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GRID Racing Video Arcade Game From, SEGA and CodeMasters

From - Posted: Jan 15, 2011 - 11,557 viewsGame | GRID Racing Video Arcade Game From, SEGA and CodeMasters | GRID Racing Video Arcade Game From, SEGA and CodeMasters
GRID Racing Video Arcade Game From, SEGA and CodeMasters
GRID Racing Video Arcade Game From, SEGA and CodeMasters
Game Trailer Duration: 3 minutes 4 seconds 
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Get detailed info and buy direct from BMI Gaming at : | GRID Racing Video Arcade Game From BMI Gaming SEGA and CodeMasters

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On the ferry back from France I found this arcade machine, I couldn't resist having been away from my race rig for over a week, so I dropped 2 Euros and had a quick race. Got to say this machine is in dire need of calibration, you'll see me attempt to negotiate Eau Rouge, there is a HUGE dead zone and then you get near instantaniuos full lock!A terrible first lap is followed by a much stronger second, once I figured out the horrendous controls topped off with a proper close finish...but did I get 1st place?
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Welcome to iPLAY SEGA!! Episode 29! ^_^ This is my 2nd SEGA Lindbergh Video! This Time: SEGA Race TV from 2008. It was Yu Suzuki's final game for SEGA and it's unfortunately arcade exclusive... :-(In this video you will see all 5 courses!Played on real Arcade Hardware and captured at 60 FPS! Please remember not every Browser supports 60 FPS! If you are using a older BrowserVersion, YouTube will stream this video at 30 FPS... :-(https:twitter.comiPlaySEGA https:www.facebook.comiPlaySEGA
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Sega Rally 3 (Arcade) SOOS: Windows 10 (64-Bit) PlacaBoard: Sega Europa-R DesarrolladorDeveloper: Sega Racing Studio DistribuidorPublisher: Sega Amusements Europe LanzamientoLaunch: 052008 IdiomaLanguage: Textos (Español) Voces (Inglés) System16: http:system16.comhardware.php?id=907&gid=18720#18720─────La tercera parte de Sega Rally, continuación directa de Sega Rally 2, fue creada por el estudio inglés Sega Racing Studio. Salió en 2008 bajo dos juegos: Sega Rally 3 para arcades y Sega Rally Revo para consolas y PC.Ambos juegos se basan en el mismo motor y comparten muchos assets pero en general son bastante diferentes. Sega Rally 3 es una versión más recortada con tan solo 6 coches y 5 circuitos (por los 34 coches y 16 circuitos de Revo) pero también cambia bastante su jugabilidad, siendo más "realista" (si se puede llamar así) y sin el componente de la física del barro de Revo.El juego fue uno de los tres (que se sepa a día de hoy) que funcionaban en la placa recreativa Sega Europa-R: un Intel Pendium D 945 con una Nvidia 8800 ejecutando Windows Embedded. Los otros serían el ya grabado y subido Ford Racing - Full Blown y el GRID de Codemasters (en formato arcade-loquísimo).A pesar de que el juego funciona directamente sobre cualquier Windows moderno (al menos desde Windows 7 en adelante) sus controles no están implementados. Para ello es necesario utilizar TeknoParrot. Un lanzador de las placas Sega RingEdge, RingWide y Europa-R creado por Reaver. Básicamente sirve para saltarse las protecciones de la placa e implementar controlesgráficos mediante una serie de APIS, incluyendo XInput para los controles.TeknoParrot se financia de manera similar a Cemu, existen versiones privadas para colaboradores en Patreon y cada varias semanas se lanza una versión pública. Tanto Ford Racing - Full Blown como Sega Rally 3 requieren versiones Patreon. Con lo que si estáis interesados en jugarlo: A) Pagáis B) Esperáis. No hay más.El vídeo es una muestra del funcionamiento, no de mis habilidades, claro está. Hacía siglos que no jugaba a Revo (cuyos circuitos no son exactos, pese a ser parecidos) y nunca he jugado a Sega Rally 3 en arcade, es mi primera partida. He mostrado todos los modos y circuitos excepto el que se desbloquea al quedar primero en el Campeonato.Cabe mencionar que existe un port 1:1 de Sega Rally 3 a consolas, se llama Sega Rally Arcade Online y salió en XBOX Live Arcade y Playstation Network, para XBOX 360 y Playstation 3 respectivamente. Es exactamente el mismo juego con unas pocas mejoras gráficas, menor resolución nativa, 30 frames por segundo en vez de 60 frames por segundo y multijugador (splitscreen y online). No se puede adquirir de manera legal en XBOX 360 ya que dejó de venderse al expirar las licencias de los coches. Y en Playstation 3 solo se puede conseguir en Corea (en la worst). Obviamente hablamos de manera legal, de la otra se puede conseguir sin problemas y tiene todos los modos de un jugador.
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A look around and a game on a nicely prepared Daytona USA twin.
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IGS 鈊象電子最新競速遊戲【火線狂飆OVETAKE】 The Next Generation of Arcade Racing Game【OVERTAKE】Present From IGSOfficial website: Facebook fans page: https:www.facebook.comOvertakeIGS
2,310 views | Jun 03, 2013

