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Game yang menghina islam

From - Posted: Jun 30, 2013 - 192,371 viewsGame | Game yang menghina islam | Game yang menghina islam
Game yang menghina islam
Game yang menghina islam
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Dimana game ini menyisipkan lafadz arab yang berada didalam sebuah toilet yang kotor dan kumuh, juga terlihat gambar Pohon, yang biasa kita sebut Pohon Nabi. NABI hidup ribuan tahun yang lalu. Namun ada peninggalan jejak Nabi yang masih ada hingga kini. Sebuah pohon. Pohon zaman dulu tentu saja, masih tumbuh subur. Sebenarnya pohon itu seperti apa sih? Lalu bagaimana sejarahnya? Baca Selengkapnya disini: http:www.islampos.compohon-nabi-masih-tumbuh-subur-sampai-saat-ini-101722
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Thank's For Watching All! :D Klik Subscribe ok. https:www.instagram.comagungpsm
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SHARE video ini di DINDING FACEBOOK dgn klik di bawah. http:on.fb.meWlu6u4credit to LifeVestInside
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Help me produce more videos by supporting me at: https:www.patreon.comConverted2IslamA female professor from the renowned Al-Azhar Islamic University in Cairo, Egypt, says Muslim men are allowed by Allah to rape non-Muslim women in order to “humiliate” them. Watch the video at this link: http:www.liveleak.comview?i=f74_1452606016To the Muslims claiming I’m wrong for using the word “rape” in the video, as the Islamic Sources didn’t actually use the word “rape”. My response is: well I could have used the words “sexual assault” but I chose “rape” for the following reasons. Think about it, there is more than one way to rape a woman. A woman could be physically forced to have sex or she could be psychologically forced to have sex due to some kind of traumatic circumstances, similar to the women whom I mentioned in my video. Women who had been taken as war captives, women who had witnessed the horrors of battle, women who had just witnessed their husbands being defeated in war by Muslim soldiers, women who were worrying about the safety of their husbands who themselves had been taken captive. Ibn Katheer in his commentary on the Qur’an stated these Muslim soldiers wanted to have sex with these female captives. Perhaps these women had heard about those evil plans? Just imagine what they were going through? In this kind of situation starting a new marriage life with strange enemy soldiers would be the last thing such women would desire. Listen, I’m no psychologist, but common sense dictates that in a situation like that such women would have been emotionally or physiologically incapacitated. Such female victims of Islamic Jihad would be incapable of giving any sane honest consent to have sexual intercourse with any man other than her already existing husband. So there you have it, now you know why I used the word “rape” in my video. I believe it accurately describes the situation. When you force a divorce upon a terrified physiologically incapacitated woman and then you try to marry her to have sex with her, than I say that such a sexual encounter is not a valid marriage at all, but is basically rape. You don't need to say the word "rape" to convey the same meaning."Islamic State tightens grip on captives held as sex slaves"http:www.msn.comen-usnewsworldislamic-state-tightens-grip-on-captives-held-as-sex-slavesar-AAi96Ta?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignoutMuslim Imam says Islam allows sex with female slaves.
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Game ini sangat populer dikalangan anak-anak. Dan telah menghina Islam. Dalam game ini diceritakan seorang petugas yang bernama Leon Scott Kennedy bertugas menyelamatkan dunia dari Zombie. Unsur penghinaanya sebenarnya sudah ada sejak pertama kali main, tapi yang sangat jelas adalah saat Leon memasuki Sarang Zombie.
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game | Game Yang Menghina Islam 7 DANTE S INFERNO

Game Yang Menghina Islam 7 DANTE S INFERNO

Dante's Inferno adalah game mengenai seorang karakter yang ingin menamatkan misinya yang dilakukan dalam neraka membolehkan pemain membuat pilihan sama ada mahu memusnah atau menyucikan roh manusia dikutuk menggunakan cahaya salib untuk dihantar ke syurga. Game ini menggunakan tempat neraka yang diilustrasikan terbahagi kepada sembilan tingkat lingkaran (Circles Of Hell) dengan mengikut dosa pada setiap manusia, seperti Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Violence, dan lain sebagainya. Dante adalah karakter yang di adaptasikan dari nama Dante Alighieri, seorang penyair abad ke-14, iaitu seorang pejuang di masa Perang Salib III.
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daging babi kalau disiram coca cola.flv

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Support Our Dawah By Donating: https:goo.gluby1MBWebsite: Facebook: https:www.facebook.comIslamicGuidanceYT Google+: Twitter: https:twitter.comIslamGuidanceYTSpeakers: Shiekh Navaid Aziz, Shiekh Hamza Yusuf, Shiekh Abdur Raheem Green, Sheikh Shaydy Al Sulaiman. Background Humming: This World, You Will Never Truly Be Happy, No Matter What Allah SWT Gives You, You Will Never Be Truly Content, This Place Is Designed To Break Your Heart, It Was Designed That Way, If You're Looking To Be Happy In The Dunya, You're In The Wrong Place, How Could You Feel Worthless My Dear Brothers, Sisters, You're Not Servant Of Al Laat Or Al Uzza Or Eesa Or Krishna Or Ganesh, You're Not The Servant Of Fashion Or Money Or Fame Or Beauty Or Power Or Position, You Are The Slave Of Allah, Allah Has Chosen You From Amongst Of Billions Of Human Beings, Allah Chose You And Blessed You With Islam, Pain And Suffering Only Becomes Negative If It Creates A Barrier Between You And Allah SWT, But It Becomes Positive, Pain Becomes Positive A Motivation For You When It Brings You Back To Allah SWT, O My Slave, Come Back To Your Lord, O My Slave This Is A Reminder For You That I Want You To Bring You Back To Me, On Them Shall Be No Fear Nor Shall They Grief, Don't Get Stressed Out O Muslims Over Things That Haven't Happened Yet, That's Fear And Don't Get Stressed Out That's Already Happened, Everything Has Been Decreed The Most Difficult Pill That The Muslim Swallow Is Article Number six Of Our Deen, The Qadr Of Allah, We Don't Want To Admit It, We Forget The Power Of Allah, We Forget The Presence Of Allah, We Forget That We Came From A Clot And We Were Nothing, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah SAW Had To Correct Everything Because We Weren't Doing Anything Right, And We Get So Afraid Because We Forget, We Fear And We Forget That Allah Is In Control, Surely We Shall Test Each And Every Single One Of You, With A Loss Of Wealth, With A Loss Of Life, With A Loss Of Profit And Trade So Give Glad Tiding To Those Who Are Patient, Those When They Are Tested, They Say: To Allah We Belong And To Him We Shall Return, Upon Those People Are The Blessing And Prayers Of Allah SWT And Those Are The Ones Who Are Truly Guided, So If You Have Allah You Have Everything You Desire, If You Don't Have Allah, Nothing You Desire Will Make You Happy, Nothing, It Will All And Then Bring You Misery, Wallahi, That's The Truth, It's Not A Lie.
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GTA SA Carl Johnson muallaf sholat

Game video i made, based on my mod SPBU and Mushola mod. In this video tell that CJ turn to Islam then he pray every morning (Sholat Dhuha) to the mosque.Thanks for watching, to download my mod visit: Contact: - E-mail: - Website: - Twitter: @HirumiLynn - Facebook: Hilmi Halim As-Salam
4,092 views | Apr 30, 2012

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