 BEST ONE YET
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Won't be able to do the Retribution games tonight by the time this gets uploaded, so saturday i plan on playing a minimum of 3 games, all of them 3v3's. BE SURE TO LIKE, FAVORITE AND COMMENT FOR MORE DOW2

Like to get lastest games everyday!
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https:www.fanfiction.nets102180131The-Boy-That-Would-Be-Emperor SuperSaiyaPeruvian's(AlwaysBetOnVoid) Wh40k fanfiction. (UPDATED) ------------------------------------------------------ "The uniforms of the Imperial Guard are camouflaged in order to protect their wearers by hiding them from sight. The principle is that what the enemy cannot see he cannot kill. This is not the way of the Adeptus Astartes. A Space Marine's armour is bright with heraldry that proclaims his devotion to his Chapter and the beloved Emperor of Mankind. Our principle is that what the enemy can see, he will soon learn to fear..."- Chaplain AstonDawn of War Track List: Starts at 0:00 1. 0:00 2. 3:35 3. 7:19 4. 11:28 5. 14:35 6. 16:58 7. 19:23 8. 23:02 9. 26:02 10. 28:23 11. 30:48 12. 33:37 13. 37:00 14. 39:33 15. 41:54 16. 44:33 17. 46:55 18. 50:32 19. 53:48 20. 55:59 21. 57:10 22. 58:14 ----------------------------------------------"Always endeavour to fight the enemy on your own terms. If you outnumber the foe use reserves to break through when the enemy's overstretched lines collapse. If you are outnumbered then concentrate your forces so that the enemy can fight only your best troops. If you are powerful at close quarters then engage in dense terrain where your advantage will prove greatest. If you are superior at long range then attack along an extended front. Remember always, however, that a commander who puts his faith in heavy weaponry will be easily outmaneuvered and a commander who relies on close combat without adequate support will lose his force to disciplined fire. No one has ever won a battle who failed to take advantage of his enemy's weakness, or take heed of his own."- Solar MachariusWinter Assault Track List: Starts at 59:30 1. 59:31 2. 59:56 3. 1:00:20 4. 1:00:48 5. 1:01:15 6. 1:04:20 7. 1:06:30 8. 1:08:39 9. 1:10:45 10. 1:12:44 11. 1:14:50 12. 1:16:55 13. 1:19:06 14. 1:21:10 15. 1:23:18 16. 1:25:23 17. 1:27:27 18. 1:29:36 19. 1:31:44 20. 1:33:49 21. 1:34:06 22. 1:34:30 23. 1:34:47 ---------------------------------------------"Stranger, I bid you greetings in the name of the Tau. If you are reading this then you will have encountered one of our messengers drones and are therefore a spacefaring race. Soon you will see more evidence of us, this is no cause for alarm. When you encounter one of our ships or outposts then welcome it. We have much to offer a faithful friend. We are five castes, one people. The earth caste build and manufacture, the air caste pilot and navigate, the water caste liase and arbitrate, the fire caste guard our holdings and defeat our enemies. All are bound to the dream of bringing a new way to the universe. I hope you will choose to share the culture, technology and protection of the Tau empire. The one constant in the universe is change, the wise adapt. Believe in our destiny." - Transcript from alien probe discovered in the Koath System 696.M41 Dark Crusade Track List: Starts at 1:35:04 1. 1:35:04 2. 1:37:14 3. 1:41:30 4. 1:45:22 5. 1:49:19 6. 1:53:26 7. 1:57:28 8. 2:01:14 9. 2:05:08 10. 2:09:09 11. 2:13:04 12. 2:15:18 13. 2:15:43 14. 2:15:57 15. 2:16:18 16. 2:16:40 17. 2:16:56 18. 2:17:14 19. 2:17:31 20. 2:20:35 21. 2:24:29 22. 2:26:38 23. 2:28:44 24. 2:30:43 25. 2:32:48 26. 2:34:54 27. 2:37:05 28. 2:39:09 29. 2:41:17 30. 2:43:22 31. 2:45:26 32. 2:47:35 33. 2:49:43 34. 2:51:48 35. 2:52:05 36. 2:52:29 37. 2:52:46 38. 2:53:03 39. 2:53:18 40. 2:53:35 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Credits : I own only the video,everything else belongs to its respective owners. Created with VideoPadEditor:Note: Soulstorm isn't in this.I'm terribly sorry.
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THE REMATCH, Tex vs VindicareX Retribution

