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Fast Leveling Up In Pokemon X and Y

From - Posted: Oct 22, 2013 - 81,745 viewsGame | Fast Leveling Up In Pokemon X and Y | Fast Leveling Up In Pokemon X and Y
Fast Leveling Up In Pokemon X and Y
Fast Leveling Up In Pokemon X and Y
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Twitter:!/Pokedex_Swain Pokéblog: Facebook: Skype: NecrostevoThis is a Pokemon battle from Pokemon White Version. Gamefreak and Nintendo own all rights to their respective characters, designs, and gameplay. I own a copy of the game, a DS system, and the footage was recorded with a camera. No game altering software or hardware was used. Under the Fair Use provisions, the battle is meant to entertain and inform on game mechanics and battling styles in Pokemon X and Y Version. I do not claim to own any of the rights to any characters or designs used.

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Watch me play games live: http:twitch.tvthejustinflynn http:twitter.comthejustinflynnHow to Breed Perfect Pokemon EV IV Tutorial. This was live and unscripted so I might have forgot a thing or two.The area below will be reserved for filling in missing information: **To make things easier make sure both your maIe and femaIe magikarp have natures which don't effect their stats and use an everstone and destiny knot when breeding (Hardy,DociIe,Serious,BashfuI,Quirky) - gamebug3111 **Don't have any matching or perfect IVsWe have coined it the Time Machine Method, or TMM for short. Look below for more info.-- CREDIT: Here is the original English post (I think), however, I'm not sure of the exploit's exact origin: http:www.smogon.comforumsthreadssome-sort-of-egg-rng-abuse.3491324
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I removed comments because some haters are taking this not free thing too far I'm sorry for the removing the comments, blame all those haters for this. :)Hey Guys this is a way to get free rare candies but it takes a while just to get one but this is the way how to get rare candies. So make sure to comment, like, and subscribe if you enjoyed the vid! Thanks for watching everyone! :DGive Your Feedback Here: Me On Twitter!!pcodymattLike Me On Facebook! http:www.facebook.compcodymatt
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Leave a Like and Subscribe to JustPlayPokemon: Pokemon X and Y Random Wonder Trades Playlist: Code is 5386-8423-4725 for trades and battles! Follow JustPlayPokemon on Twitter: http:www.twitter.comjustplaypokemon Like JustPlayPokemon on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comJustPlayPokemon Follow JustPlayPokemon on Instagram: http:www.instagram.comjustplaypokemon JustPlayPokemon is on Google+: Live Streams on Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvjustplaypokemonPokemon X and Y Random Wonder Trades is a series I came up with where I catch a few wild Pokemon I don't need and attempt to "flip" them into a cool Pokemon by the end of the episode through random Wonder Trades with people all over the world. Will I get a Magikarp, or a Froakie? Something in between? Watch and see if I can hit the Pokemon Lottery!
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Okay had one of those passerby battlers all the way from Italy. I was using a ditto I got off one of my subscribers yesterday (Cheers for that), It was holding quickpowder lol. Thought I would give It a whirl when they challenged me to see how much I could annoy them =P Any comments and likes are highly appreciated! 3v3 battle (I only needed 2 pokes). Ditto's dream world ability Imposter allows him to copy the opponents stats on Music: Perfect Storm by Nighthawk22
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Follow me on Twitter! http:twitter.comTamashiiHiroka Become a fan on Facebook! http:www.facebook.comTamashiiHiroka I also now have a Tumblr! http:tamashiihiroka.tumblr.comA few methods not mentioned in this video:Sweet Scent - Using a Pokémon with Sweet Scent, you can force Horde Encounters to happen, which given that there are 5 Pokémon instead of 1 means you have a higher chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon. It tends to be a bit difficult to actually catch Pokémon in Horde Encounters though, so battle wisely!Friend Safari - It seems to be easier to find Shiny Pokémon in the Friend Safari, though there isn't anything supporting this but hearsay. Still, I definitely have seen a lot of Shiny Pokémon that have been caught in the Friend Safari, and I myself have caught a Shiny Electrode there.Tipping? - Just a rumor, but people seem to think if you tip a lot of people in the game you have a higher chance of encountering Shinies.Soft Resetting - If there is a Pokémon in the game that you can encounter on demand, like legendary or other event Pokémon on the over world, you can save before the encounter and reset until you run into a Shiny version of that Pokémon. This does not increase your chances, but it will force the game to generate a new Pokémon, meaning you have as many tries as you want to reset for a Shiny. Some legendaries, like Zekrom and Reshiram in BW, cannot be shiny though.These methods were omitted for a couple of reasons, but mostly just because I ran out of time and needed to get the video up! So enjoy and have fun shiny hunting!
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