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Glitch 2008

From - Posted: Aug 29, 2008 - 10,789 viewsGame | Glitch 2008 | Glitch 2008
Glitch 2008
Glitch 2008
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Movie "glitch" this is only scene and its the full scene.

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Glitch Trailer

An indie app developer struggles to navigate his friendship with a very taken girl, risking the loss of his best friend, business partner and career.Starring: Lucas Neff (Raising Hope), Maiara Walsh (Desperate Housewives), Blake Silver (Thor), Levi Fiehler (ETXR), Lamorne Morris (New Girl), Emily Wickersham (NCIS)Directed by Daniel Doherty IIWritten by Matthew Giegerich & Chelsea Mize
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Z and Cdy2

Zk n Cdy : Ep Supr twins There are no more scene or any other hypnosis passed what i have shown. Ive seen the actual episode here on youtube so if you want to check, then do so.
27,773 views | Sep 19, 2008

Shane Kim Amnesia SL Bonus Scene 2

"I remember enough for both of us." Following the second hypnosis session and a steamy dance by candlelight, Kim dreams of being with Shane...
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Glitch! Trailer

Trailer for the Nico Mastorakis film Glitch! It's a total WTF.
12,842 views | Mar 27, 2007

Weird Ass Movie Clips 7 Motel Hell Hypnotic Human Garden

I do not own any of the rights to anything shown in this video all the footage belongs to their respective owners. Ok now that thats outta the way lets talk about the movie, The movie this clip is from is called motel hell and its about a farmer who makes human jerky by planting people in the ground and smoking them. Anyway this clip is about him harvesting them...the clip pretty much speaks for itself so enjoy
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Z and C

Zk n Cdy ep: Supr Twins
48,294 views | Sep 19, 2008

Hypno Scene from 布袋和尚 1997年台灣版

1997年台灣古裝劇集《布袋和尚》(王明台、蔡燦得版)。善於迷魂術的江洋大盜羅鋒(謝屏楠飾),施術讓京兆尹之女、參軍的未婚妻白湘蓮(田麗飾)忘記過去,成為自己風騷的情人,一同為非作歹。羅鋒化身為鐵佛寺的曇雲法師,欺騙信眾。追查未婚妻下落的參軍來到,與村女小蝶(韓妮飾)邂逅,但曇雲亦看中小蝶,又欲施展迷魂術。法力高強的布袋和尚(王明台飾)一面喚醒白湘蓮被封鎖的記憶,一面隔空施法破了曇雲對小蝶的催眠。恢復記憶的白湘蓮,對於自己的身體與靈魂都已奉獻給一個奸賊,感到痛不欲生,終與曇雲同歸於盡。 1997 Taiwan TV series, English title: Bu Dai He Shang
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Big Wolf on Campus hypno extended

From The Manchurian Werewolf Pt. 1
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Glitch in the Grid 2011 Trailer HD Movie

Three artists struggling against the grid of society find spiritual renewal.Genre: Drama Official Site: http:albinofawn.comglitchinthegrid Director: Eric Leiser Cast: Jay Masonek, Jeffrey Leiser, Eric Leiser, Linda Darnall, Erin Desmond, Marcus Stewart, Patricia Darnall, Lindy Fox, Homer Darnall, Joe DesmondRun Time: 82 minutesAbout the Director: Eric Leiser is a Christian filmmaker and animator who also creates holographic art. Born in California, Leiser earned a bachelor's degree in animation at the California Institute of the Arts while developing the stop-motion series Twilight Park. During its conception, Leiser worked props on SpongeBob SquarePants. Leiser's holograms have been shown at a number of galleries. He has made 20 short films, eight of which appear in the DVD release Eclectic Shorts by Eric Leiser, and three features: Faustbook, Imagination, and "Glitch In The Grid" Leiser conceived "Glitch in the Grid" in response to a fallout with producer over a much larger film Leiser wrote that was set in Iceland. On June 6, 2011, "Glitch in the Grid" premiered at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. After Leiser married Jenny Colville on October 31, 2009, he and his wife lived briefly in Hastings, England, and by February 2010 were residing in New York City. Leiser in 2008 said of his work, "I don't really want to make 'Christian film' necessarily, like the things you find in Christian bookstores. I prefer to explore experimental film techniques that still glorify God without being blatant or preachy. I do like to leave much of the symbolism to the audience's own interpretations."
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Timbaland Morning After Dark ft. Nelly Furtado, Soshy

Music video by Timbaland performing Morning After Dark (Featuring Nelly Furtado & SoShy). (C) 2009 Blackground RecordsInterscope Records
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Static trailer

Writer Director Mel Miskell contact Associate Producer Emma Haarburger Cinematography by Peter Eastgate Production Design by Robbie Perkins Music by Scissorlock Starring Ngaire Dawn Fair, Shaun Goss, Benjamin Rigby Jane Menze, Shane Nagle and Karl Peschek
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B.o.B Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore OFFICIAL VIDEO

Watch the best B.o.B music videos on YouTube here: to B.o.B on Spotify here: http:www.twitter.combobatl http:www.facebook.combobatl (subscribe)Get B.o.B merchandise and more here: http:store.bobatl.comFollow Hayley @ http:twitter.comyelyahwilliams
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Glitch Trailer

A woman in a troubled relationship unknowingly befriends a dangerous cyber-thief.
5,416 views | Dec 02, 2006

The Prey p2

Debra Messing hypnotized. Sorry for the low quality and shortness of the clips these are all i can find.
7,610 views | Jun 19, 2009

Test sisters

J. Tests sis's Ep: Dog Dayz of Johnny. This is the only scene with the twins hypno'd.
31,339 views | Oct 21, 2008

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