Pretty good match, got alot of vids coming this weekend and beyone, ENJOY THE VIDEO, also be sure to click that like button for more Vids
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DOTA 2 Weekly Update March 4th 2012

I do intend on doing these vids weekly, leave a comment on who you'd like to see on next week. Also be sure to check out this guy's channel's a COD player turning into a PC gamer and go subscribe to him, if you do, send him a PM saying that i sent you. Thanks if you do, he's really my favorite commentator out there currently and he needs support. ENJOY THE VIDEO
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Dawn of War 2 Retribution Hall of Fame Game 15

Pretty good game, be sure to like the video and ENJOY THE VIDEO as well. Have a nice day
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HellFox Plays Dawn of War 2 Retribution Match 8

So back to Dawn of War 2 Retribution! This match was record 2-19-2012 so it was a week ago when it was taken. Still better late than never, in this match we go up against Noisy Elmo, one of the top players on the ladder. Needless to say whenever we get matched up with one them I tend to get cynical and pessimistic. Regardless we aren't going to back down from it and hey this vid is longer than 15 minutes people! Enjoy! Also ORANGEKID has finally maxed out Chaos Space Marines! It only took a year or so but he finally got there.
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DoW2 Retribution Last Stand All 20 Waves Complete Space Marine Captain

All my info is here, below!Booted up a game of DoW2: Retribution, Last Stand and joined two random players. The end result was a great one. We swept through the waves rather quickly and efficiently, with not a single one of us being laid low by our foes. We made our Last Stand, and punished all those who stood before us with the full might of our wrath.Following Soul Drinkers Captain Crytis.xlxOutlawxlx - Level 20 Space Marine Captain Time Rift - Level 20 Tyranid Hive Tyrant 4 My Ninjas - Level 14 Eldar FarseerSpace Marine Captain Wargear: Inscribed Combat Shield, Lightning Claw Artificer Armor Jump Pack, Litanies Of Zeal, Rite of Fortitude DreadnoughtWave 1- 0:00 Wave 2- 0:39 Wave 3- 1:20 Wave 4- 1:50 Wave 5- 2:39 Wave 6- 3:36 Wave 7- 4:51 Wave 8- 5:49 Wave 9- 6:45 Wave 10- 7:32 Wave 11- 8:29 Wave 12- 9:15 Wave 13- 10:36 Wave 14- 11:38 Wave 15- 12:46 Wave 16- 13:51 Wave 17- 15:00 Wave 18- 16:12 Wave 19- 17:25 Wave 20- 18:50For the reference, I use a Razer Naga Gaming Mouse.For Dorn, and the Emperor!All rights belong to their respective owners. I own nothing, this is just a video of gameplay.
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Shogun 2 Total War Fall of the Samurai Commentary Drop Hacking is Vict...

Is drop hacking worth it? Is it really winning? I also talk about other things about bad manners, and etiquette in my opinion. Thanks for watching, and remember it's just what I think!
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Dawn of War is Not Dead

A tribute to the most complete Warhammer 40k game up to date.Music and video sources are available here http:www.metaltracks.tkclaymoredowind.htmlRequested modified camera.lua available here http:www.crocko.com8DD2E232F537438582B935C74567B4FCcamera_high.luaAs many some people have troubles finding individual mods, here are moddb links: http:www.moddb.commodsspace-wolves http:www.moddb.commodssteel-legion-armageddon http:www.moddb.commodsblack-templars-kaurava-crusade http:www.moddb.commodsrenegade-guard http:www.moddb.commodstyranid-modInquisition: Daemonhunt SS mod will be released soon: http:www.moddb.commodsdaemonhunters-modWitch Hunters have only DC version out and only Emperor knows if SS version will be out. http:dawnofwar.filefront.comfileWitch_Hunters_Mod_beta;86667
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In this final match of the night we take on some of the old team of the previous match but it seems this time they have turned to Chaos and brought in some players who know what they are doing. Losses are expected to get heavy...Music: Borderlands Half Life 2 Company of Heroes British Faction Killzone - Helghast March
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