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Die Hard Arcade Game ARCADE

From - Posted: Mar 06, 2013 - 2,224 viewsGame | Die Hard Arcade Game ARCADE | Die Hard Arcade Game ARCADE
Die Hard Arcade Game ARCADE
Die Hard Arcade Game ARCADE
Game Trailer Duration: 25 minutes 44 seconds 
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Had to sacrifice quality to get this uploaded, but anyway a cool video game fighter that shouldn't be overlooked

Like to get lastest games everyday!
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Dynamite Deka Die Hard Arcade walkthrough Let s Play

Juego completo de la remasterizacion del Die Hard Arcade de sega saturn a play 2 con el nombre de dynamite deka
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game | Die Hard Arcade Arcade Longplay 0025 HD

Die Hard Arcade Arcade Longplay 0025 HD

DIE HARD ARCADE (ダイ ハードアーケード) © 1996 Sega.Die Hard Arcade è un videogioco arcade (coin-op) rilasciato da Sega nel 1996.Un gioco 3-D di combattimento a scorrimento per uno o due giocatori in cui la figlia del presidente è stata rapita da un'organizzazione terrorista. Die Hard Arcade è basato sul film di Bruce Willis con lo stesso nome, anche se la trama del gioco è molto differente da quella del film. ___________________________________________________Per ulteriori info su Die Hard Arcade consulta la scheda sul "DVG - Il Dizionario dei Videogiochi":http:www.dizionariovideogiochi.itdoku.php?id=die_hard_arcade
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game | Die Hard Arcade Playthrough 1 2

Die Hard Arcade Playthrough 1 2

Part 2: Hard Arcade (c) 1996 Sega. A 3-D, side-scrolling fighting game for 1 or 2 players in which the president's daughter has been kidnapped by a terrorist organisation. Die Hard Arcade is based on the Bruce Willis movie of the same name, although the game's storyline is very different from that of the film's. Players take on the role of two SWAT team members who must fight their way through a terrorist-filled sky scraper to eventually reach and defeat the head of the terrorist organisation and rescue the President's daughter. Players must clear each area of all terrorists before they can progress to the next. The terrorists can be defeated by punching and kicking them until their health bars are depleted. In addition to hand-to-hand combat, players can also utilise various weapons and objects, including handguns, machine guns, missile launchers, anti-tank cannons, knives, sticks, fireaxes, spray cans, pepper shakers, steel pipes, brooms, bottles and, at one point, a grandfather clock. Ammunition magazines can be picked up to replace depleted ammo in hand guns and machine guns, and health units can also be found to heal any damage players have suffered. At various points in the game, a pre-set sequence will start in which players must either press the PUNCH, KICK or JUMP button, or move the joystick in a specific direction in order to successfully negotiate certain enemies or obstacles. If either of the SWAT members fail on any sequences where they are supposed to punch or kick down enemies, they will have to fight them in hand-to-hand combat. Enemies can also be grabbed, allowing players to either punch or arrest them. The latter can only be achieved if the SWAT member is holding a gun, and is achieved by pressing either the PUNCH or KICK button twice. When the SWAT members finally confront the crime boss, they will have to face him twice; first in the office and then on the rooftop. On the rooftop, he will be armed with swords and more difficult to hurt. After the boss is defeated for the second time, The President's daughter is rescued. From here-on the game takes a nod from Technos' legendary 1987 beat-em-up, "Double Dragon". If only one player completes the game, the girl simply says 'Thank You!' and the game ends. But if 2 players complete the game, the girl will announce that she wants one of the SWAT members to become her new bodyguard. The two players will then have to fight each other until one of them is defeated, with the winner becoming the girl's new bodyguard. If the timer expires before either player wins, the fight will be declared a draw and the girl will be undecided about which SWAT member she wants for her new bodyguard. - TECHNICAL - Sega Titan Video hardware (STV) Main CPU : (2x) SH-2 (@ 28.6364 Mhz), 68000 (@ 11.45456 Mhz) Sound Chips : SCSP (@ 11.45456 Mhz) Screen orientation : Horizontal Video resolution : 704 x 513 pixels Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz Palette colors : 6144 Players : 2 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 6 - TRIVIA - Released in May 1996. This game is known in Japan as "Dynamite Deka". PATENTS : U.S.A : 4, 442, 486 - 4, 454, 594 - 4, 462, 076 Europe : 80244 Canada : 1, 183, 276 Honk Kong : 88-4302 Singapore : 88-155 - SERIES - 1. Die Hard Arcade (1996) 2. Dynamite Deka II (1998) - STAFF - Chief Programmer : Ando Hiroshi Enemy Programmer : Yamamoto Masanobu Sub Programmer : Abe Teruji Chief Artist : Aoki Kunitake, Kumada Tatsuto Model Artist : Joe Stephenson, Stieg Hedlund, Andrew Mundy, Betty Cunningham Player Model Artist : Makino Taku, Aoki Yoshiaki, Katoh Hideyuki Animation Artist : Dean Ruggles, Tom Tobey, Makoto Uchida, Greg Hancock Background SCR : Alan Ackerman Art Manager : Bob Steele Sound Director : Howard Drossin Producer : Roger Hector, Nakagawa Rikiya, Makoto Uchida Executive Producer : Suzuki Hisashi Game Design & Directed by : Makoto Uchida - PORTS - * Consoles : Sega Saturn (1997) - SOURCES -
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game | Game Nexus Mame Review Die Hard Arcade Part 2 1997 Sega Saturn

