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Đi chơi Disneyland cùng bé Baby Hazel In Disneyland

From - Posted: Sep 19, 2013 - 4,498 viewsGame | Đi chơi Disneyland cùng bé Baby Hazel In Disneyland | Di choi Disneyland cung be Baby Hazel In Disneyland
Đi chơi Disneyland cùng bé Baby Hazel In Disneyland
Di choi Disneyland cung be Baby Hazel In Disneyland
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Hurray! Baby Hazel's parents want to give her a memorable holiday treat, in the Disneyland! Baby Hazel is so much excited and joyous about her first visit to the most amazing amusement park. Help Baby Hazel to pack the required stuffs. Take her to the Disneyland and enjoy different activities with her. - See more at:

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Now it is time to teach Baby Hazel about personal hygiene. In this game, Baby Hazel learns different hygiene care activities such as washing and ironing of her cloths, cleaning herself after outdoor game play and meal time hygiene. Help Baby Hazel to learn different hygiene care activities by fulfilling her needs. Check the hint bubble to know her needs. - See more at: http:www.topbabygames.combaby-hazel-hygiene-care.html#sthash.GxStuus0.dpuf http:www.topbabygames.combaby-hazel-hygiene-care.html
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