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Gameplay My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic v2.0 PC

From - Posted: Dec 08, 2013 - 28,776 viewsGame | Gameplay My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic v2.0 PC | Gameplay My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic v2.0 PC
Gameplay My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic v2.0 PC
Gameplay My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic v2.0 PC
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He aqui un nuevo gameplay, del juego de lucha en desarrollo basado en la cuarta generacion de My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic. Como el juego no esta completo, es probable que le dedique otro gameplay en un futuro cuando salga la version final, o conforme vayan sacando nuevas versiones con personajes y mejoras incluidas. Elegi jugar con mi personaje favorito de las protagonistas, Twilight Sparkle. Espero que disfruten del video.

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When I heard this Got Leaked online, I couldn't help but to get it, I'm Cool with Ponies...Especially if they can FIGHT!DISCLAIMER: I Make no money off of this, just For Entertainment use only. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is Copyright of Hasbro and DHX. (And to Mane 6 for making the Game ^^)
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I only collected the appleshearts with Twilight Sparkle and just sort of rushed through the levels with the other five ponies.Twilight Sparkle: 00:00 Rainbow Dash: 10:00 Applejack: 19:28 Pinkie Pie: 29:28 Rarity: 35:41 Fluttershy: 41:33Link to game:http:www.hubnetwork.comshowsmy-little-pony-friendship-is-magicgamesadventure-ponies
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All Songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls in 1080p. Enjoy!Downloads: Season 1 Song Pack: http:www.mediafire.comdownloadb0zy0g3jvhv9xw3 Season 2 Song Pack: http:www.mediafire.comdownloadd219nd9ogwcdlxx Season 3 Song Pack: http:www.mediafire.comdownload4b5obdo3u4sb5l4 Equestria Girls Song Pack: http:www.mediafire.comdownloadgb4mwtccv8rtgdmComposed by: - Daniel Ingram - William Kevin Anderson - Steffan AndrewsSung by: - Rebecca Shoichet (Twilight Sparkle) - Ashleigh Ball (Rainbow Dash, Applejack) - Andrea Libman (Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie) - Shannon Chan-Kent (Pinkie Pie) - Kazumi Evans (Rarity) - Blu Mankuma (Flutterguy) - Michele Creber (Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom) - Madeleine Peters (Scootaloo) - Samuel Vincent (Flim) - Scott McNeil (Flam) - Tabitha St. Germain (Granny Smith) - Britt McKillip (Princess Cadance) - Kathleen Barr (Queen Chrysalis) - Cathy Weseluck (Spike) - Nicole Oliver (Princess Celestia)Songlist:Season 1: - My Little Pony Theme (0:10) - Giggle at the Ghostly (0:48) - Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song (1:59) - The Ticket Song (2:51) - Hop Skip and Jump Song (3:13) - Evil Enchantress (Pinkie Pie's Version) (3:33) - Evil Enchantress (Flutterguy's Version) (3:57) - Winter Wrap Up (4:18) - Cupcakes (7:38) - Art of the Dress (8:03) - Art of the Dress (Reprise) (9:48) - Hush Now Lullaby (Fluttershy's Version) (12:19) - Hush Now Lullaby (Sweetie Belle's Version) (12:33) - Cutie Mark Crusaders Song (13:05) - You Got to Share, You Got to Care (15:24) - So Many Wonders (16:37) - Pinkie's Singing Telegram (17:27) - At the Gala (18:06) - I'm at the Grand Galopping Gala (21:26) - Pony Pokey (21:52)Season 2: - My Little Pony Theme (Remastered) (23:22) - May the Best Pet Win! (24:00) - Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) (27:42) - The Heart Carol (29:34) - Happy Monthiversary (30:16) - Piggy Dance (30:29) - The Flim Flam Brothers Song (30:55) - The Perfect Stallion (34:47) - Smile, Smile, Smile (36:22) - You're a Cranky Doodle Donkey (39:47) - Welcome Song (40:01) - Cranky Doodle Joy (40:28) - B.B.B.F.F. (41:05) - B.B.B.F.F. (Reprise) (42:42) - This Day Aria (43:03) - This Day Aria (Reprise) (45:17) - Love is in Bloom (45:43)Season 3: - I Wasn't Prepared for This (47:20) - Ballad of the Crystal Ponies (49:04) - I Wasn't Prepared for This (Reprise) (50:42) - Babs Seed (51:49) - Raise This Barn (53:42) - Morning in Ponyville (55:56) - What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me (57:07) - I've Got to Find a Way (59:04) - A True, True Friend (1:00:14) - Celestia's Ballad (1:03:44) - Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle (1:05:20) - Life in Equestria (1:06:06)Equestria Girls: - My Little Pony Theme (Equestria Girls Version) (1:06:58) - This Stange World (1:08:29) - Equestria Girls (1:09:46) - Time to Come Together (1:13:07) - This is Our Big Night (1:15:16) - This is Our Big Night (Reprise) (1:16:35) - A Friend for Life (1:17:28)
23,897,201 views | Jul 26, 2013

