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Giantess fart and vore

From - Posted: Jul 16, 2013 - 104,410 viewsGame | Giantess fart and vore | Giantess fart and vore
Giantess fart and vore
Giantess fart and vore
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By Illionore. I DID NOT MAKE THIS!

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This is the second episode is this series where the evil giantess Queen Kong, tortures and humiliates tiny men for her own amusement, This video picks up where the other one left off, as the man she swallowed hole in the last video is trapped inside the stomach of Queen Kong covered in goo and burned by the acid in her stomachThis video was animated and rendered in Poser 8 and poser pro 2012,Video renders from poser were rendered to the divx codec at 1280 by 720. For motion capture I used ipi soft mocap studio standard edition, and windows Kinect motion capture camera. I made the music using Magix music maker 10, particle effects are from action movie essentials, Queen Kong was made using Daz v4 with morphs ++ and is based on the character Dione by DTG studios,other male characters was based on v4 and James from poser 6. all video editing was done using the standard windows movie maker.And compressed to 1920 by 1080 wmv codec.
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Well I wish I uploaded more this summer...I have some cool stuff on deviantART I've put up recently, but meh...Can't wait till I get time to make videos frequently again lol. I really like the way this video turned out. Like many fans asked, I added in those bubbly belches XD Enjoy kinglaugher! :) Also, please check out the YouTube channel "BanticandGiovani". They asked me to put this up so they can get views...I'm just nice like that :3
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This is the first of what I hope to be a nice series, about a giantess barbarian queen who rules a dungeon where she keeps tiny men slaves around to do her bidding. In this episode she is surprised to see that she has not one but two young men for dinner. This video was created using Poser 8, and all characters are base on v4 with morphs ++, I did motion capture using windows Kenect and ipi soft mocap software, I made the music using Magix Music Maker, and the poser original renders were exported in Divx format. Final editing was done using the basic windows movie maker. Final program was exported in WMV in 1920 x 1080P
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