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From - Posted: Jul 31, 2009 - 143,341 viewsGame | DEFENDER 1980 CLASSIC ARCADE GAME | DEFENDER 1980 CLASSIC ARCADE GAME
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SILKIE" Playing , DEFENDER - 1980 CLASSIC ARCADE GAME on my Original XBOX with MAME

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game | Williams Defender arcade rolling over wave 256

Williams Defender arcade rolling over wave 256

Here is a (cropped) video of me rolling the attack waves over to wave 1 on Defender. Note how the game slows down on wave 255 before it rolls over. All 8 bit videogames reset as they can only count to 255. Camera a bit too close to show full screen but you get the idea of how bad or good you guys think I am. This ones for Mike, Eric and everyone else interested in Eugenes fistborn!. I need more practice - way too sluggish! 2 smart bombs a wave? far too lazy!
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game | Phoenix 1980 arcade video game

Phoenix 1980 arcade video game

Phoenix.. a quick retro arcade blast!
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game | 1978 1983 Arcade Retro TOP Game 고전게임 오락실 ゲームセンター集

1978 1983 Arcade Retro TOP Game 고전게임 오락실 ゲームセンター集

ENGLISH KOREAN JAPANESE (PUBLISHER)1978 Space invaders 스페이스 인베이더 スペースインベーダー (TAITO) 1979 Asteroids 에스터 로이드 (WILLIAMS) 1979 Galaxian 갤럭시안 ギャラクシアン (NAMCO) 1980 Defender 디펜더 ディフェンダー (WILLIAMS) 1980 Centipede (ATARI) 1980 Moon Cresta 문 크레스타 ムーンクレスタ (NICHIBUTSU) 1980 Tank Battalion 탱크 タンクバタリアン (NAMCO) 1980 Pac-Man 팩맨 パックマン (NAMCO) 1981 Ms.Pac-Man 미스 팩맨 ミズパックマン (NAMCO) 1981 Galaga 갤러그 ギャラガ (NAMCO) 1981 New Rally X 방구차 ニューラリーX (NAMCO) (2:18)1981 Donkey Kong 동키콩 ドンキーコング (NINTENDO) 1981 Pleiads 불사조2 プレアデス (TEHKAN) -omission- (2:34)1981 Frogger 개구리 フロッガー (KONAMI) (2:43)1981 Scramble 스크램블 スクランブル (KONAMI) (2:50)1981 Super Cobra 슈퍼 코브라 スーパーコブラ (KONAMI) (3:01)1982 Pooyan 푸얀 プーヤン (KONAMI) (3:15)1982 Time pilot 타임 파일롯 タイムパイロット(KONAMI) (3:32)1982 Xevious 제비우스 スーパー・ゼビウス (NAMCO) (3:44)1982 Pole Position 폴 포지션 ポールポジション (NAMCO) (3:56)1982 Dig Dug 디그더그 ディグダグ (NAMCO) (4:14)1982 Mr.Do 미스터 도 ミスタードゥ (UNIVERASAL) (4:26)1982 Joust 조스트 ジャウスト(WILLIAMS) (4:40)1982 Tron 트론 トロン (BALLY MIDWAY) (4:55)1982 Jungle Hunt 타잔 ジャングルキング (TAITO) (5:07)1982 Ponpoko 너구리 ポンポコ (SIGMA.ENT) (5:20)1982 Pengo 펭고 ペンゴ (SEGA) (5:35)1982 zaxxon 잭손 ザクソン (SEGA) (5:46)1982 Popeye 뽀빠이 ポパイ(NINTENDO) (6:04)1982 Burger Time 버거타임 バーガータイム (DATA EAST) (6:14)1982 Bump 'n' Jump 범프 앤 점프 バーニンラバー (DATA EAST) (6:25)1982 Q*bert 큐버트 (GOTTLIEB) (6:34)1982 Front Line 베트공 フロントライン (TAITO) (6:50)1983 Elevator Action 007 エレベーターアクション (TAITO) (7:05)1983 Mappy 마피 マッピー (NAMCO) (7:18)1983 Mario Bros. 마리오 브라더스 マリオブラザーズ (NINTENDO) (7:32)1983 Exerion 엑세리온 エクセリオン (JALECO) (7:44)1983 Stinger 스팅거 スティンガー (SEIBU DENSHI) (7:57)1983 GYRUSS 자이러스 ジャイラス (KONAMI) (8:14)1983 Track & Field 하이퍼 올림픽 ハイパーオリンピック (KONAMI) (8:37)1983 Tapper 탭퍼 (BALLY MIDWAY) (8:50)1983 Dragon's Lair 드래곤즈 레어 ドラゴンズレア (CINEMATRONICS)
2,189 views | Sep 01, 2010

