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Game Store walkthrough Retro Gamer

From - Posted: Mar 12, 2010 - 48,465 viewsGame | Game Store walkthrough Retro Gamer | Game Store walkthrough Retro Gamer
Game Store walkthrough Retro Gamer
Game Store walkthrough Retro Gamer
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This is a walkthrough of a retro game shop. I point out things what retro stores have and just give my opinion of them. The owner was nice enough to let me film his store when it was closed. Also, i recorded this 3 times, and because I don't do editing, i had to choose the best one out of the lot. In doing this there were things i mentioned in the other two vids, that I just forgot to add in this one. It happens. Go visit the shop at :Retro Gamer 3801 Traina Blvd Suite 5 Huntsville, AL 35805 1-856-489-1259Thank you Bella and Ozzman for letting me film in your store. :)

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Retro Game Store Trade Ins SNES and N64 games collection Earthbound, F...

We have just acquired the Brampton collection: a huge lot of SNES and N64 games and systems. We hammer down large collections everyday here at the Toyratt. There are hundreds of new games in stock every week, so keep checking the YouTube page and our website for all the updates!
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