Game | HD OutRun 2006 coast 2 coast 2 OutRun Mode 15 continu

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HD OutRun 2006 coast 2 coast 2 OutRun Mode 15 continuous course

From - Posted: Jan 05, 2011 - 351,345 viewsGame | HD OutRun 2006 coast 2 coast 2 OutRun Mode 15 continuous course | HD OutRun 2006 coast 2 coast 2 OutRun Mode 15 continuous course
HD OutRun 2006 coast 2 coast 2 OutRun Mode 15 continuous course
HD OutRun 2006 coast 2 coast 2 OutRun Mode 15 continuous course
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20110102 ゲーム初め。Part02 半年ぶりくらいにOutRunを。 OutRun2 OutRun Mode 15コースモード、一発勝負。PS3 GT5よりもヤッパリこっちかなぁ。:寛大なgoogle: 時間無制限!容量無制限! 19Minutes!,12GB up! : ) avi:24GB~H.264:12GB

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Total Time: 14'10"135 Score: 3411220I crashed a bit but my score remain high. It's in the top 100 in the leaderboard.
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game | 1985 60fps Space Harrier Nomiss ALL

1985 60fps Space Harrier Nomiss ALL

スペースハリアー Space Harrier SEGA 1985 34,687,210pts Player afb 収録Ver Mame32 0.69 ウイウイジャンボは集中力不足で粘れませんでしたが、今回はトモス狙いということで。 mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.comスペースハリアー発売年:1985.11 開発元:セガ(AM2) 発売元:セガ ジャンル:アクションシューティング コントローラ:トリガー付操縦桿型コントローラー+2ボタン システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[68000 (2), Z80] 音源チップ[YM2203, Sega PCM] 超自然現象と正体不明の敵により、今や凶悪な魔物たちに占領されてしまったドラゴンランド。正義のドラゴン「ユーライア」から助けを受けた、超能力戦士ハリアーが戦うために飛び立つ。大型のローリングタイプの筐体では、プレイヤーの操縦桿の動きに合わせて、コックピット全体が大きくムービングするのが圧巻。ゲーム内容は、迫力の3D視点と、見たこともない程の高速スクロール、限りなく臨場感を増すBGMなど、どれを取っても素晴らしい。全18ステージ。当初GMショーに出展された際、イギリスのVTOL攻撃機ハリアーで敵を攻撃するという体感ゲームであったが、その後操作キャラを超能力戦士ハリアーに差し替えられるという大幅な変更を経てリリースされている。 Space Harrier (c) 1985 Sega.Space Harrier is a sprite-scaling, into-the-screen shoot-em-up set in the "Fantasy Zone"; a surreal, abstract world composed of bright colours and a checkerboard-styled ground. The game's enemies are as unique as its setting; featuring prehistoric animals, alien pods, giant mushrooms and, at the end of every stage, a huge, fireball-spitting Chinese dragon.The player's on-screen counterpart carries a portable jetpack under his arm, which allows him to fly as well as run along the ground. The jetpack is equipped with a laser, allowing the player to destroy both the game's many enemies as well as a variety of obstructions, such as trees and the floating rocks on level 1.- TECHNICAL -[1] [Sit-Down model] [2] [Rolling model] [3] [Upright model] Players : 1 Control : stick Buttons : 3 (FIRE, FIRE, FIRE)- TRIVIA -Released in October 1985 in Japan.The pioneer 3-D shooting game realized by a high speed 3-D processing. The first full-color CG graphics in Japan and a beautiful BGM supported by a FM sound system that gave a great impact to the arcade scene in 1985.- SERIES -1. Space Harrier (1985) 2. Space Harrier 3D [Model G-1349] (1988, Sega Mark III) 3. Space Harrier II [Model G-4002] (1988, Sega Mega Drive) 4. Space Harrier - Return to the Fantasy Zone (1989, Commodore Amiga) 5. Planet Harriers (2001)- STAFF -Designed by : Yu Suzuki (YU.) From highscore table : (KAN), (KAW), Bin Chan (BIN), (TUD), (NAG), (ASO) Music by : Hiroshi Miyauchi
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: AeroHey, hey, hey, it's time to make some crazy money. Are you ready? Here. We. GO!Crazy Taxi is an open world racing video game developed by Hitmaker (Sega AM3) and published by Sega. The game was released in arcades in 1999. Although there only is one stage, the game is highly addicting. There are a few slowdowns from time to time due to the fact that NAOMI emulation still is far from being perfect.
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game | 1987 60fps Street Fighter Ryu ALL