game | QBert Levels 1 3

QBert Levels 1 3

Another 80's retro flashback, of the original arcade QBert. It took about 5 tries to remember how to play this game again. I used to tag-play with another person racking up a huge score. He'd play for a few hours, then me for a few hours while he did something else...Until we both had had enough and left it with a few hundred lives racked up. They really should have made this game continue to get more difficult. After level 5, it's basically the same thing over and over. See other levels in seperately posted vid.
3,263 views | Sep 23, 2007
game | Classic Arcade Games From the 80 s

Classic Arcade Games From the 80 s
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game | Do you remember? Phoenix arcade game.

Do you remember? Phoenix arcade game.

Thanks to MAME emulator...
1,823 views | Jul 29, 2013

game | Williams Defender arcade game instructional video Red ROMS, factory settings

Williams Defender arcade game instructional video Red ROMS, factory se...

Here is sample game play up to about 775,000 points, with discussion. Various techniques are demonstrated; for instance I demo saving the humanoids vs. "euthanizing" them, playing intentionally in space, baiter hunting, and the four enemy end-of-wave technique. For a web page with lots of learning resources on Defender, check out Mark Hoff's excellent website: http:www.robotron2084guidebook.comdefenderstrategyAnd if you want to converse with other Defender players, come visit us on the "Williams Defender Players Unite" facebook group.
1,748 views | Sep 06, 2014
game | Robotron 2084 Arcade

Robotron 2084 Arcade

Robotron - 2084 © 1982 Williams. Main CPU : M6809 (@ 1 Mhz) Sound CPU : M6808 (@ 894.75 Khz) Sound Chips : DAC Screen orientation : Horizontal Video resolution : 292 x 240 pixels Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz Palette colors : 16 Players : 2 Control : Double 8-way joysticks Set in the year 2084, Robotron is a single-screen shoot-em-up in which super-intelligent self-aware robots known as 'Robotrons' - designed and built to help mankind - have revolted against their creators and vowed to either reprogram the humans into Robotrons or, failing this, wipe-out the human race entirely. Robotron was available in both upright and cocktail format, with the cocktail cabinet being fairly rare. The alternate cabinets also had different graphics (at least the color scheme was different), and are much more difficult to find replacement graphics for. The standard Robotron upright was 6'2'' tall and featured white sides and a black front. It had painted side-art in the form of a '2084' logo and a few stripes (this is a very simple design, and is easy to repaint if your cabinet happens to be scratched up). The control panel is covered with a geometric shape design, and has two 8-Way joysticks and two start buttons. These joysticks are of a peculiar design, but can easily be replaced with a pair of modern joysticks (purchase red ball tops ones, because that is what the originals had). The games marquee has the 'Robotron' logo in a font reminiscent of an early 80s computer. This is superimposed over a triangular design made from shapes and lines. The Robotron cocktail cabinet was finished completely with woodgrain laminate. The only graphics were on the control panels, and the small instruction cards that were placed under the top glass. The players would sit across from each other, and the screen image would flip for each player.
4,544 views | Jul 31, 2010
game | Defender Arcade Game Play, Williams Mfg 1980

