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Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Super Shantungosaurus the biggest duck billed dinosaurs

From - Posted: Aug 21, 2009 - 70,921 viewsGame | Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Super Shantungosaurus the biggest duck billed dinosaurs | Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Super Shantungosaurus the biggest duck billed dinosaurs
Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Super Shantungosaurus the biggest duck billed dinosaurs
Dinosaur King Arcade Battle Scene Super Shantungosaurus the biggest duck billed dinosaurs
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Hi! Duck Duck Duck..........xD Cutie!!!!!!! Moves: Thorn whip, Natures Blessing, Metal Wing. Enjoy!

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Pawpawsaurus is Cute and Popular Secret Dinosaur of SEGA Dinosaur King Arcade Game. Really Very Cute as u know Tagteam. In this vid, he use supermove with his girlfriend!? or Wife? pwhahah! I want to be Lovelove with my wife. Haha..... To SEGA CEO: Hi. Thnx alway nice software. And Congratulations for Dinosaur King World Wide TV on Air. By the way, about TGC and AGC. U declair in website, Trading Card Game is suitable for World Wide considering Arcade Infrastructure of the World. But I have nice Idea. Wii of Nintendo is the Answer. I enjoy Pokemon Battle Revolution with my son. For Kids Education, Man to man play is important. 1 Arcade........Man to man AAA, CG.....AAA, Age.....All 2 TCG...........Man to man AAA, CG.....non, Age.....high 3 Wii with AGC..Man to man AAA, CG.....AAA, Age.....All, World Wide Format....AAA+++ And now Wii is no1 at eBay than iPhone and other Apple Hard. Moreover our family like Wii fit, its Great!! And Wifi security is perfect!! Thnx!
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