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GHOSTS LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE!! Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online HD

From - Posted: Nov 14, 2013 - 9,360 viewsGame | GHOSTS LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE!! Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online HD | GHOSTS LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE!! Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online HD
GHOSTS LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE!! Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online HD
GHOSTS LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE!! Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online HD
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LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE: This video shows all the recoil patterns of the Assault Rifles in Call of Duty: Ghosts to determine which Assault Rifle has the lowest recoil in-game.Subscribe to see more GHOSTS GUIDES!! Chat with me on Twitter: www.twitter.comDangerCloseTact--- GHOSTS: LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE!! (Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online HD) GHOSTS: LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE!! (Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online HD) GHOSTS: LOWEST RECOIL ASSAULT RIFLE!! (Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Online HD)Extra Tags: "ghosts" "call of duty ghosts" "call of duty ghosts guns" "call of duty ghosts guns info" "cod ghosts guns" "cod ghosts guns information" "call of duty ghosts weapons" "call of duty ghosts weapons info" "cod ghosts weapons information" "call of duty ghosts perks" "call of duty ghosts perks info" "cod ghosts perks" "cod ghosts perks information" "call of duty ghosts maps" "call of duty ghosts maps info" "cod ghosts maps" "cod ghosts leaked maps" "cod ghosts maps information" "call of duty ghosts classes" "call of duty ghosts classes info" "cod ghosts classes" "call of duty ghosts best class" "cod ghosts best class" "cod ghosts best class information" "call of duty ghosts scorestreaks" "call of duty ghosts scorestreaks info" "cod ghosts scorestreaks" "cod ghosts scorestreaks information" "call of duty ghosts game modes" "call of duty ghosts game modes info" "cod ghosts game modes" "cod ghosts game modes information" "call of duty ghosts trailer" "call of duty ghosts trailer info" drift0r "cod ghosts trailer" "cod ghosts trailer information" "cod ghosts" "call of duty ghosts ghosts map pack" prestige customize clothes face ghillie suit "ghosts map" "ghosts dlc" "ghosts map pack" "ghosts maps" "call of duty ghosts trailer" "call of duty ghosts multiplayer" "call of duty ghosts multiplayer maps" broken down "ghosts maps" "ghosts multiplayer" "ghosts multiplayer maps" "ghosts zombies" "ghosts call of duty" "cod ghosts gameplay" alia "cod ghost classes" "cod ghosts info" "cod ghosts leaked" "cod ghosts guns" aliens "ghosts guns" "call of duty ghosts guns" "cod ghosts weapons" "call of duty ghosts perks" "cod ghosts perks" "ghost perks" "2013 call of duty" "cod ghosts tips" "call of duty ghosts tricks" "cod ghosts info" cod ghosts activision information update gameplay tips walkthrough strategy commentary online ghosts dlc ghosts maps ghosts map pack ghosts glitches ghosts "ghosts extinction mode" "ghosts extinction tips" "extinction achievements" "call of duty ghosts secret achievement" "audiophile" "noahj456 ghost school 101" noahj456 "noah j" "chain saw" "best weapon" tips and tricks sightlines grenade spots driftor safeguard squads "youve earned it" mask veteran "veteran guide" "noah j 456" "rorke files" release date ghosts hack ghosts leaked ghosts gameplay ghosts official glitches game gamemode maps dlc map pack dates release multiplayer leaked image screenshot poster picture pic leaked gameplay ghosts call of duty ghosts diamond guns, call of duty ghosts camos "ghosts killstreaks" "ghosts multiplayer" "ghosts gameplay" zombies "ghosts nuke" "ghosts moab" "ghosts kem strike" "ghosts odin strike" "call of duty ghosts" knife "gold weapon" unlock camo "gold camo" "quickscope" montage "call of duty ghosts killstreaks" "call of duty ghosts specialist" "call of duty ghost" "call of duty ghost killstreaks" "call of duty ghost specialist" "call of duty" "call" "of" "duty" "ghosts" "killstreaks" "nuke" "moab" "kem strike" "specialist" "assault" "support" "online" "gameplay call of duty ghost" "call of duty ghost multiplayer" "call of duty ghost gameplay" "call of duty ghost sniping" "call of duty ghost sniper" "call of duty ghost support" "call of duty ghost killstreaks" "call of duty ghosts" "call of duty ghosts gameplay" "call of duty ghosts multiplayer" "cod ghost" "cod ghost gameplay" "cod ghost sniping" "cod ghost sniper" "online" new 2013 "support" "killstreaks" "Call Of Duty: Ghosts" "kill streaks" "gameplay" "kill streak" montage "cod ghosts kill streaks" "strike package" honeybadger "honey badger" "online" multiplayer "uav" "recon" "helicopter" "juggernaut" "Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer kill streaks speed agility marathon "ghosts mythbusters" stalker "ready up" handling "strong arms" "on the go" tmartn reflex "steady aim" quickdraw "best perks" stealth takedown "blind eye" "dead silence" "off the grid" incog awareness recon scavenger sitrep amplify wiretap resistance "extra tactical" "extra lethal"

