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Deadpool Video Game Trailer

From - Posted: Jul 16, 2012 - 459,157 viewsGame | Deadpool Video Game Trailer | Deadpool Video Game Trailer
Deadpool Video Game Trailer
Deadpool Video Game Trailer
Game Trailer Duration: 1 minutes 30 seconds 
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Deadpool Video Game Trailer. Deadpool is a third-person shooter (TPS) with katanas, gun, and fists action ! The videogame will be published by Activision, and is under development by High Moon Studios (Transformers : Fall of Cybertron). Join us on Facebook : http:facebook.comGameNewsOfficial !Deadpool Game Trailer. The videogame will be soon available. Subscribe now get the upcoming gameplay trailers !

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Get set for the "Deadpool" video game with the brand-new trailer featuring dubstep, mayhem and more, featuring guest appearances by Cable, Wolverine, Psylocke and Rogue!Subscribe to Marvel: http:bit.lyWeO3YJKeep up with Marvel on: TWITTER: https:twitter.commarvel FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.comMarvel TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: http:instagram.commarvel GOOGLE+: PINTEREST: http:pinterest.commarvelofficial
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Thanks to Hims for sponsoring this episode. Start your trial month for $5 at http:www.forhims.comtop10Twitch!!! http:www.twitch.tveligiblemonster Patreon! https:www.patreon.comcomicstorian Discord! https:discordapp.cominviterandbeeee VLOG Channel! Start Your Collection Today! http:amzn.to2DUT1ocDC Comics and Marvel Comics Fun at Comicstorian! Twitter - @comicstorian Instagram - @comicstorian http:www.facebook.comeligiblemonsterDo You Like Video Games? The Gaming Channel! Do you Want Manga? Manga's Read Dramatically! On Titan! From Mangastorian! http:bit.ly2vrfPVkHow About Benny FAILING At Video Games! http:bit.ly2uhdFHLAll Music Provided by Epidemic SoundThank you for your support!
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Deadpool Bloopers Outtakes and Banned Jokes. Funny Moments, Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 and Avengers Infinity War ► https:bit.lyAwesomeSubscribe Spider Man Homecoming Trailer New Footage ► http:bit.ly2qo90kx Deadpool 2 Trailer ► http:bit.ly2m686rs Emergency Awesome 2017 Hype Trailer ► http:bit.ly2iD2GVLTwitch Channel https:twitch.tvemergencyawesome Twitter https:twitter.comawesomemergency Facebook https:facebook.comemergencyawesome Instagram https:instagram.comemergencyawesome Tumblr For Shows::New Emergency Awesome ► https:bit.lyEmergencyAwesome Spider Man Homecoming ► https:bit.lySpiderManHomecoming Game of Thrones Season 6 ► https:bit.lyGameOfThronesSeason4 The Flash Season 3 ► https:bit.lyJusticeLeagueDCEU Avengers Infinity War and Marvel Movies ► https:bit.lySpiderManAvengersMovie Justice League Batman and DC Movies ► https:bit.lyJusticeLeagueDCEU Rick and Morty Season 3 ► http:bit.lyRickandMortyS3 Deadpool Videos ► https:bit.lyDeadpoolMaximumEffort Star Wars The Last Jedi ► https:bit.lyStarWarsEpisode8movie Doctor Who Series 10 ► https:bit.lyDoctorWhoSeries8 Sherlock Season 4 ► https:bit.lySherlockSeason3Wordpress Blog ► https:emergencyawesome.comTHANKS FOR WATCHING!!
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MORTAL KOMBAT 9 & 10 Full MOVIE ► https:youtu.beeVEjBFbjbH0Deadpool All Cutscenes The Full Movie Funny Moments video game being developed by High Moon Studios starring the Marvel comics character Deadpool which will be voiced by award winner Nolan North. A psychotic lunatic known for breaking the fourth wall in the comics he appears in, it's almost assured that similar metahumor will fill the game.The story is set with Deadpool accepting a mission to assassinate news reporter Chance White. The plot also involves Mister Sinister who is scouring a former mutant haven called Genosha for new DNA to use in his armies.Subscribe for the Latest & Hottest Games News, Game Trailers, Teaser & Games Walkthroughs.
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Try out ThePremium Network for free: http:goo.glXTvH7GVideo Game Characters That EXIST IN REAL LIFESubscribe to our channel: http:goo.gl9CwQhgFor copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] games are a great way to pass the time while providing entertainment. But they aren’t real, right? Well, we’ve collected together a group of very real people who might just change the way you think about your favorite titles. From looks to ability, these real-life people share quite a bit in common with their digital counterparts. We’ll start you off with Ellie. One of the main characters in the hit game The Last of Us, she sure does look a lot like a rather famous actress. If you’ve played any Call of Duty games you are likely familiar with John Price. An elite, rough talking soldier, Price has a very real-life counterpart who is also a soldier. If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat, then stick around to see which real life action star resembles one of the characters. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas had one of the most disliked characters in Officer Tenpenny. Turns out he’s more real than you know. In the world of sci-fi we’ll introduce you to Gordon Freeman, who just happens to look like a very real actor best known for cooking meth. Vaas Montenegro was a popular villain from Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3. We think it’s both interesting and disturbing there’s a guy who looks and sounds like him. We’ll go outside the bubble for a minute thanks to Elon Musk and make a revelation about reality and video games that just might blow your mind. Getting back on track, we’ll take a look at Kevin Spacey who is pretty similar to Call of Duty’s Jonathan Irons – or is it the other way around? Head back in time through our memories with Assassin’s Creed where you’ll meet Edward Kenway who is a lot like a popular British actor in both looks and timelines. Finally, we’ll end off with a Miami model who has a striking resemblance to Street Fighter’s Chun Li. Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: https:twitter.comTheRichest_Com Instagram: http:instagram.comtherichestFor more videos and articles visit:
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Complete live action trailer for Defiance ! Join us on Facebook http:FB.comGameNewsOfficial & Twitter http:twitter.comgamenewstrailer. Play the game ! Join the fight ! Watch the show !Defiance Live Action Trailer (Full-Length Version). Pre-order now ! Release date : April 2, 2013. Subscribe now to get the latest game teasers, gameplay trailers, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos !
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game | Deadpool Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Xbox 360 PS3 PC