My little pony computer game!

OMG I found this game and it is SUPER legit! I own absolutely NOTHING!! All rights to awesomedreamcoder!!!! his channel link is:
81,092 views | May 11, 2013

My little pony Fighting is Magic Story mode Rarity

82,607 views | Feb 07, 2014

MLP Fighting is Magic Combo Exhibition Vol 3

Game: My Little Pony - Fighting is Magic Version: iwanabrawl Fanmod BGM: Fighting is Magic OST - Rainbow Dash ThemeThis is why Rarity can't have nice things. You just give her something as simple as one wallbounce and suddenly she's all over the place.
116,784 views | Apr 26, 2013

My Little Pony Fighting is Magic story mode Pinkie Pie theme and Pinka...

` :) I'm still learning this!!! I recorded this video (in the long version) for my friends in particular for Natalia , Dominik, Grezarka and other :* Greetings to all my BFF ;D
406,170 views | Jun 23, 2013

Octavo Hangout con Jenodragus, elmaster48, Azarian Armor y Zhen Pods

Hangout con Jenodragus
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My Little Pony Fighting is Magic Fluttershy Story Mode Modo Historia H...

My Little Pony Is of Hasbro inc. Hasbro copyright not deleted video please, just for fun not to infringe their rights Hasbro. My Little Pony Fighting is Magic Tribute Edition by Mr. Pretty Kitty. Information Miniature: Font by kustren Link: http:kustren.deviantart.comartFont-MLP-Style-por-Kustren-Version-Beta-final-399256530?q=gallery%3Akustren&qo=0 Fighting is Magic Background by turbo740 Link: http:turbo740.deviantart.comartBackground-Texture-347838072 Fighting is Magic Tribute Edition Logo Vector by sitrirokoia Link: http:sitrirokoia.deviantart.comartFighting-is-Magic-Tribute-Edition-Logo-Vector-447832135"TAGS (Ignore)" "My Little pony" friendship is magic" "my little pony la magia de la amistad" "fluttershy" "pinkie pie" "lesbian horse" "fighting is magic" "mane6" "rc88" "rainbow crash88" "hurricane fluttershy" "phineas and ferb" "rarity" "angel bunny" "tribute edition" "my little pony equesria girls" "dream of fluttlershy" "my little pony filli vanilli" "tiarawhy" "games ponies" "super rainbow dash" "sonic and rainbow" "sweetie bot" "fighing is magic derpy" "spike fluttershy" "rarity" "rainbow dash" "applejack" "twilight sparkle" "sonic and miku" "mario and kirby" "my little pony rule 34" "my little pony fluttershy" "my little pony"
28,505 views | Mar 05, 2014

My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic Link de descarga de la descripción de...

Tras haber sido cancelado este juego de lucha, busque bastantes versiones de este juego y aqui os dejo con este pequeño gameplay de prueba :3 -Descargalo aqui: http:bronysunidos.blogspot.mxpdescargas.html o descarga directa:!oZ5WSbyA!cgX-hlANy3GbB8PcWlGF2QYCOD0DHRX0i48VBBiu5GY
58,594 views | Aug 14, 2013

descargar my little pony fighting is magic!o1NVAZBY!Cwvli3ReEJVKJIQ6YjkH9i692wtzY1ugP5w49CmHmDg cancion utilizada:my little pony equestria girls helping twilight sparkle win the crown
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WARNING: USING CHEAT PROGRAMS WILL CAUSE YOU TO BE BANNED FROM THE GAME. I will not provide links to cheat programs."Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!" "Heh heh, gems! Yum!"
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I did not make this, all credit to Flamingo Rich my first uploaded video though! Flamingos channel
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MLP Fighting is Magic Rarity

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