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Gunny SSC gà con solo Snippernoop Lads

From - Posted: Jul 04, 2012 - 5,423 viewsGame | Gunny SSC gà con solo Snippernoop Lads | Gunny SSC ga con solo Snippernoop Lads
Gunny SSC gà con solo Snippernoop Lads
Gunny SSC ga con solo Snippernoop Lads
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Nickname : YêuVợ♥YêuCon va ™--»»†µ†--»»™ Guild : ☻24h▭Smile☻
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phí quả xuyên giáp quá =.='phút 28'30''
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Chinese CrossFire Crater Zombie Mode !

It's finally here! ^^ Oh god that's the biggest video I ever uploaded (also biggest wall of text I've written for a simple description, I think, lol), xD I'm so happy to not have limits, :) I hope you'll enjoy this long gameplay! ______________________________________________It's time to talk about the map and what comes with it! 1- The map has 2 vulcans gatling gun. They do not rotate 360° But still badass! Everyone has 500 ammo each. They can refill anytime when they go refill their main weapons.2- Like Unearth, there's only 1 refill station, in the middle. It also refill your Vulcan-GG ammo.3- New ZombiesMutants, all of them except Scorchers has been revamped. With the addition of new zombiesmutants. More infos below.4- There's a fan all the way up, if you go in front of it, it will push you depending your view. You can go all the way down in the water or on top of the train.5- Slopes, there's alot of them in the map. It has 2 purposes, shortcuts for Soldiers (only descending) and shorcuts for AIs (up and descending).6- Bonus rounds at round 19 & 29. If you complete the round (basicly kill all enemies) before the timer ends, you get additionnal points on your total scores (can be usefull for crystal crates hunters!).7- New boss, new boss crate! Most of the prizes in the crates has been changed, in fact, my three clanmates won M4 Tiger (not the gold tiger, just the tiger skin, still badass tho). You can see all the prizes at the end, before the credits! _______________________________________Revamped & new ZombiesMutants:• OMOH: Now green glow. • SAS: Now blueish with some kind of brains outside. • Other Chars: None. • Mutants: They look likes centaurs (but with 2 legs instead of 4). • Dreads: They look less scary and more zombie like. • Smoke: None. • Scorchers: As annoying as ever, xD Same skin. • Assassin: I call them the Stalkers, you'll notice why. • Sand mutants: Female mutants (Maiden?). They spawn where you are. • Dark Demons: Huge demons, walking slowly and always in groups. • Mutant Titan: Now blue and appear for fews rounds (5-10-25). • Heavy Titan (Tanker): Subboss of Wave 20. Easy. He only charges & punch. • Heavy Titan (Fully armed): He's the final boss on this map, he throw 6 seeker missible (3 sets of 2), they all land where the target stops (when it gets red basicly). He can charge, slampunch. He looks easy on this gameplay but most of the time he takes alot more damages. Maybe it's because we were just shooting him most of the time. If interested, here's a boss refight with Heavy Titan: []! ________________________________________Weapons not tested yet: • M1216 is a semi-automatic shotgun like the Pancor Jackhammer. • FN F2000 Green Magic: the skin is basicly alot of green skull, looks badass. • Dual Desert Green Magic: Unlike the F2000, it has a mutation feeling, looks like the OMOH mutants. • MG3 Silver Killer: Not much to say, same as the Gold version.Edit: Watch this video to see all those guns: [http:youtu.bevHTnWMq67G8]!Weapons available in this gameplay: • Kukri Royal: Metal skin, not the best skin on this one. • Barrett Royal: Really beautiful skin! Still slow as hell. • Mauser Royal: Great skin. • M4A1 Royal: Two words: Epic Sauce! ^^These guns are really expencives, that why I really wanted to do this gameplay with my clanmates so we could buy 1 gun each and still buy few stuffs for ourselves! Looks at my sexy equipment at the end! :D Btw, the patch also includes the Colt M16A3, but since we have it, we didn't bother buying it. Many chinese players QQed in their forum because ours is 60k GP while it's CFs Points for them, xD! _________________________________________If you have any further questions about the map, just ask me. As for now, I don't know if the revamped zombies are available in ALL the zombie map, I'll try to verify asap. Same for the bonus round, I'll need to verify.Musics: • Damage Inc. by Metallica. • Doom 2 Title Screen remixed by Paul Burdette. • Lava Land from "Turok: The Official Remixes" Album. • Fuel of Fire from "Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion" OST. • E1M3 Dark Halls remixed by Perkristian. • Fragile Border from "Megaman Zero 4" (remix by Physis). • Slam Down from "Rockman ZX Advent" Tunes album. • Bloodhealing from "Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion" OST. • The Lair of the Blind Ones from "Turok 2: Seed of Evil" PC OST. • Soul Ablaze from "Rockman ZX Advent" Tunes album.Stay tuned for more! :D ~Simrock
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Gunny SSC Gà Con 8

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siêu cao gunny

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