game | Dead Heat Arcade New York Race Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Dead Heat Arcade New York Race Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Namco's Racing Game Dead Heat. Me and my friend have been playing it for a while, and we would like to show what the game looks like. I drive the Nissan Skyline R34 - 15 wins My Friend Drives a Mitibushi Lancer Evo - 3 Wins Recorded on an iPhone 3GS, sorry for the quality.
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Todd Tuckey shows you a neat driving game Sega made in 1992--with a Mini Seat that could easily be detached if the location did not want it! Plus a quick history of the machine, and the boys play a nasty trick on Todd! Those CREEPS! #tntamusements #SegaVirtualRacing #arcadevideogame
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Sega Race TV is a quirky arcade racing game released by... you guessed it, Sega. Up to four Sega Race TV arcade machines may be linked for multiplayer gameplay. This video, captured straight from a Sega Race TV arcade gameboard, shows a three race playthrough of the game, including the 'Rumbling Volcano,' 'Jake's World' and 'Slip Circuit' race tracks. For further information on this arcade machine please visit http:www.arcade-game-sales.comsearch.html?query=sega+race+tv
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Game Grid Arcade Tour May 2012 - A tour of our current location at the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley, Utah. This is the third place we've been to in this mall thanks to mall reconstruction. We have some rarities with some well-known classics and hope to grow more. Games: Dariusburst Another Chronicle, Blazing Angels, Terminator Salvation, Big Buck Safari, Friction, Chase HQ2, Tokyo Drift, Crystal Castles, Asteroids Deluxe, House of the Dead 4,, Namco Classic Collection, Ninja Gaiden, Mars Matrix, Strikers 1945 II, NBA Jam, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Act, Carnevil, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Warlords, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edtion, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Indiana Jones Pinball, Shrek Pinball, Barbercut Lite and Air Hockey. Coming soon: Hydro Thunder!
4,079 views | May 17, 2012
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Classic Game Room HD DAYTONA USA for Sega Saturn

Classic Game Room HD reviews DAYTONA USA for the Sega Saturn video game console. DAYTONAAAAAAAAAA, YEAH! This Sega produced arcade driving racing game was released originally in 1994 as a coin-op machine and saw its debut on the Sega Saturn as a launch title in 1995. It is an arcade racing game, not a simulation game like Gran Turismo 5 or Ferrari Challenge. Drive one of one stock car looking cars around several different tracks. Daytona USA may not have much in the way of heavy hitting graphics but it does have awesome, fun gameplay and terrific replay value. The music is insane and reminds CGRHD or BWP (Bitches with Problems) the all girl rap act from the late 80's. Rock out to the music and drive like a maniac in Daytona USA from Sega! This Daytona USA review has gameplay footage from the game showing the racing driving and pop-in with the graphics. Sega later released an enhanced version of Daytona on the Saturn. Classic Game Room HD is your source for Sega Saturn reviews and CGRHD is a Sega Saturn reviewer reviewing Sega Saturn games like Daytona USA, Radiant Silvergun and Panzer Dragoon reviews (soon... well, someday.)
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GRID Arcade cabinet Sega Codemaster

