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Golem Pusher Minecraft Arcade Game

From - Posted: Apr 12, 2012 - 1,473,462 viewsGame | Golem Pusher Minecraft Arcade Game | Golem Pusher Minecraft Arcade Game
Golem Pusher Minecraft Arcade Game
Golem Pusher Minecraft Arcade Game
Game Trailer Duration: 1 minutes 48 seconds 
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The Minecraft version of the Coin Pusher arcade game. Drop in golems to try and push other golems off the ledge. Fabulous prizes await! Download the world:'s OCD Texture Pack: http:www.planetminecraft.comtexture_packocd-packDonate via Paypal: https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_donations&business=LD78TK88KGJZN&lc=US&item_name=SethBling&item_number=SethBling¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted

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This is a list of bugs in Minecraft 1.2.3. Some of them aren't critical bugs, but all bugs should be documented.Thanks to the following people for providing me with bug reports: Spanone, ItsLeoo, ApfeLVideos, EthosLab, 666minecraftguy666, Tober117, rippersteveM5 and boblikecheesewithham.In additional, I got many of these bugs from the Minecraft wiki: http:minecraftwiki.netDonate via Paypal: https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_donations&business=LD78TK88KGJZN&lc=US&item_name=SethBling&item_number=SethBling¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted
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These are The Gamer's 10 MINECRAFT Moments Where CHEATERS Got What They Deserved. What cheater deserved to get banned the most? Have you ever caught a cheater in Minecraft? Should there be more ways to stop people from cheating? Let us know in the comments section below!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! https:goo.glformshn6vV1Ic2PbfGnhx2Subscribe now to TheGamer! https:goo.glAIH31GWhy not try out ThePremium Network for free: https:goo.glURs6skCheck Out These Other Amazing Videos 10 Things Luigi CAN Do That Mario CAN'T 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo 3DS Could Do VERY Satisfying DIY Kinetic Sand Video Compilation https:youtu.bet_NtYYSNl6Q 10 Foods You'll NEVER Buy Again After Knowing How They Are Made https:youtu.beKV8z3vE59O8 Paw Patrol Ghostbusters | Halloween | Cinderella Disney Princess | Nursery Rhymes by Little Angel https:youtu.be5GZIBrIVpJM Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of China https:youtu.beICYeaEx9P8E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Playing on Minecraft servers is a great way to explore and socialize, but there are some problems that can occur along with all of the fun. One of the biggest issues that players deal with when going on a server is other players using cheats and hacks to win through games. Thankfully, server admins have the ability to track these hackers down and prevent them from ruining Minecraft games in the future.One hacker had actually won a big prize days before being found hacking on a server. One server owner decided to literally catch a cheater red handed before banning them from the server. Some cheaters use an invisible hack, but still ended up losing in a huge war game. Minecraft players can donate to their favorite servers and Youtubers, but that doesn’t give them permission to cheat. Getting banned is one thing, but it’s completely different when you’re called out in front of your friends. Some cheaters try and pretend like everything is normal then they reveal their cheating ways and get caught because of it. One way to cheat is by using the Extreme Taco, but this cheat makes everything so obvious. Denying the cheats you’re using will only get you in more trouble in the long run. When you know someone is hacking, there’s only one thing to do. Build a wall. Even when hackers are told they are being recorded, they cannot help but cheat and then pay the consequences for it. Watch and enjoy 10 moments where cheaters got what they deserved!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Script by: Alan DonahueVoice Over by: Ryan GeorgeEdited by: Robert SheppardOur Social Media: https:twitter.comthegamer_site https:www.facebook.comthegamercomOur Website
