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Giantess fart and vore

From - Posted: Jul 16, 2013 - 98,556 viewsGame | Giantess fart and vore | Giantess fart and vore
Giantess fart and vore
Giantess fart and vore
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By Illionore. I DID NOT MAKE THIS!

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Well I wish I uploaded more this summer...I have some cool stuff on deviantART I've put up recently, but meh...Can't wait till I get time to make videos frequently again lol. I really like the way this video turned out. Like many fans asked, I added in those bubbly belches XD Enjoy kinglaugher! :) Also, please check out the YouTube channel "BanticandGiovani". They asked me to put this up so they can get views...I'm just nice like that :3
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to download game: first download and install this http:www.rpgmakerweb.comdownloadrun-time-package then download the game from here or look at this page to find out more and how to download it: http:aryion.comforumviewtopic.php?t=30973
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