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Giantess fart and vore

From - Posted: Jul 16, 2013 - 77,652 viewsGame | Giantess fart and vore | Giantess fart and vore
Giantess fart and vore
Giantess fart and vore
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By Illionore. I DID NOT MAKE THIS!

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http:clips4sale.com47639 I bet you're wondering what I have cooked up for you today aren't you my special little guy? My laid out and horny, you wedged between my legs, face so close to my bum crack that you can almost taste it through my tight jeans. I'd say that we're off to a very promising start to a entertaining time wouldn't you? Of course you would. But not so still have no idea what my dirty little mind has in store. You see I had a big evening out. I went with some girlfriends to a lovely cantina not far from here. The food there is absolutely scrumptious. Mouthwatering enchilada verdes, sizzling hot tamales and my favorite, tortillas smothered in seven layer spicy bean dip. I dined like a half-starved savage and boy oh boy am I paying the price for my indulgence in south of the border cuisine. In fact my tummy is rumbling something fierce. Why am I sharing all of this with you? Well you see it kind of plays an important part in my plans for you this evening. I am exceptionally gassy and I figured I'd share it with you. You love my big beautiful tight ass so much I just figured you'd also like the hot pungent air that comes out of it. And if you don't like it, well that'll be fun for me too. Maybe even more so. Are ready slave? Are ready to have me break wind in your face repeatedly? I feel a big one coming. You're for quite the gastronomical treat.
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