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Hot Video Arcade Games Of 1982

From - Posted: Feb 04, 2010 - 9,749 viewsGame | Hot Video Arcade Games Of 1982 | Hot Video Arcade Games Of 1982
Hot Video Arcade Games Of 1982
Hot Video Arcade Games Of 1982
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July 14, 1982, KTHI-TV, Fargo, ND - How far videos games had come from Pong to the hits of 1982! Do you remember playing Robotron, Stargate, Wizard Of Wor, Zaxon, Pacman, Amadar, Frogger, Solar Quest, Omega Race, Galaxan, Defender? An overview of the hot games at the time and the common themes and rules among them all. In 1982, they all seemed so advanced, so sophisticated. Looking back from the 21st century, they all now seem ... quaint. Transferred from 34 inch videotape via ADVC 300 and into iMovie HD. From Keith Darnay's personal video collection.

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Cedar Point on amazon http:tinyurl.comzhvqhhn Arcade Games on amazon http:tinyurl.comzqbbvlv 80's Arcade Games on amazon http:tinyurl.comznnngew Space Invaders on amazon http:tinyurl.comjqsqq8g Donkey Kong http:tinyurl.comj2ubgqd Galaga on amazon http:tinyurl.comhhsw2vm 1980s Classic Arcade Games at Cedar Point Amusement Park. Sandusky, Ohio in 2007. In the Coliseum Main Arcade.This Standard Quality Video includes DONKEY KONG, SPACE INVADERS, GALAXIAN (the colors are wrong because a CRT gun is shot but its the Midway version which I prefer playing over Namco), GALAGA, FROGGER (with the top and bottom overscanned which theyve since fixed), CENTIPEDE x2 (one with black tape on the trackball), MS. PAC-MAN x2 (one with a bad controller and loud sound), PAC-MAN x2 (one with a warped image, the other with a bad CRT gun), ZAXXON (with a regular Nintendo ball top joystick in place of the flight stick but works fine), WIZARD OF WOR, GORF, BERZERK (the joysticks left direction control doesnt work they may have fixed it), WILLIAMS DEFENDER, ROBOTRON 2084 (non-working but it does now), and ASTEROIDS DELUXE. Video May 14, 2007.Time code for games appearing in this video: DONKEY KONG 0:00 min (Update: I asked them to fix the Nintendo joystick recently and Josh, the maintainence man who is also a collector replaced it with a brand new joystick! My best score on that machine is 165,400 points Level 6-4 (97,500 Lvl 5-1 on first man). SPACE INVADERS 0:51 min GALAXIAN 1:30 min GALAGA 2:55 min FROGGER 4:10 min CENTIPEDE 4:20 min MS. PAC-MAN 4:40 min PAC-MAN 4:50 min ZAXXON 5:25 min WIZARD OF WOR 6:00 min GORF 6:25 min BERZERK 6:45 min DEFENDER 7:30 min ROBOTRON 2084 CABINET 8:38 min ASTEROIDS DELUXE 8:42 minUpdate for the 2008 season: They added Ataris GAUNTLET. One Pac-Man machine doesnt work, and the colors on the others monitor are messed up but it plays fine, one of the Ms. Pac-Mans has a bad controller, and Robotron 2084 works again.Im glad Cedar Point has an extensive collection all in one place despite the fact the lighting is not dark, some games dont work and the sound is turned down. This is more than most could ask for. The large space and positioning allows one to admire the cabinet art. They also have a number of pinball games on the back wall.
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