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Twitter: http:twitter.comxboxahoy Reddit: http:www.reddit.comrxboxahoy Facebook: http:facebook.comXboxAhoyIn this episode: the K7 - a South Korean SMG with permanently attached suppressor, manufactured by Daewoo.The K7's damage is very low: no other weapon deals as little per shot.Nevertheless, the K7 will still kill in 3 shots in close quarters, although headshots yield no improvement to this performance.Effective range is surprisingly long too, with the 3 hit kill retained until a middle range.At longer distances damage drops to a very low level, meaning you may need up to 7 shots to kill. Needless to say, you should avoid any conflict at such ranges.Rate of fire is healthy, at 895 rounds per minute: this helps to ensure rapid kills up close, as well as consistent performance from the hip - as befits an SMG.Recoil is moderate, which conspires with the low ranged damage to severely impact your ability to tackle distant targets.Stick to close quarters engagments only and the weapon's kick won't be too much of a factor.Aim time is very quick, at 200 milliseconds - and you'll move at the brisk pace of the SMG default, at 100 percent of the base speed.Magazine capacity is OK: 32 rounds is certainly sufficient for most engagements, but this is the joint lowest capacity within the SMG category.Pleasingly, reloads are the fastest in class: at 2.5 seconds, you can top up frequently without the risk of too much downtime.The K7 is an excellent weapon for use in close-quarters that comes pre-loaded with an intrinsic stealth benefit.No other silenced SMG matches the K7's range, with a substantial 3-hit kill zone at your disposal.With a higher-than average rate of fire, and only moderate recoil - if you can get close with the K7 you can do much damage, and very quickly.However, the K7 is simply not competitive at a distance: with the lowest per-shot damage of any weapon, tackling opponents at range is an open invitation to your own demise.Instead, you must embrace the highly mobile, stealth role: and stay undetected until the very last moment, before silently engaging and eliminating the opposition.Great care must be taken to not bite off more than you can chew - with limited magazine capacity, it's best to pick off single unaware opponents where possible - rather than stirring the hornets nest and facing swift reprisal.
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Twitter: http:twitter.comxboxahoy Reddit: http:www.reddit.comrxboxahoy Facebook: http:facebook.comXboxAhoyIn this episode: the Vector CRB - a high-calibre carbine with a unique recoil reducing action taming the powerful .45 ACP round.The Vector's damage is good, with this weapon taking the trophy for highest per-shot damage within the SMG class.Up close, you'll need 3 shots to kill - or 2 shots where one is a headshot.At a distance, you may need up to 5 shots to kill.In addition, the Vector also enjoys assault rifle grade penetration, which means your bullets will have a much easier time cutting through thin cover to find their mark.Rate of fire is the lowest in tier, however: at 759 rounds per minute.This means accurately directing your shots onto target is critical, as spraying from the hip and hoping for the best may not provide consistent results.Hipfire spread is more than adequate however, as the Vector is on par in this regard with all other SMGs - but faster-firing weapons will have an advantage.Recoil is mild to moderate, potentially hampering your effectiveness at a long range - but combat within closer quarters should be unaffected.Aim time is very quick, at 200 milliseconds - and you'll move at full speed, as with all other SMGs.Magazine capacity is adequate, at 32 rounds, or 48 with extended mags - but this is joint lowest within the SMG category.The Vector's lower rate of fire makes this less of an issue, of course - and in any case, reloads are quick enough at 2.53 seconds.The Vector CRB is an SMG with rock-steady handling that moves fast and hits hard.It boasts the highest damage per shot up close of all weapons in its class, and is only bested by the MTAR-X at a distance.Paired with an elevated level of penetration, no other SMG can match the Vector's punch - and despite this, the weapon is remarkably easy to handle.With mild recoil, you can easily strike targets at a middle distance - making the Vector a versatile weapon that needn't shy away from engagements while driving into enemy territory.Unfortunately, the lower rate of fire may prove a liability in close quarter gunfights: unlike the faster-firing SMGs, you must ensure every shot counts, so accuracy is a top concern.Firing from the hip will yield inconsistent results, with many other weapons able to outshoot you through sheer volume of unaimed fire.Still, this trade-off earns you a unique blend of stability and power, and you'll find enemies will easily succumb to your assault.
