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Home Arcade,Mancave, Ultimate Gameroom, Video game,Pinball

From - Posted: Mar 11, 2012 - 140,809 viewsGame | Home Arcade,Mancave, Ultimate Gameroom, Video game,Pinball | Home Arcade,Mancave, Ultimate Gameroom, Video game,Pinball
Home Arcade,Mancave, Ultimate Gameroom, Video game,Pinball
Home Arcade,Mancave, Ultimate Gameroom, Video game,Pinball
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Here is my Mancave version 2.0 !!!Enjoy !!!

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Take a look at our newly built Retro Game Room. These Coin-op arcade games are mostly from the early 80s. The collection started when I left high school in 1991, with Crystal Castles. That game was followed by more and more games, most of which were stored in a U-Store-it, as the rest(25 games, all refurbished) were flooded in our house when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. The U-Store-it survived untouched. This arcade is built on the slab from our neighbor's home, which was torn down after Katrina, and is now part of our yardproperty. Enjoy!!!
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