Get on the GRID and get ready for the race of your life. Drive some of the worlds most legendary, most desirable and fastest cars such as the Pagani Zonda and the Aston Martin DBR9 in this arcade calibration of Sega Amusements and Codemasters.And what better place to race these iconic cars than on some of the worlds most famous tracks. Have you got what it takes to take on the likes of Donington Park, Spa Francorchamps or Okutama? Do you have the nerve to race on the narrow streets of San Francisco, Milan or Detroit? GRID, it’s all about the race!Linkable up to 6 players 42" twin and 52" deluxe available Unparalleled cabinet feature lighting Detailed car damage Super sleek arcade cabinet Secret track
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One of the best racing games i've played recently. Reminds me of Rock 'n Roll Racing which was my all time favorite. Game uses same style where you try to slow the other opponents in the race through pickups which either become a speed boost, super traction, gatling guns (one of my favorites), heat seeking missle (my favorite) and an AOE (area of effect) ice blast that freezes all opponents within the blast radius. If you find this game you must play it. Very highly recommended. The chrome skull activator is a nice touch on the cabinet also. I made sure to get a good shot of the cabinet in the video as it's presentation is awesome. Bring on more games like this i say :-D
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Follow me on Twitter: http:twitter.comretrorepairSo here's the emulator racing cab I've been working on for the better part of a year. I've got a Logitech Driving Force wheel PCB that I hacked in for controls and force feedback, a REAL Daytona control panel with WORKING feedback motor, an L2M2 (see link below) adapter to convert the Logitech feedback signals to something the original Daytona motor can use and here's the PC specs:E8400 Core 2 Duo CPU @ 3ghz (not overclocked YET!) 2GB DDR2 1066mhz RAM 80GB HDD Windows XP SP1 trial (soon to be SP2 plus all the latest updates) Hyperspin Frontend MAME 143 Vivanonno Nebula Model 2 emulator Supermodel 0.2a ^_^Here's a link to the video with the demo of how this feedback interface works: here's a link to the tutorial on how to make it (in French): http:www.gamoover.nettutol2m2-interfacer-un-ffb-et-volant-sega-model-12-avec-un-pc-ou-une-playstation-23Feedback works with all the Model 2 and Model 3 games and will hopefully work with MAME games once I get MAMEHooker working. Maybe someone will hook up the motor outputs for Virtua Racing in MAME one day too -_^I have Outrun 2 installed but the steering is seriously gimped in this game plus on the PC there was no feedback and Sega never released a fix...HUGE, EPIC 25 minute video this time, sorry if I bore your socks clean off!
3,429 views | Sep 28, 2011
game | Showdown at EAG 2015 Sega Amusements

Showdown at EAG 2015 Sega Amusements

Showdown is the ground-breaking new racing game from legendary arcade game publisher Sega and racing specialists Codemasters, the team behind 2010’s hugely successful GRID arcade racing game. Showdown delivers arcade thrills and full contact racing in every event, each an electrifying festival of energy, speed and destruction that demands repeat play.Players will fully commit on every corner and overtake as they take on spectacular circuits set across the world. Showdown’s tracks are littered with obstacles, pinch points, multiple-routes and ramps to deliver action-packed, white-knuckle action in each and every race. Players are fully immersed in the action with the game’s stunning graphics, a huge curved display and ground-breaking pivot motion technology. An all-new handling system makes the game both accessible and rewarding for the player as they dive into a new world of motorized mayhem bursting with speed, style and destruction.
1,080 views | Jan 19, 2015

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