Defender Arcade Game Play, Williams Mfg 1980

Defender Description Defend the human population from swarms of attacking aliens. Extremely popular even though it was deemed a flop at a 1981 Chicago arcade machine trade show because of its difficulty. The attract mode for the game was programmed in just five hours.Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985), the Defender maker, released 209 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1959.Other machines made by Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985) during the time period Defender was produced include Stargate, Black Knight Limited Edition, Solar Fire, Cyclone (1981), Jungle Lord, Black Knight, Blackout, Firepower, Scorpion, and Algar. Cabinet Information The machine shown at the bottom of the page with the silver coin door is the classic cabinet that the majority of US players have seen, although a later version had a black coin door. The machine at the top with the blue door, however, is believed to be a reproduction of an early production model that contains side art very much inspired by the film Star Wars. Perhaps Williams changed the production side art designs upon advice from legal counsel. This original prototype machine is pictured on early Williams Defender flyers. Oddly enough, a number of these machines have been seen in various countries throughout Europe.Game Introduction Your mission, as captain of the Defender, is to protect the humanoids stranded on the planet from their alien abductors. The scanner will help you determine a strategy to shoot down the alien ships before they reach the humanoids. If you destroy the aliens after they have captured their prey, you must return the humanoids to the safety of the planet or they will fall to their death. If an alien carries its victim out of your range, the humanoid will mutate, join the alien force, and take to assault with deadly vengeance!The challenge becomes ever more intense as the action progresses. Fighter ships Bombers and mines will test your skills. A direct hit will destroy the mother ship Pods but smash it into a swarming mass of mini-ships Swarmers which then must be wiped out! If you do not act quickly, the cosmic Baiter will attack! Use your two escape options only if all else fails! Your "Smart Bomb" power is limited and "Hyperspace" puts you into an unknown space warp. But beware! If all the humanoids are abducted, the entire planet will explode in a blinding flash! Game Play Tips:Avoid using hyperspace unless you are about to die. Fighting off attacks, regardless of the number of enemies will make you a better Defender player.Baiters can usually be overcome by hitting the reverse button twice quickly. They will fly past you and be in range for your fire power. Do NOT try to outrun them as Baiters are faster than your ship.Swarmers are easy to defeat. You can hit reverse as soon as they fly past you and fly behind them. They cannot shoot backwards so you can blast away at will.At higher levels you will need to play God and even sacrifice some humanoids by killing them yourself to preserve the rest of the planet's population. The planet is too large for you protect and you are sparing the humanoids from a fate worst than death mutation. Do not worry, these humanoids reproduce quickly and overpopulation has always been a constant problem. The planet will be fully populated at the start of every fifth attack wave configurable.
3,851 views | Jul 19, 2013

game | Arcade Scramble 1981 HD

Arcade Scramble 1981 HD

Cosmic Alien ein Arcade Game aus dem Jahre 1981.Gespielt auf dem MAME64 Arcade Emulator.Gehörte auch mit zu meinen liebsten Games in dieser Zeit.Wie alles begann !
4,190 views | Oct 28, 2010
game | Scramble 1981 Konami Mame Retro Arcade Games

Scramble 1981 Konami Mame Retro Arcade Games

► Scramble 1981 Konami. Endless game.Series: 1. Scramble 1981 - 2. Super Cobra 1981 - my channel: my videos: my playlist: videos are made with the use of SaveState visit my about page for more information:
3,955 views | Dec 31, 2009
game | Battlezone™ ©1980 Atari Inc, Co.

Battlezone™ ©1980 Atari Inc, Co.

Battlezone primer video juego vectorial en 3D
1,580 views | Jun 11, 2009

game | Williams Defender Arcade No death before 50k White Hard dp

Williams Defender Arcade No death before 50k White Hard dp

Williams Defender came out in 1980, 60,000 games were made. This game is still one of the fastest paced games ever. When it came out people thought that it was no possible to pass 70k, later folks would be turning the game over. This is Red version MAME its on a tougher setting than most arcades would set it at. After 100k if you hang around for for over 10-20 secconds and waist time its not uncommon to get 5+ vaders on the screen. This is using the original panel with a Hagstrom keyboard emulator module. It plays like the original. This was a decent set for me but started getting tired, score was over 250k but video got to long so I capped it at 100k. For those of you who write you can turn it over, I could could to on standard settings, but MAME Red setting or rather "White Label" is nasty, pretty sure I could turn over this too given some time to get back in the swing of things. Please comment and post video response of your Defender work!!! (more) A bunch vintage Defender videos finally being posted up on youtube. Folks coming out of retirement. Keep em coming! Even higher scores for tournament settings (Red Label, 5 Ships only). Recorded at twingalaxies in 2012 Defender MAME platform 1 139,100 John Jan 23 2012 And for the actual arcade game 1 543,950 Bill Aug 15 2008 In this clip I was seeing roughly how close would come to the high score with 5 ships so was trying to avoid dying at any cost. Back when I posted this the high score was 90k I think. However was cheating a bit by using more smart bombs then would have had available. Thanks for posts. The panel was a Stargate panel, complete with the cigarette burns to the right of the stick, sloppy as hell, hooked up with Hagstrom encoder pretty easy to do.
2,564 views | Jan 05, 2007
game | Over 100 of the best Arcade Games