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Hello everyone,Ever wondered how lowest settings look like? Well here they are.Please leave a comment below with any questions, suggestions, opinions or facts. Take care :)
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Twitter: http:twitter.comxboxahoy Reddit: http:www.reddit.comrxboxahoy Facebook: http:facebook.comXboxAhoyIn this episode: the LSAT - the product of an American program to reduce the combat load of a support gunner through employment of advanced ammunition.The LSAT's damage is moderate, on the lower end of the LMG class: you'll kill in 3 shots up close, or with two headshots.At a longer range, damage drops steadily to a potential 5 shot kill: as such the LSAT performs better in a close to mid range band.This is further helped by the LSAT's rate of fire: at 800 rounds per minute, you will rival even some SMGs in terms of raw output.This also means that spraying from the hip is a viable defense, although you may have to waste quite some ammunition to tackle even closer targets.Recoil is moderately high, aggravated by the higher fire rate: however, distant targets can be tackled with careful burst firing.Aim time is relatively slow, at 350 milliseconds - one trait which can hamper your effectiveness in setting up a defense in closer quarters.Similarly slow is your movement: you'll traverse the map at 80 percent of the base speed.Magazine capacity is very good, at 100 rounds - a strong trait shared by most of the LMGs.With such capacity you can provide an unrelenting defense - at least until you find yourself depleted and facing a long reload process.At 8 seconds flat, it pays to keep an eye on your remaining count - as you'll need to find somewhere safe to top up unharmed.The LSAT is a versatile LMG, capable of strong defense in a variety of scenarios - and your class should seek to enhance this performance where possible.The Fore Grip is a very worthy attachment that will reduce recoil, improving the weapon's handling and increasing per-hit probability.With it, you can more confidently tackle targets at a longer range.Equipping an optic can also help improve your accuracy: the VMR sight offers two distinct zoom levels, allowing you to tailor your view to your specific situation.The wider field of view of the low magnification is ideal for when you're on the move, or keeping watch over a shorter sightline: and you can switch to the closer view when you need to direct fire onto a distant target.For your perks, Steady Aim complements the LSAT's higher fire rate - making for quite a potent close-range defense.Of course, aimed fire is far more effective - but the slower handling means hipfire might be your only realistic option if you're caught out while on the move.Stalker can be another useful addition, helping to provide instant precision whilst moving to a new defensive position.Walking is slower than sprinting - but it pays to be cautious with a weapon that favours preparation over reactive ability.Focus is an essential element of a successful LMG build - as being unable to land shots on target due to incoming fire can hamper your defense.A rock steady sight better permits use of your deep magazine, and the LMG's strength lies in their ability for sustained fire.Beyond this, loading up on resistive perks makes sense for a defensive class - or alternatively you could invest in handling or mobility options to improve the LMG's otherwise lumbering performance.The LSAT is an able defensive weapon, with ample capacity and above-average rate of fire combining to form an impressive ability to spew lead towards your opposition.The higher rate of fire makes performance in closer quarters more consistent, with a quicker time to kill when compared to the slower-firing options.In addition, the ability to better saturate an area makes for more consistent hipfire performance - and while not the most accurate, it can prove a worthwhile last-ditch defence.Overall damage is quite low, however - with the per-shot power dropping to the lowest in-class at the extent of your effective range.Paired with moderate recoil, this can harm your ranged ability: and while you may compensate with sheer volume of fire, you will be at a disadvantage when facing precision weapons capable of higher per-shot damage.Still, the LSAT is a weapon that passes judgement and raises the bar.Testament to its ability, this weapon will ignore your enemy's plea......and lay down the law.
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Best Assault Rifle in Ghosts! In Depth Weapon Stats What is the best g...