Deadpool Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Xbox 360 PS3 PC

► Subscribe for more: http:bit.lyVqwPGD ► Follow me on Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvdesirablechris ► Follow my Twitter: https:twitter.comDesirableChris ► Like my Facebook: http:www.facebook.comDesirableChris ► Follow my Google+: http:gplus.toDesirableChris-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Gameplay: The game will be a third-person action game, with new combos becoming available to Deadpool as he progresses. The game will be a combination of melee and shooting, with huge emphasis in big hammers, sai, swords and guns. Deadpool will frequently break the fourth wall and verbally interact with the player based on their skill and progress. For instance, in the options menu, he will begin to tap the glass of the television set, before asking, "Hey, got any girls in there?" Deadpool has the opportunity to directly address the player, where he tells them to press a certain button to do certain commands. When presented with the right combination of platforms, he wearily suggests new moves, such as the novel idea of 'wall jumping'. Deadpool will also show some exaggerated acts of violence, like yelling "No guts no glory" when hanging from his entrails, or shouting "Oh that's gonna leave a mark" when dismembering an enemy.Combat gameplay relies heavily on using the character's trademark arsenal of swords and guns, as well as giving players the option to equip more irregular weapons like sledgehammers. By default Deadpool is armed with both guns and swords, but he also has access to giant hammers, laser guns, and a range of other alternatives. Some attacks result in dismemberment or decapitations; body parts and bloodstains can be seen on the ground. There's a short range teleportation move as well. Since Deadpool possesses an accelerated healing factor, he will slowly fall apart as he sustains damage, and players will be presented with the choice either to reattach severed limbs or wait for them to regrow. Stealth attacks can also be employed, in which close-up camera angles depict more severe damage against enemies.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Plot: Former Deadpool writer Daniel Way wrote the story together with High Moon Studios, bringing in his trademark humor from the comics to video games. The meta-story is centered around Deadpool kidnapping the employees of High Moon Studios and forcing them to make the most awesome game ever starring himself. The story of the game is set with Deadpool accepting a mission to assassinate Chance White, a corrupt media mogul whose television channel produces such quality programming as "Jump the Shark", in which celebrities must literally jump over a tank of water containing a ravenous great white shark. After Mister Sinister botches Deadpool's mission, costing him money, the Deadpool seeks revenge on him and tracks him to the former mutant haven, Genosha, where Sinister is collecting new DNA to use in his armies.Other Marvel comic-book characters, such as Domino, Wolverine , Cable, Death, Rogue, Psylocke, Mister Sinister and his Marauders, namely Arclight, Blockbuster, Vertigo, and Riptide are set to appear in the video game.
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