Game Nexus Mame Review Die Hard Arcade Part 2 1997 Sega Saturn

In this video I do a complete playthrough of Die Hard Arcade on the Sega Saturn. I play has the second player who the manual says is called Kris Thompsen. Enoy.
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Air Attack ARCADE Inv

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game | Dynamite Dekka aka Die Hard Arcade PS2

Dynamite Dekka aka Die Hard Arcade PS2

Another PS2 game Dynamite Dekka
1,902 views | Sep 21, 2012

game | Die Hard Arcade Speed Run Dynamite Deka

Die Hard Arcade Speed Run Dynamite Deka

I love this game and I could not find a speed run for the life of me on youtube. Eventually found this video off a japanese site. http:www.nicovideo.jpwatchsm56236I can comfortably say that this is not a tool assisted speed run. The version this guy is playing is Dynamite Deka for the Sega Saturn.Me and my buddies play the PS2 version which is easy to get a hold of and graphically superior. We're running Free McBoot and USB AdvanceThank you for watching!
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Hey everyone!. Welcome to my Arcade Longplay of Star Wars Trilogy Arcade This was played on the SuperModel0.3a Emulator Just to warn you there will be a few graphical glitches mainly showing in the last two missions and the lightsaber battles. They aren't all that bad though.I sadly didn't win the vader fight but i beat boba fett. I wanted to put DSR in the initials at the end but the damn thing wouldn't stay still anyway! I hope you all enjoy this! I may do another where i beat vader. Enjoy all!
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game | Sega Ages Playstation 2 Dynamite Deka Die Hard Arcade Full Gameplay 3 3

Sega Ages Playstation 2 Dynamite Deka Die Hard Arcade Full Gameplay 3 ...

Full gameplay from this awesome game. I played in Easy Mode so could show some new features that dont appear in the regular run
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1991 Terminator 2 T2 Arcade Old School Game Playthrough Retro game

1991 Terminator 2 T2 Arcade Old School Game Playthrough Retro gameTerminator 2: Judgment Day is the name of an arcade game released by WMS Industries (the owners of the Williams and Midway brands) in 1991. The game is loosely based on the film of the same name. The home console versions are called T2: The Arcade Game to avoid conflict with the platform games.Arnold Schwarzenegger provided custom speech for this game.The story of the game falls in line with the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day: to save the leader of the Human Resistance, John Connor, and his mother, Sarah, from the T-1000, a mimetic poly-alloy Terminator, bent on killing them both.The player takes the role of The Terminator, already captured and reprogrammed by the Human Resistance, and fights alongside them against Skynet in the year 2029. Eventually, The Terminator and John Connor penetrate Skynet's headquarters and destroy the system CPU. Discovering the time displacement equipment, The Terminator is sent back through time to when John was a child with the mission to protect him from the T-1000 that Skynet had also sent back. In the past, The Terminator, John, and Sarah Connor launch an attack on Cyberdyne Systems in order to prevent the development and creation of Skynet. The T-1000 catches up to the group and pursues them in a police helicopter and a liquid nitrogen truck. The Terminator is able to freeze and shatter the T-1000 with the liquid nitrogen, but, it re-liquefies itself and continues to pursue John. Ultimately, The Terminator is able to blast the T-1000 into a pool of molten steel and save John. Depending on how much damage the player inflicts at Cyberdyne, Judgment Day will either be averted or research at Cyberdyne will continue, allowing Judgment Day to possibly still happen.Developer(s) Midway (arcade) Probe (ports) Beam Software (Game Boy version) Publisher(s) Midway (arcade) Acclaim (ports) Director(s) George Petro Jack Haeger Producer(s) Neil Nicastro Ken Fedesna Designer(s) Jack E. Haeger Tim Coman John Vogel Programmer(s) George Petro Warren Davis William F. Dabelstein, Jr. Todd R. Allen Composer(s) Chris Granner Platform(s) Arcade[show] Release date(s) October 31, 1991 Genre(s) Shooting gallery Mode(s) 2 players simultaneously Cabinet Upright Arcade system Midway Y Unit hardware (1991-1994) Midway X Unit hardware (1994-current) CPU TMS34010 (@ 6.25 MHz) Sound Sound CPU: M6809 (@ 2 MHz) Sound Chips:YM2151 (@ 3.57958 MHz), DAC (@ 3.57958 MHz), OKI6295 (@ 8 kHz) Display Raster, 400 x 256 pixels (Horizontal),4096 colors
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ハゲさんと一緒!実況プレイ ダイハード4•0のゲーム

てな感じでコレからちょくちょく実況をやっていきたいと思います 改善点などがあればコメントに書き込んでください ご参考にします
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Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade Version Kuma Heihachi

No negative comments allowed please. Thanks for watching.
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--Game Info--Developer(s): Sega AM1Sega Technical InstitutePublisher(s): SegaFox InteractiveDirector: Makoto UchidaProducer(s): Makoto UchidaRikiya NakagawaRoger HectorRelease date: 1996 Genre: Beat 'em upMode(s): Single player, multiplayerDie Hard Arcade is the licensed North American, European and Australian version of the Japanese video game Dynamite Deka. The game is a beat 'em up licensed from the Die Hard movie.--Fun Fact--The hero (named Bruno Delinger in the Japanese version) resembles John McClane, but the plot has nothing to do with the movie'
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ダイ・ハード4.0 トラックvs.戦闘機

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game | Die Hard Arcade ps2

Die Hard Arcade ps2

2,416 views | Aug 22, 2015

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