What is the best assault rifle in Ghosts? This video compares the most useful statistics such as Bullets to kill, Rate of Fire, Time to Kill and Reload time of all of the assault rifles in Call of Duty Ghosts. I also show recoil comparisons so you can see for yourself what the most accurate gun is in its class. In the end I share my thoughts on what I feel is the best Assault Rifle in the game. What's your favorite?Best Marksman Rifle in Ghosts: LMG in Ghosts:Coming Soon!Best SMG in Ghosts: to chart (Updated with more accurate stats):'s https:twitter.comTheXclusiveAceOutro Music: "Our Music - RumbleStep Mix" By: cdk http:www.ccmixter.orgpeoplecdk Creative Commons attribution license
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Twitter: http:twitter.comxboxahoy Reddit: http:www.reddit.comrxboxahoy Facebook: http:facebook.comXboxAhoyIn this episode: the L115 - the British designation for the Arctic Warfare Magnum bolt-action rifle from Accuracy International.Damage is very good, with the L115 boasting the largest one hit kill area of all the sniper rifles, alongside the Lynx.You'll kill at any range with a shot to the head, neck, torso - and even the upper portion of the legs.This makes the rifle even more deadly than its bolt action peer, the USR - although the L115 pays for this extra damage with a few negative adjustments to its handling traits.For one, your maximum rate of fire is lower - the bolt-action will slow you down to 40 rounds per minute, slower than any other weapon in the game.This abysmally slow output will severly hamper your performance in close quarters: and given the colossal hipfire spread, landing an unaimed shot requires a huge dose of luck.Recoil is present but not a factor in your accuracy, with the rifle settling as you cycle the action.As with the USR, the L115 has the benefit of a recoil compensator that gains effectiveness with every kill, resetting upon death.The lower recoil permits retention of your scope's view on target, which can prove helpful when tackling multiple opponents: better tracking movement to line up a second shot.Aim time is slow, albeit faster than some of the sniper rifles on offer: at 400 millseconds. This is the same as the USR, with the two bolt-action weapons having marginally faster ADS times when compared to the semi-automatic options.Your movement speed is a little on the slow side, however - you'll move at 85 percent of the base speed, some 5 percent slower than the USR.Magazine capacity is the lowest in-class, at 5 rounds: but the lower fire rate of the sniper rifles mean that this isn't a significant issue.In any case, the L115 reloads faster than any other sniper: at 3.36 seconds.Building a class for this weapon should focus on the core feature of a bolt-action rifle: reliable one shot kills.With the slowest rate of fire in the game, anything you can do to enhance the odds of a successful shot will pay dividends.The logical first attachment choice is the Chrome-lined barrel, then: this will increase your weapon's one-hit kill area to cover additional portions of the limbs.While ideally you'll aim for centre mass to maximise your odds of a kill, any enhancement to your one-hit-kill area will yield more consistent results.The attachment does increase recoil and idle sway, but the enhanced kick shouldn't matter - as you won't be able to fire until the bolt has been cycled.Next, Armor Piercing rounds will enhance your ability to shoot through cover, as well as increasing the damage you deal versus enemy killstreaks.While you should aim to land a clear shot on a target, sometimes cover may occlude your foe - and in this case, the extra penetration ability can sometimes prove decisive.For your perks, there are few that will directly affect your lethality - so accuracy is perhaps the best investment.Focus will reduce both idle sway and view flinch from incoming fire - helping to reign in some of the chrome lined barrel's negative effects by keeping your sights as steady as possible.Positioning is another key part of effective sniping, as you must anticipate where your enemy will spring from: Wiretap can be a good investment if your enemy makes heavy use of SatComs, as you'll be able to use them as your own for better situational awareness.Similarly useful is Amplify: when occupying a firing location you may attract some attention from foes who would seek to displace you with a forced close-range engagement.With this perk, you'll be able to hear them coming more clearly - giving you time to switch to an alternative weapon.The L115 is a precision weapon with uncompromised one-shot ability, able to quickly extinguish the opposition at any range.Only the Lynx can compare to this weapon's lethality, and unlike the heavy semi-automatic option, the L115 retains some favourable handling characteristics.Like the USR, aim time is faster than the semi-auto rifles: and while the USR's mobility is superior, you'll still leave the Lynx in your dust.However, you must be accurate with this weapon, else the slowest fire rate in the game will punish you: your enemy given generous opportunity to retaliate while you cycle the bolt.The limited magazine capacity may harm your sustained support, too - with a short period of downtime required every 5 shots.Nevertheless, the sniper rifle's single-shot ability is their key trait, and the L115 excels in this regard.With careful positioning, and a precisely placed shot: the Arctic Warfare......will leave your enemies in the cold.
