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Germantown SAP Droids First Lego League Food Factor 2011 challenge Food Safety activity

From - Posted: Sep 28, 2011 - 77 viewsGame | Germantown SAP Droids First Lego League Food Factor 2011 challenge Food Safety activity | Germantown SAP Droids First Lego League Food Factor 2011 challenge Food Safety activity
Germantown SAP Droids First Lego League Food Factor 2011 challenge Food Safety activity
Germantown SAP Droids First Lego League Food Factor 2011 challenge Food Safety activity
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Here's the droids learning about food safety in their own unique way. Want to do this activity with your team? Look here for the details:

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Robot Game designer and Engineer, Scott Evans, describes the Food Factor Robot Game ALWAYS REFER TO THE WRITTEN MISSIONRULES FOR ANY QUESTIONS. * Official Robot Game (Field Setup, Mission, Rules): http:firstlegoleague.orgchallengefoodfactorrobotgame * Official Robot Game Updates: http:firstlegoleague.orgchallengerobotgameupdates
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