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Whatup guys and welcome to me and Keralis new Series which we will just call "Sokar VS Keralis". In this series we'll be duking it out on different challenge maps against each other, and in this first episode we try to do a best out of 3 battle in SethBling and FVDisco's Pirate Battle Royale map! Things a bit messed up, but I hope you still find it as fun to watch as we did playing it :)-------------------------------------------- Relevant Links ---------------------------------------------● Cannon Tutorial:● Keralis Channel: Creators:Map made by: SethBling and FVDisco and can be downloaded from: http:bit.lyPirateBattleRoyale ● SethBling:● FVDisco: support the channel? Then remember to thumbs up the video and leave a comment, it makes a huge difference.Feeling overly generous? Check out the Donation Link below :)● Donation Link: http:bit.lyyI5k2f----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Other places I hang out:● PlanetMinecraft: http:bit.lyxLxA7w● Reddit: http:bit.lyAnnI6y----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Texture Pack: Personal mix of Faithful 32x32 and Gerudoku-Faithful.● Download Link: http:tiny.ccSokarTexturePack(Credit goes to the original packs, all I did was put together the parts of the packs that I liked. Links to originals: http:www.minecraftforum.nettopic72747-faithful-32x32-pack-update11-support-mods-11 http:www.minecraftforum.nettopic727899-1112w04a32x32-gerudoku-faithful)------------------------------------------ Music & Vocals ---------------------------------------------Vocals and SFX are from: http:www.soundbible.comIntro and Round music is from: http:incompetech.commcroyalty-free Kevin Macleod
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DUMBEST WAYS TO DIE IN A VIDEO GAME. Playing video games means it’s inevitable at some point that your character is going to die. Sometimes, It’ll happen multiple times in hilarious ways.This is The Gamer’s list of the 8 stupidest ways to die in gaming history.WHAT DO YOU THINK: What’s the most hilarious way to die in a game? Are there any games that could have been made better by adding some dark humorous way of dying?Let us know in the comments section below!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUBSCRIBE NOW to The Gamer! Click here: https:goo.gl9cpWgf Have the next amazing video idea? Submit it to us here: https:goo.glformshn6vV1Ic2PbfGnhx2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Video games have a way of making us appreciate the little things in life. This also seems to include the bits of dark humor game developers insert into our favorite games like making character’s be killed off by inanimate objects or weaker characters or sometimes by just falling from high places.It’s a way to not take yourself or life so seriously because, as any gamer knows, the end will come eventually so we might as well get a laugh out of it from time to time as morbid as this may sound.And games have come up with clever ways of knocking on death’s door. For example, if you’re four inches and a Smurf, you can be killed by a blade of grass if you don’t time your jumps perfectly. You can also be killed by bats and white gates which makes total sense. Intergalactic warriors in Battletoads can be killed by piranha plants which look like they came out of the Mario universe, but they’re smaller and deadlier.Exhaustion can kill you in the Oregon Trail so, if you weren’t killed by dysentery, not taking a nap can definitely end your adventure earlier than you anticipated. The Legend of Zelda may have the most powerful weapon on the planet, but if Link’s low on health, he can’t even defeat a mutt and it could soon be game over for him if you’re unkind to animals. Lesson learned Nintendo.We also learned not to jump into a bowl of hot soup as Mario did and to avoid dating fugitive aliens in Mass Effect because they’ll kill us if we make the wrong choice. Join us as we delve into gaming history and take a look at the 8 stupidest ways to die!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Script by: Jen WeddleVoice Over by: Edited by: Our Social Media: https:twitter.comthegamer_site https:www.facebook.comthegamercomOur Website http:thegamer.comMusic by Silk Music: Track name: [Andromedha - Away From Heavens] Track name: [Illuminor - Yuanfen]
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Download the world: http:www.planetminecraft.comprojectskygrid-survival-map Check out my playtest footage: http:www.twitch.tvsethblingb316958364 Download the MCEdit Filter Code: Download MCEdit: https:github.commceditmceditdownloads SkyBlock: http:www.minecraftforum.nettopic600254-surv-skyblock SkyGrid thread on MinecraftForum: http:www.minecraftforum.nettopic1208284-surv-skygrid-by-sethbling*Alternate World Download: *Half-height version (for lower-end computers): is a challenging survival map for Minecraft in the style of SkyBlock. It's formed out of a grid of random environmental blocks, with a gridlength of 4 meters. There are no rules, make whatever goals you want. Try and find the random chests and spawners placed throughout the map!Notes: The nether is also in SkyGrid form The end is not in SkyGrid form There's a single End Portal at x=0 and z=0, near the bottom of the map Using the nether to escape the SkyGrid is cheating!Donate via Paypal: https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_donations&business=LD78TK88KGJZN&lc=US&item_name=SethBling&item_number=SethBling¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted
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