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ARX 160 Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Twitter: http:twitter.comxboxahoy Reddit: http:www.reddit.comrxboxahoy Facebook: http:facebook.comXboxAhoyThe ARX's damage is moderate up close, but poor at a distance: with your effectiveness evaporating quickly at a middle range.Up close, you'll kill in three shots, or two where one shot is a headshot: in fact, headshots are particularly worthwhile with the ARX as it boasts the highest multiplier in its class, at 1.56x damage.At a distance you may need up to 6 shots to kill: although it may be worthwhile avoiding such conflicts altogether, as many other weapons are better suited for combat over longer sightlines.Rate of fire is very high, bested only by the FAD - at 857 rounds per minute.The integrated laser sight tightens up the hipfire spread of the weapon to some level above a typical assault rifle, on par with the SMG default instead.Given the elevated hipfire performance and rate of fire, combined with the low ranged damage, it may be best to think of the ARX as better fitting a hybrid SMG role.Recoil is moderate, with the ARX-160 rapidly pulling upwards away from your target.Because of this, you should be careful in ranged combat - but in the cases where it's a must, ensure that you only fire in short bursts to allow the recoil to settle.Aim time is identical to its peers, at 300 milliseconds - and you'll move at the assault rifle default, at 90% of the base speed.Magazine capacity is standard for the assault rifle class, at 30 rounds - or 45 with extended mags.Reloads are frequent courtesy of the higher rate of fire - and are fairly average for the ARX's class, taking 2.87 seconds to complete.The ARX-160 is a well-balanced weapon that brings many of the traits of an SMG to the assault rifle category.With high damage up close paired with a high rate of fire, the weapon is capable of killing very quickly - and the integrated laser sight means you can more effectively use the weapon in closer quarters.This ability to fend off aggressive attackers is a boon on smaller maps - and you retain many of the benefits of using an assault rifle, including superior range and a greater level of penetration.However, compared to some of the assault rifles on offer the ARX is lacking at a distance: damage drops off quickly to the lowest level in class, and the moderate recoil compounds this issue, severely limiting your ability at a long range.
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game | COD Ghosts LOWEST Numbers In YEARS Sales FAIL To Meet Expectations Call Of Duty Ghosts TDM

COD Ghosts LOWEST Numbers In YEARS Sales FAIL To Meet Expectations Cal...

Call of Duty: Ghosts gets lower numbers compared to past COD releases. Any ideas why? What were YOUR expectations? Were they met? Leave a comment!Source: Charlie Intel - http:goo.glxsas0O------------------------------------------------------ HELP ME REACH MY 500 SUB GOAL!! ------------------------------------------------------Please remember to LIKE and SHARE this video!➜SUBSCRIBE to see more: http:goo.glTSrTXgAll support is GREATLY appreciated!--------------- ➜ Channel: ➜ Twitter: http:www.twitter.comxKOxJAKx ➜ Instagram: http:www.instagram.comxKOxJAKx ➜ Facebook: http:www.facebook.comxKOxJAKx ---------------KeywordsTags: (Ignore) call of duty, Call of duty ghosts, cod ghosts, ghosts, ghosts gameplay, ghosts multiplayer, call of duty ghosts multiplayer, call of duty ghosts class set up, ghosts single player, ghosts classes, ghosts guns, ghosts reveal, call of duty ghosts trailer, call of duty ghosts hardened edition, ghosts prestige addition, ghosts giveaway, ghosts cranked gameplay, cranked multiplayer, search and rescue gameplay, ghosts search and rescue, ghosts honey badger, ghosts perks, ghosts ps3, ghosts xbox, next gen consoles, next generation consoles, call of duty ghosts hardcore, call of duty ghosts release date, ghosts standard edition, the ghosts are real, infinity ward, ghosts blitz, ghosts squads, call of duty ghosts squad, call of duty ghosts elite, cod ghosts glitches, new cod ghosts glitches, ghosts glitches, call of duty ghosts glitches, call of duty glitches, cod glitches, new cod ghosts glitches, updates, cod updates, call of duty ghosts update, ghosts updates, multiplayer updates, booster busters, ghosts booster busters, cod ghosts boosters, cod ghosts cheaters, cod ghosts hackers, cod ghosts hacks, ghost hacks, call of duty hacks, call of duty boosters, cod ghosts lets play, ghosts campaign walkthrough, ghosts campaign lets play
3,571 views | Dec 18, 2013

game | MR 28 Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

MR 28 Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