1987 60fps Street Fighter Ryu ALL

ストリートファイター Street Fighter (Japan) Capcom 1987 1コインクリア Player RAT 収録Ver MAME32Plus!Plus!0.111 使用キャラ:隆 ハパ2が対応されましたね。で、ちょっと懐かしくなってプレイしてみました。一応クリア出来ましたがボロボロです・・・。本当はストレート勝ちしたかったんですが、今やるとコマンド技出すのに必死。mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.comストリートファイター発売年:1987.08 開発/発売元:カプコン ジャンル:対戦格闘アクション コントローラ:8方向レバー+2ボタン システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[68000, Z80 (2)] 音源チップ[YM2151, OKI5205 (2)] 各国の強者たちとストリートファイトを繰り広げる、体感格闘アクションゲームの名作。このゲームは空気圧ボタン採用した大型筐体で発売され、衝撃的な登場を果たした。特大のパンチとキックの2つのボタンを、叩く強さにより攻撃の強弱が変化する他、レバーのコマンド入力で必殺技を出せるコマンド技の先駆けで、隠し要素だった必殺技の「波動拳」「昇竜拳」などはあまりにも有名である。登場人物は、「隆」と「拳」を含めた全12人。ちなみ海外では空気圧ボタンを使いこなせる人が少なかったため、それぞれの攻撃を振り分けた6ボタンバージョンが登場し、日本でも普及することになった。そしてこれが後の格闘ゲームに引き継がれていくことになる。余談だが空気圧ボタンによる操作により筐体に強い衝撃を与えるため、当時、頑丈な筐体を開発していたアタリゲームズ社によって筐体が作られている。ストーリー: 幼い頃から様々な格闘技を学び、ついに最高の格闘技スタイルを会得した二人の若き天才格闘家"隆"と"拳"。ライバルでもある二人は、ともに格闘技界の頂点をめざし、闘いの世界へと旅立つ。超一流のパワーと技術を誇る各国のストリートファイター達を相手に"世界最強の男"の名を手中にするのは、"隆"なのか、それとも"拳"なのか!? [出典:ストリートファイター 業務用小冊子(カプコン)] [ 基本操作方法について ]・レバー上要素でジャンプ、下要素でしゃがみ。相手と反対方向に入力で防御。・ボタン1:小パンチ (小P)2:中パンチ (中P)3:大パンチ (大P)4:小キック (小K)5:中キック (中K)6:大キック (大K)・必殺技波動拳 :↓↘→+P昇龍拳 :→↓↘+P竜巻旋風脚:↓↙←+K[ 入力について ]・全体で回復無しの入力受付時間12フレーム(↓に入れっぱなしだと延々にカウントループ) ・レバーを関係無い所に動かすと即リセット(レバー↓↘↓などもアウト) ・通常技が優先されるのか、ボタンを押した後に何らかの行動が必要よって、・(レバー入れっぱ)+ボタン連打 ・あらかじめボタンを押しておいて、コマンドの後に離すで、かなり確率が上がる。Street Fighter (c) 1987 Capcom.Martial arts masters Ryu and Ken enter a worldwide martial arts tournament spanning 5 nations as they faces 10 of the world's greatest fighters. The game can be played alone or with 2 players competing, with Player 1 taking the role of Ryu and Player 2 as Ken. The predecessor to the ultra-popular "Street Fighter II - The World Warrior".- TECHNICAL -Main CPU : 68000 (@ 8 Mhz) Sound CPU : (2x) Z80 (@ 3.579545 Mhz) Sound Chips : YM2151 (@ 3.579545 Mhz), (2x) MSM5205 (@ 384 Khz)Players : 2 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 6 = [1] LP (Jab), [2] MP (Strong), [3] HP (Fierce) = [4] LK (Short), [5] MK (Forward), [6] HK (Roundhouse)- TRIVIA -Street Fighter was released in August 1987.- SERIES -1. Street Fighter (1987) 2. Street Fighter II - The World Warrior [CP-S No. 14] (1991) 3. Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition [CP-S No. 21] (1992) 4. Street Fighter II' - Hyper Fighting [CP-S No. 24] (1992) 5. Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [CP-S II No. 01] (1993) 6. Super Street Fighter II Turbo [CP-S II No. 03 Bis] (1994) 7. Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams [CP-S II No. 11] (1995) 8. Street Fighter Alpha 2 [CP-S II No. 15] (1996) 9. Street Fighter III - New Generation (1997) 10. Street Fighter III - 2nd Impact : Giant Attack (1997) 11. Street Fighter Alpha 3 [CP-S II No. 29] (1998) 12. Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike : Fight For The Future (1999) 13. Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition [CP-S II No. 38] (2003) 14. Street Fighter IV (2008) 15. Super Street Fighter IV (2010)- STAFF -Direction : Takashi Nishiyama (Piston Takashi) Planner : Hiroshi Matsumoto (Finish Hiroshi) Programmer : Fz 2151 Character Designers : Crusher Ighi, Dabada Atsushi, Bonsoir Yuko, Ocan Miyuki, Bravo Ovu, Innocent Saicho Sound & Music : Yoshihiro Sakaguchi Hard Planner : Punch Kubozo Mechatronics : Strong Take, Radish Kamin Special Thanks : Short Arm Seigo, Melanin Kazu, Puttsun Midori (Puttun Midori), James Nyama, Seinto Sinn- SOURCES -Game's rom. Machine's picture.
4,135 views | Aug 05, 2016

