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Fran Bow DEMO Teaser

From - Posted: Jul 23, 2013 - 23,608 viewsGame | Fran Bow DEMO Teaser | Fran Bow DEMO Teaser
Fran Bow DEMO Teaser
Fran Bow DEMO Teaser
Trailer Duration: 01 minutes 16 seconds 
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This is a teaser we made for the Alpha demo of Fran Bow!ALPHA DEMO AVAILABLE! Get it for WINDOWS, LINUX or MAC from you for watching!

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Fran Bow. Please subscribe and like the video if you enjoyed it. Thank you :] Twitter: https:twitter.comTyrantGentle Get it: http:igg.meatfranbowFran Bow is a point and click adventure with a touch of horror. You play as Fran Bow, a little girl with a troubled mind and a story to tell!Her parents are brutally murdered and the only thing she has left is her cat and aunt Grace who takes care of her.But something happens, her cat vanishes and she is taken to an asylum for mad children. One day the cat appear in her dreams and she starts to plot her escape...During her way back home she will get help from strange creatures and find out that the murder of her parents is unimaginably terrible, and finally confront the one responsible...
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Token 474 Entrevista Fran Bow, Oculus Rift, The Last of Us

Más información en Síguenos en http:www.twitter.comunocero Like en http:www.facebook.comunocerofan En esta emisión de Token tuvimos un enlace hasta suecia con Natalia para que nos platique acerca un juego point and click llamado Fran Bow, además se comentó el punto de Oculus Rift y Facebook... ¿Qué pasará? ¿Porqué la gente se enojó? Xbox ya presentó como será su sistema de reputación en Live y por si fuera poco The Last of Us para PS4.
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VideoLog 06 Give Us the GreenLight to GO!

This is the last video Update in a long time :( We decided to shut everything down and work work work! Please help us get FRAN BOW on Steam!! http:steamcommunity.comsharedfilesfiledetails?id=170953686 If you like what we are doing please spread the word! We are amazingly thankful for all your help!! Love and Hugs, Natalia, Isak and Mr. RedFacebook: https:www.facebook.compagesKillmonday219832828142863?fref=ts Twitter: https:twitter.comKillmondaygames Fran Bow site: Killmonday:
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FRAN BOW DevBlog 5 Thank you forever!

THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DREAM TO REALITY http:igg.meatfranbow Fran Bow will be finished and that is because of you and all your help!!!!!!If you want to help to get the game into other languages you can continue contributing to the Indiegogo campaign! You can also find more information in http:franbow.comWe are also available in Greelight if you would like to have the game on Steam :) http:steamcommunity.comsharedfilesfiledetails?id=170953686Lots of Love and Hugs And again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!! This is a reality and all that because of you! Natalia and Isak
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FRAN BOW Dev VBlog 2 Lost in PR

Link to the Indiegogo campaign : http:igg.meatfranbow ALPHA DEMO AVAILABLE! Get it for WINDOWS, LINUX or MAC from http:www.franbow.comYou can also like us on FACEBOOK! https:www.facebook.compagesKillmonday219832828142863Support us with feedback and love on Steam Greenlight! http:steamcommunity.comsharedfiles...This is our Indiegogo video! If you liked watching it, you can go to the campaign and consider donating or reading more about the game! Thank you for watching!
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Fran Bow Прохождение Демо версии Часть 2

Это прохождение Fran Bow демо - версии, в вернее, его вторая часть. Fran Bow - игра жанра "хоррор", в которой нам нужно узнать, почему демон в маске черепа убил родителей десятилетней девочки, имя которой Fran (Фран), в чем нам поможет ее верный кот Mr Midnight (Мистер Миднайт). Демонический убийца пытается остановить Fran Bow, не выпуская ее из псих-больницы, угрожая начать охоту на нее в случае неповиновения, но у него возникнут трудности, учитывая то, что несмотря на свой юный возраст, Фран Боу - очень сообразительная девочка, а как она сбежит из дома для психов мы узнаем в прохождении демо - версии Fran Bow! http:store.daigama.ruBasic
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