In this episode: the MR-28 - an accurised, rifle calibre version of the German HK416 assault rifle design.The MR-28's damage is good, and although it has the lowest per-shot damage in class, it's still more than capable of killing a close-range target with 2 shots - or just a single headshot.At a middle range, damage drops to a 3 shot kill instead.Rate of fire is limited to 600 rounds per minute, which is generous enough for most trigger fingers.This firecap puts the MR-28 at the top of its class for potential output, and so suits those able to dole out accurate shots quickly.Unaimed performance is underwhelming, with poor hipfire spread that outperforms only the sniper rifles as a last-ditch defense.Recoil is mild, courtesy of an integrated grip - giving the MR-28 the best handling in class as well as the fastest potential output.The marksman rifles handle best when using the integrated scope, as it offers reduced recoil.However, the MR-28 remains controllable enough with a close-range optic - although your abilities at a longer range may be affected.Aim time is average, on par with the assault rifles at 300 milliseconds - and your mobility is average too, at 90 percent of the base speed.Magazine capacity is highest-in-class, at 24 rounds: or 36 with extended mags.This pairs nicely with the low recoil and rapid output, as you'll be able to lay down significant suppressive fire.Reloads are very quick, too - 2.47 seconds gives the MR-28 the fastest resupply of any marksman rifle, and means the weapon is all-round the best handling option available.The Marksman rifles, as their name might indicate, reward accuracy and shot placement over unchecked aggression.Unlike the sniper rifles, however - they can perform quite well at a mid-range, with more rapid follow up shots and faster handling.As the MR-28 is the best-handling of the marksman options, you can afford to be a little more aggressive - and get closer to the fight.To this end, it can be worth electing an alternative optical attachment - while the integrated scope is great over mid to long range sightlines, you do lose a significant portion of your peripheral vision when aimed in.The close-range optics are a useful selection for more aggressive use, then - and are almost a necessity on the smaller maps.While such choices will slightly increase recoil, the improved reactivity at a closer range may prove worthwhile: and equipping whichever optic you're most comfortable with will ultimately enhance your shot precision.Pair the sight of your choice with extended mags for better sustained fire ability - and you can get close and quickly dole out high-damage rounds onto your target, denying passage and blunting their assault.While the sniper rifles demand single-shot accuracy, with the marksman weapons you can dispense rounds a little more liberally - and larger magazines means fewer gaps in your ability to fire.For your perks, Focus is an important choice - and well suited to all of the marksman rifles.Reduced sway will assist on the accuracy front at range, and the reduced flinch from incoming fire will also reduce the odds of a critical shot going wayward.Amplify can be very useful to help detect enemies close-by: Keep a keen ear out - and if you hear any errant trudging in your locale, switch to a weapon better suited to a close-range encounter.A handgun can be quite a valuable investment, then: with the marksman rifle's poor hipfire performance, having a nimbler option on your hip can help should you find yourself in a close-range scrape.Reflex can be a worthwhile investment too, speeding your reactivity when switching weapons.If you pick up a fallen enemy's SMG, you'll be able to more rapidly repel close-range foes with confidence: and then quickly switch back to your long-ranged rifle when the coast is clear.The MR-28 is a high damage semi-automatic weapon that can quickly down targets at almost any range when fired accurately.It boasts the lowest recoil in class, courtesy of its integrated foregrip - and as such is an ideal choice for those with an able trigger finger paired with good aim.However, the need for precise shot placement and the slower output compared to automatic weapons may mean that you'll be at a disadvantage at a closer range.While you might emerge unscathed if you're prepared for an encounter, getting your sights onto an unexpected enemy assailant may take longer than your opponent will grant.Still, with an able secondary at your side and a keen awareness of the battlefield you can stay safe - and you'll enjoy some of the benefits of the sniper rifles with rapid handling akin to an assault rifle.So if you need a friend that's both accurate and true......the MR-28 will be your mate.