game | OutRun 2 Marathon of the 30 Stages

OutRun 2 Marathon of the 30 Stages

This is the 30 stage marathon. Driving the full tour of 15 stages reverse to 15 forwards. I did crash as it is hard to record on Xbox360 without a sound glitch. Now enjoy the full tour.#Outrun00:03 = 01 Cape Way (Reverse) 01:18 = 02 Imperial Avenue (Reverse) 02:26 = 03 Ancient Ruin (Reverse) 03:33 = 04 Metropolis (Reverse) 04:38 = 05 Tulip Garden (Reverse) 05:37 = 06 Cloudy Highland (Reverse) 06:37 = 07 Industrial Complex (Reverse) 07:38 = 08 Snowy Mountain (Reverse) 08:43 = 09 Ghost Forest (Reverse) 09:45 = 10 Desert (Reverse) 10:51 = 11 Coniferous Forest (Reverse) 11:56 = 12 Castle Wall (Reverse) 12:58 = 13 Deep Lake (Reverse) 13:59 = 14 Palm Beach (Reverse) 14:52 = 15 Alpine (Reverse) 15:55 = 16 Palm Beach 16:46 = 17 Alpine 17:51 = 18 Deep Lake 18:53 = 19 Castle Wall 19:51 = 20 Coniferous Forest 20:56 = 21 Desert 22:01 = 22 Ghost Forest 23:08 = 23 Snowy Mountain 24:14 = 24 Industrial Complex 25:15 = 25 Cloudy Highland 26:16 = 26 Tulip Garden 27:24 = 27 Metropolis 28:38 = 28 Ancient Ruin 29:43 = 29 Imperial Avenue 30:53 = 30 Cape Way
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game | Sega Rally 3 Arcade Machine, 60 FPS, 1920 x 1080 Full HD , maximum details

Sega Rally 3 Arcade Machine, 60 FPS, 1920 x 1080 Full HD , maximum det...

Special version of Sega Rally 3 Twin Cabinet (Real Arcade Game Machine) with Full HD game and monitor resolution (1920 x 1080), maximum details and extremely fluid game play with 60 FPS (frames per second).Problem: the video quality on youtube is widely not as good as the real MPEG-4 video (even if you set full-HD). You can download the good quality MPEG-4 video (1,31 GB) from this link:!JRQ2AbQR!P_ALa38pvOR4isbNjgNrY34YPghHRMNGIgYrPK81-ek (use vlc media player to pay this video)This is a real arcade game video record from a modified Sega Rally 3 Twin Cabinet with new powerful hardware and new Full HD monitors. The hardware was modifiedupgraded in the winter 2012.Arcade machine location: Hotel Kastel Seiser Alm (Games Room)Note: In the video there are a few very short breaks; this is only in the video (from recording with 60fps), the real game is completely fluid.
2,529 views | Apr 26, 2013
game | Arcade Longplay 229 Daytona USA

