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Requiem.exe Trixie Rules!!!

Greetings Knights of The Great Legion! Today we shall embark on a beautifully made game by one of our own, TheLoneDrifter! It is truly a magnificent game wit...
61,624 views | May 22, 2013

Don t Ever Mess With Trixie!

After having one heck of a party with a most disgusting surprise, I came back at my computer to change the images in my head with some pictures of Trixie. Li...
18,314 views | Jul 20, 2013

Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 3 Escape from the Archives

At long last we here at PTS present to you Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 3: Escape from the Archives The morning after the switch, Twilight learns that App...
38,943 views | Apr 30, 2014

Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 1 Trixie s Revenge

It's finally here! Princess Trixie Sparkle the musical mini series! Trixie is tired of being the cast-off and the laughing stock of Equestria. When she gets ...
70,984 views | Mar 01, 2014

Princess Trixie Sparkle Episode 2 Misadventures in Canterlot

In the second installment of the PTS series, Trixie finds herself in an ideal lifestyle and Rarity finds it difficult to train Pinkie in the ways of fashion....
26,401 views | Mar 29, 2014

The Misadventures of Equestria First Game Starring Me!

Greetings Knights of The Great Legion. Today my dear knights we shall take a look at Misadventures of Equestria. A game made by one of our own FoxKnight01. I...
23,232 views | Jun 30, 2013

MLP Elements Of Harmony RPG Game Ep 5 G P Trixie

In this episode we meet our first Boss Battle. Do I do well, or do I die? Find out and watch the video ;). Two More Episodes WILL!!!! be uploaded today, Sorr...
2,621 views | Aug 03, 2013

Trixie 100 FC

It was a pain to FC because the game is extremely choppy when I record in good quality now :( but I still managed to FC it so I guess it's cool :) FC #52 in ...
103 views | Nov 23, 2013

Button Mash Plays COD Ghosts Gaming With The Ponies

Please Read Description and Watch in 1080 HD- (Credits in Description) [Warning: Some Language] Equestrian Entertainment Presents: The hardcore colt gamer kn...
65,445 views | Apr 15, 2014

Equestria Games Analysis Dear Everypony

TWO Spike-centric episodes in a row?! This time on Dear Everypony, Catie analyzes Equestria Games, and celebrates one of her favorite characters in the proce...
5,774 views | May 07, 2014

Trixie Lulamoon, Prodigy MLP Fanfic Reading

http:www.fimfiction.netuserAkumokagetsu) Patricia Lulamoon, are you ready to take on The Cube?
405 views | May 03, 2014

FanFic of the Month Sep 2013

Welcome to a new episode of fanfic of the month! This month is a second person romance fic with Trixie! FanFic of the Month is a series I'm doing each month ...
1,463 views | Sep 29, 2013

Twixie ◊ тıмeвøмв

[HD] A Twixie video from me ! 8D Twixie is one of my favorite shippings in MLP :3 I reaaaaally ship LoveHate shippings XD Are so cute and Hnnnnnng *-* xd An...
669 views | Oct 05, 2013

Eddyfuzzy5 Trys To Read That Pinkie Pie Fanfic While Luigamez Screws I...

It's just one of those games Fanfic Link: There Isn't One Outro Music By TheEnigmaTNG.
503 views | Jun 02, 2014

Shadow Games

Here are the lyrics to 'Shadow Games' from the Yu-Gi-Oh movie soundtrack. I do not own Yu-gi-oh or the music. Copyright belongs to Wayne Sharpe. EDIT: Sorry,...
111,932 views | Jul 17, 2010

My Little Pony New Episodes 2014 HD Amazing Cartoon Game for Children

My Little Pony New Episodes 2014 HD Amazing Cartoon Game for Children Click Subscribe to Watch New videos! my little pony, pinkie pie, my little pony episode...
35,520 views | Apr 19, 2014

Comic Dub Queen Trixie the Great

Unoservix was so kind to take my recommendation for this comic! Original Comic: http:unoservix.deviantart.comartTrixie-Trixie-the-Great-430099756 Origina...
24,371 views | Jan 30, 2014

Twixie fics

32 views | Feb 10, 2014

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