2,486 views | Jan 03, 2014
game | FAD Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

FAD Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Twitter: http:twitter.comxboxahoy Reddit: http:www.reddit.comrxboxahoy Facebook: http:facebook.comXboxAhoyIn this episode: the FAD - returning from MW3, a Peruvian bullpup with ergonomical design and canted magazine.The FAD's damage is the lowest in the assault rifle class at a close range, where you'll always need 3 shots to kill, regardless of any headshots.Mercifully, damage drop is low over distance - and for the majority of engagements you can expect to kill with four shots.Rate of fire is the highest within the assault rifle class, at 882 rounds per minute: this permits better competition with SMGs at a close range, and means that despite average spread, hipfire can be a particularly potent defense, especially when paired with Steady Aim.Recoil is moderately high, which may give you trouble at a longer distance: care must be taken to fire in short bursts to ensure you don't waste too much of your ammunition.The FAD performs best at a close to middle range - so it may be prudent to avoid conflict outside of its comfort zone.Aim time is standard for the assault rifle class, at 300 milliseconds - and your movement speed is on-par too, at 90 percent of the base speed.Magazine capacity is very good, at 42 rounds - or 63 with extended mags.However, with the higher rate of fire you can deplete your supply quite rapidly, so it's wise to stay on top of your reloads.Beware, as the reload process is on the slower end of the scale for the FAD's class - at 3.23 seconds to complete, you might be left vulnerable during the procedure.The FAD leads its class in terms of output, and without sacrificing much in the way of damage: no other automatic assault rifle is capable of killing as quickly with shots to centre mass.Even with the SMG-grade output, the long range damage is as high as any other assault rifle - so with care you can use the FAD effectively at any distance.Close range damage is less spectacular, however - and while in most cases shots to kill are on par with its peers, you will notice a difference at a mid range and when tackling targets though thin cover.The faster rate of fire isn't without its downsides, either - you'll burn through your supply more readily, and the reloads are relatively slow.Still, with the right loadout you can mitigate this issue - and the high output will come in useful during a close-range scrap time and time again.
1,069 views | Dec 07, 2013
game | CBJ MS Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

CBJ MS Call of Duty Ghosts Weapon Guide

Twitter: http:twitter.comxboxahoy Reddit: http:www.reddit.comrxboxahoy Facebook: http:facebook.comXboxAhoyIn this episode: the CBJ-MS - a Swedish personal defence weapon resembling the Uzi which fires a high-tech armour piercing round.The CBJ's damage is low: in fact, it has the lowest effective range of all the SMGs.At a close range, you'll kill in 3 shots - or two headshots - but very quickly you'll find this evaporates to the point where you'll need up to 6 shots to kill.The CBJ does prove effective against enemy equipment and killstreaks, however - courtesy of its unique armour-piercing tungsten rounds: this makes the weapon ideal for a sapper class, designed to disable enemy defenses and thwart their support.Rate of fire is another area where the CBJ-MS shines: at 1000 rounds per minute, no other weapon can best such potential output of lead.This high output makes hipfire a particularly viable tactic as well, and as an SMG the CBJ enjoys very good hipfire performance.Recoil is quite severe, unfortunately - this generally isn't an issue at a close range, but does mean you should avoid combat over longer distances.Aim time is very quick, at just 200 milliseconds - and you'll also be particularly fleet of foot, moving at 100 percent of the base speed.Magazine capacity is fairly average, at 34 rounds, or 51 with extended mags: paired with the rapid consumption this does mean reloads are a frequent inconvenience.At 2.97 seconds for each resupply, it may be worth investing in a means to either extend your supply or to hasten the mag change.The CBJ-MS is a potent close range weapon, with a fire rate higher than that of any other weapon in the game.This makes for uncompromised close-range performance, with few weapons able to keep pace.Paired with rapid handling, the CBJ is an ideal weapon for aggressive use - and can be used to some effect when flanking or in a stealth role.Unfortunately the ranged performance is rather lacking - with rapid damage falloff and heavy recoil, wrangling your sights onto distant targets will open up opportunity sufficient for reprisal on your enemy's part.With rapid consumption comes rapid magazine depletion too, and reloads are not the swiftest: you may run into trouble when facing multiple opponents at once,Still, as long as you remember to stick to the ranges SMGs excel at - and flee from gunfights at uncomfortable distances - you can make good use of the elevated lead output.
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