Arcade Longplay 229 Daytona USA Played By: Uncle Bone Daytona usa is one of the highest grossing arcades of all time, and one of the most respected arcade racing games ever made, but poorly ported on most plataforms. 00:00 Atract mode video of all 3 stages 03:06 Beginner course 07:12 Advanced course 12:01 Expert course i used some of the easter egg music that is played when you use some specific initials on your name on a record, the ones shown are: A.B - After Burner, at the end of the begginer track V.R - Virtua Racing, at the end of the advanced track P.D - Power Drift, at the end of the expert track *there are many others, i picked my 3 favorites for this video. Played using the m2 emulator, version 1.0, the virtual arcade machine is set to the "deluxe cabinet", on normal dificulty, without network support (single machine) i have acess to the actual real hardware, but record offscreen video from a crt monitor would simply suck. the screen output of the emulator "mostly matches" the arcade, but the emulation have some minor bugs in geometry (mostly z fighting in the shadows and tress, also some "lack of zbuffer" usage on some geometry) i tried to be mostly completionist in this video, showed the atract mode (with sound enabled) on all 3 track, and played the tracks in order, aiming to the first place, to show the "game credits" in the end of each race. in each "record" screen, i used one of the avaible easter eggs of classic music from other sega games. Beginner course, signed A.B. (plays After Burner music) Advanced course, signed V.R. (plays Virtua Racing music) Expert course, signed P.D. (plays Power Drift music)
4,500 views | Apr 05, 2012

game | 30 Years of Outrun A Retrospective Nostalgia Nerd

30 Years of Outrun A Retrospective Nostalgia Nerd

30 Years since Outrun first appeared in our arcades. Can you believe that? Well, this video might help you wade through that timeline, and if your youth was anything similar to mine, you may have played quite a few home ports of this sensational game. In this video I take a look at the brilliant arcade version and look at the various Outrun home ports & conversions which I encountered throughout the '80s, '90s and '00s. Included in this video are the following formats;Outrun arcade Outrun Sinclair Spectrum Outrun Master System Outrun C64 Outrun MegadriveGenesis Outrun DOS Outrun Online Arcade Outrun Grandstand DashboardSo, sit back and enjoy Outrun from 1986 until 2016, from my personal perspective.☟Sharing☟ If you wish to share this video in forums, social media, on your website, *please do so*! It helps tremendously with the channel!☟Subcribe☟✊Support Me! ✊ *Please consider supporting the channel on Patreon*: https:www.patreon.comnostalgianerd?ty=h Visit my eBay Shop: http:ebay.to1QQpYyy Buy From Amazon (Amazon give a small commission to my affiliate account): http:amzn.to1OzCQWR★Join me on Social Media★ Twitter: http:www.twitter.comnostalnerd Face: http:www.facebook.comnostalnerd Instagram: http:www.instagram.comnostalgianerd Web:★Equipment★ Lumix G6 with Vario 14-42mm Lens Nikon D3200 with 40mm Macro Corel Video Studio Ultimate X7 Corel Paint Shop Pro X6 Blue Snowball Microphone♜Resources♜ Threaded BG Music is Banjo Guy Ollie's brilliant rendition of Passing Wave, you can watch it at or purchase his music at https:banjoguyollie.bandcamp.comIf you believe I have forgotten to attribute anything in this video, please let me know, so I can add the source in. It takes time to make these videos and therefore it can be easy to forget things or make a mistake.
1,544 views | Jul 24, 2016
game | PS3 Longplay 029 After Burner Climax

PS3 Longplay 029 After Burner Climax

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by MadMattyFirst off, the video is not a test of skill, but to simply showoff the game. Yes I suck and not as god at the game as I used to be but its an awsome game that needed showing so deal with it or submit an awsome run video! :DThe video shows 2 playthroughs with the intention of showing the left and right routes of the game. I have stuck to the default 3 credits and 3 lives setting so it doesnt count as coin feeding A few settings have been changed to give me an easier time and show the best ending. I disabled a few options for the second run to show a different ending and not be as easy. Second playthrough also uses the alternate Arcade audio track.Normaly, to get best ending, you need to complete allthe secretextended missions on your route. Something always goes wrong that stops me completing it as is evident in the video. I just couldnt get a 100% run while the recorder was running. Climax mode is for chaining kills (as you get ing rockets while chaining) but I kind of abuse it as a way of shooting missles while my loadout recharges or i just want a second to look around.n the second run, when chasing down the stealth craft, i died and when returning the game wouldnt allow me to go max throttle and catch up with it which pissed me off.All that said, just turn the audio up high and enjoy the damn video!00:00:00 - First playthrough Ending A (Best) 00:15:55 - Second Playthrough, Ending C (Completed game but some missed secrets)
1,036 views | Sep 23, 2012
game | アウトラン2SP 全15コース OutRunモード

