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Calm Time Free Indie Horror Game I GOT SCARED BECAUSE OF MY BROTHER!!!

From - Posted: Nov 24, 2013 - 86 viewsGame | Calm Time Free Indie Horror Game I GOT SCARED BECAUSE OF MY BROTHER!!! | Calm Time Free Indie Horror Game I GOT SCARED BECAUSE OF MY BROTHER!!!
Calm Time Free Indie Horror Game I GOT SCARED BECAUSE OF MY BROTHER!!!
Calm Time Free Indie Horror Game I GOT SCARED BECAUSE OF MY BROTHER!!!
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Developer : GoosEntertainment : Genre : Other Status : Complete Engine/Language: Game MakerCalm Time is an experiment game created by the fusion of Revolab, Ivan Zanotti's MyMadness Works and Bellini Virgil. "Calm Time" was developed in one Week and probably has some bugs in it: feel free to leave a comment in the case some bugs happens in your playthrough.The game is really simple and a bit slow: just follow the in-game text and enjoy the short experience.Teen Content : Intense Cartoon ViolenceAnimated BloodshedDownload : Music : for bad audio my microphone sucks

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