Over 100 of the best Arcade Games

Fine Game-collage about Arcade Games with some of the best games, some of the worst and some of the rest. See other tributes to most famous consoles and computers on my channel:
2,668 views | Oct 20, 2007
game | Gauntlet Arcade

Gauntlet Arcade

Gauntlet (c) 121985 Atari Games. Up to four players take on the role of either Elf, Valkyrie, Wizard or Warrior in this classic Dungeons & Dragons-inspired shoot-em-up. Gauntlet's four heroes each possess different strengths and weaknesses : Elf inflicts the least damage but is the fastest and has good magical skills, Wizard is slow but inflicts the highest magical damage, Warrior is the strongest in hand-to-hand combat but has the weakest magical attributes and Valkyrie is the best all-round character, with good mixture of both magical and physical strength. Players must battle through one hundred mazes, fighting for survival against the hundreds of creatures that populate them. Keys must be found to open the many locked doors and gates that bar the players' progress, food also needs to be sought to top-up the players' ever-diminishing energy levels. Potions can be collected and used at any time, these range from straight 'smart bombs' that clear the screen of monsters (depending on the magical abilities of the character) to increasing player attributes, such as shot power and speed. After Level 8, the game presents the dungeons to players in random order from the hundred that are available; thus ensuring that no two games were ever quite the same. Main CPU : 68010 (@ 7.15909 Mhz), M6502 (@ 1.789772 Mhz) Sound Chips : YM2151 (@ 3.579545 Mhz), POKEY (@ 1.789772 Mhz), TMS5220 (@ 650.826 Khz) Screen orientation : Horizontal Video resolution : 336 x 240 pixels Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz Palette colors : 1024 Players : 4 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 2 - SERIES - 1. Gauntlet (1985) 2. Gauntlet (1985, NES) 3. Gauntlet II (1986) 4. Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (1990, Atari Lynx) 5. Gauntlet III - The Final Quest (1991, Atari ST) 6. Gauntlet 4 (1993, Sega Mega Drive) 7. Gauntlet Legends (1998) 8. Gauntlet Dark Legacy (1999) 9. Gauntlet Seven Sorrows (2006, Sony PlayStation 2 & Microsoft XBOX) Gauntlet was originally going to be called 'Dungeons' and was inspired not only by TSR's tabletop RPG, ''Dungeons & Dragons'', but also by another Atari game called ''Dandy''. Dandy's creator, Jack Palevich, tried fruitlessly to get his name added to the list of credits in Gauntlet. In lieu of public recognition, Atari Games Corp gave Pelvich a Gauntlet cabinet, and he in turn agreed not to sue Atari. Gauntlet's revolutionary, non-linear game-play gave players multiple choices, as they were no longer forced into taking a linear route through the game. Like 'Dungeons & Dragons', Gauntlet players could choose their own path, searching for keys, treasures, food and transporters to take them to other levels. Unlike most other games at the time, the player didn't always have to fight; a simpler route through the dungeon could sometimes be found, or players could simply try to make a run for it. Another Gauntlet milestone was in the game's use of sound effects. Synthesized human voices had been used sporadically in games in the early eighties and while it had proved, on most occasions, to be moderately successful, was still considered something of a novelty. Gauntlet, however, revolutionized the concept of in-game speech and added immeasurably to the game's superb atmosphere. The deep timbre of Gauntlet's very own 'Dungeon Master' would guide players through the levels, informing them that 'Elf needs food, badly', or that 'Blue Wizard is about to die' and the always-good advice that is 'Don't shoot food.'
4,586 views | Jun 22, 2009

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