アウトラン2SP 全15コース OutRunモード

使用車種:エンツォフェラーリ AT
4,916 views | Jan 11, 2016

game | 1986 60fps Out Run Goal D

1986 60fps Out Run Goal D

アウトラン Out Run (standardupright, Rev B) SEGA 1986 ギアガチャ禁止プレイ Player afb 収録Ver Mame32Plus!0.110 海外バージョン Dコース ギアガチャを封印したプレイです。 mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.comアウトラン発売年:1986.09 開発元:セガ(AM2) 発売元:セガ ジャンル:レーシング コントローラ:自動車ハンドル型コントローラー+ギア+ペダル システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[68000 (2), Z80] 音源チップ[YM2151, Sega PCM]誰もが名作と認めるドライブゲーム「アウトラン」。 美麗なグラフィック、良質のサウンドはもちろんのこと、これまでのドライブゲームには見られないシステムがいつくも存在する。 まず、フェラーリテスタロッサに似た車の動きに合わせて、大型筐体が左右にムービングする点。 また、1ステージごとに分岐点が用意され、プレイヤーが自由にコースとエンディングを選べる点。 さらにはスタート時に気分に合わせてBGMを3曲からセレクトできる点である。 一定時間コース外を走っても減速しないテクニック「ギアガチャ」の存在は有名。 全5ステージ。Out Run (c) 1986 Sega Enterprises, Ltd.Out Run is a legendary and ground-breaking racing game in which the player drives a red Ferrari Testarossa through a number of colourful European locations, trying to reach each end-of-level checkpoint before the tight time limit expires.Out Run's lush, fast-moving stages are each packed with civilian traffic that, in addition to the game's twisting, hilly roads, must be carefully negotiated. Also, as players approached the end of each stage, they were presented with a fork in the road; a unique innovation that gave players a choice of which route they wished to take through the game.As well as being able to choose which route they wished to take, players could also - via the game's "in-car radio" - choose one of three different catchy tunes to listen to while driving. The songs are 'Magical Sound Shower', 'Passing Breeze' and 'Splash Wave'.- TECHNICAL -[1] Standard Type [2] Upright Type- TRIVIA -Released in September 1986.Opponent cars list : * 1972 Volkswagen Beetle * 1971 Chevrolet Corvette * 1985 Porsche Carrera 911 Turbo * 1985 BMW 325i Cabriolet E30 * Lorry- SERIES -1. Out Run (1986) 2. Out Run 3-D (1989, Sega Master System) 3. Battle Out Run (1989, Sega Master System) 4. Turbo Out Run (1989) 5. Out Run Europa (1991, Sega Game Gear) 6. Out Runners (1992) 7. Out Run 2019 (1993, Sega Mega Drive) 8. Out Run 2 (2003) 9. Out Run 2 SP - Special Tours (2004)- STAFF -Designed by : Yu Suzuki (YU.) Music by : Hiroshi Miyauchi (MIY) From highscore table : Bin Chan (BIN), (KAG), (MAT), (IKA), (A.O)
3,065 views | Nov 19, 2014
game | Outrun Online Arcade Heart Attack AAA Run

Outrun Online Arcade Heart Attack AAA Run

I made a few mistakes along the way but over all its my best run so far lol. But 71st out of 12406 isnt bad i think, and im one place down from SegaSpence whos an animal at Outrun, so im happy with it. Also good for those who havent got the Achievement or Trophy to watch and lurn the best route to take for it. Cheers
2,699 views | Nov 04, 2010
game | スーパーハングオン Super Hang On Expert ALL

スーパーハングオン Super Hang On Expert ALL

スーパーハングオン Super Hang-On (bootleg) セガ 1987 Expert 9'13''08 Player RX. 収録Ver Thndermame32jp0.68_X'f4(20041004) mame replay site
1,498 views | Dec 26, 2010

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