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How to Aim Better in PC FPS A Casual Guide

From - Posted: Jan 05, 2014 - 30,711 viewsGame | How to Aim Better in PC FPS A Casual Guide | How to Aim Better in PC FPS A Casual Guide
How to Aim Better in PC FPS A Casual Guide
How to Aim Better in PC FPS A Casual Guide
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A very casual guide for casual players, just some quick tips on how you could potentially up your game in fps titles such as Blacklight Retribution, Tribes Ascend, Counter Strike.I studied video game design at Full Sail University and I work as a professional video game journalist. I tend to get into most if not every alphabeta so do a request on a video and I will be sure to follow through if you post in the comments. The games I am playing right now include: HearthStone Dota2 League of Legends Guild Wars 2 Team Fortress 2 Blacklight Retribution Warframe Hawkenand many many more!I own and manage the Gaming YouTube Community on Google +, it's a place where people can share their own gaming uploads and get subsviews and make friends! Thanks for watching,-Skylent Shore

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Full Guide on How To Aim in any PC game! (+ CSGO Gun Control Guide!)REALLY USEFUL STUFF! ▼MOUSE TWEAKS ▼ Mouse Sensitivity is determined by ► 1. In-Game Setting + 2. Mouse DPI (set in your Mouse's software options) + 3. Windows Sensitivity Slider if the game has no "Enable Raw Input" option (Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Mouse - Pointer Options). Some say keep on 6th notch from left. I have on 5th as does Scream and others as seems to have no effect anymore.Disabling Acceleration improves consistency for most people ► 1. Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Mouse - Pointer Options - Uncheck "Enhance Pointer Precision" 2. Disable in Game Settings! [NOTE] Some people used to use "MarkC Mouse Fix" to remove built-in windows acceleration. Personally think is just a placebo! (http:goo.glBnN0qF)Grip (i.e. Palm Claw Fingertip) ► - Just hold mouse however you feel is comfortable. High Low Sensitivity plays a large part in which you prefer.High vs. Low Sensitivity ► - From using both: Low made me significantly more consistent and required less warm-up to be on target. Seemed more consistent across games with low as well. High lets you turn faster. - 360 degree turn for me is 17.5 inches whereas high can be around 5 inches for 360 degree turn! Same sensitivity every game ► http:www.mouse-sensitivity.comCSGO Aim Train Map ► http:steamcommunity.comsharedfilesfiledetails?id=241148414Brilliant Scream Frag Movie ► ▼ Mice ► - A mouse with 8000DPI (means mouse supports insanely high sensitivity) is not more accurate than a mouse with 400DPI. Accuracy is determined by Mouse optical sensor refresh rate. It's a marketing gimmick. Most pros play around 400DPI!Mouse Mat ► - Hard Cloth is entirely personal preference neither gives advantage!Monitor ► - A 144Hz monitor lets you react quicker and aim easier, even if you don't get 144Hz in-game. The human eye does not see in frames per second. There is a smoothness to a 144Hz monitor which is not there in a 60Hz monitor.PC ► - A higher framerate makes it easier to aim. If you have a bad PC, turn down settings! Once again, the human eye does not see in frames per second, it is not a camera! 60fps for example is harder to aim precisely at and feels less smooth than 200fps!Equipment you cannot go wrong with ► ( - Logitech G400s -or- Razer Deathadder 2013 - Steelseries Qck Heavy -or- Razer Goliathus Alpha Speed - BenQ XL2411T 144Hz Monitor [NOTE]: Try both! Buy from Amazon or somewhere with free return post and send back whichever you don't like!------------------------------------ MUSIC ▼ "Final Striker" by Plasma3Music: CSGO CONSOLE COMMANDS ▼ sv_cheats 1 (Lets you do the following) weapon_accuracy_nospread 1 (Turns off spread so you can see the recoil pattern!) sv_infiniteammo 2 (Unlimited Ammo) sv_showimpacts 1 (Show Pink bullet hole markers) noclip (Fly around) give weapon_ak47 m4a1 m4a1_silencer (Gives you that weapon)------------------------------------
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►My Gaming Gear: Mouse acceleration fix: http:donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com201003markc-windows-7-mouse-acceleration-fix.html Download the files for your OS (Windows 7 or 8), and follow to instructions modify your registry. ►Subscribe! http:goo.glE2DgFWant to play with me? Follow me on Twitter: http:www.twitter.comverytraumaticConsole gameplay recorded with Roxio Game Capture HD Pro PC gameplay recorded with FRAPS Edited with Sony Vegas 12 Commentary recorded with Blue Snowball Ice USB microphoneTags: First Person Shooter Tips Mouse Aim Palm Grip Claw Grip Finger Tip Grip Flat Finger Grip Better Aim Accuracy Best Sensitivity
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How To "IMPROVE AIM" in ANY PC GAME! (Call of Duty, CSGO, H1Z1)I hope you guys all find this how to video helpful! DROP A LIKE!★Use My "G2A" Link★ - https:www.g2a.comrprohenis★Partner With Freedom!★ - https:www.freedom.tmviaProHenis========================================­==============MarC Mouse Fix - http:donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com201003markc-windows-7-mouse-acceleration-fix.html Aim400KG -­==============Videos At The End: 1st Video - 2nd Video -­==============If you enjoy, please overload the comments section, smack the like button and hit the subscribe button!Got any suggestions for me and my channel, don't hesitate to leave a comment or message me!Click To Subscribe ► http:bit.lySubProHenis========================================­==============My Links: ● Twitter - http:twitter.comProHenis ● Facebook - http:facebook.comProHenis ● Instagram - http:instagram.comProHenis ● Twitch - http:twitch.tvProHenis ● YouTube Livestream - ● Hitbox - http:hitbox.tvProHenis ● Steam Group - http:bit.lyHenisSteamGroup ● Submit Challenges - http:bit.lychallenge4henis ● 4FiTeam Twitch - http:twitch.tv4FiTeam========================================­==============KARNAGEclan: YouTube - Twitter - https:twitter.comK4RN4GE_Clan========================================­==============Music: http:www.facebook.comtobuofficial http:www.soundcloud.com7obu http:www.twitter.comtobuofficial========================================­==============Overview of what I covered in this video: Quick Fixes: MarC Mouse Fix Disable enhance pointer precision in WindowsEquipment: Gaming Mouse (Higher DPI, Comfortable Form Fit, Additional Buttons, built for precision and accuracy, no sleep mode) Avoid a mouse that has mouse correction Mouse Thats Right for You (Go to a BestBuy and find a mouse that feels good in your hand, Order a bunch and then return) Mouse Mat (large) (Steel Series QcK, Logitech G240) (I use Razer Kabuto because I have a higher sensitivity, dont need much space)Grips: Palm Grip: Adv-(Mouse mouse at higher speeds, very comfortable for extended use) Dis-(difficult fine tuning with fingers) Claw Grip: Adv-(Precise and quick movement, much easier access to side buttons) Dis-(Not as natural, hands get tired) Fingertip Grip: Adv-(same as claw, but more agility) Dis-(hand gets tired easiest, hard to learn)Sensitivity: Disable Mouse Acceleration Start with something low and work your way up Snap on to objects easily (practice using different sensitivities) Smoothly Follow Target (practice using different sensitivities) Use (same aim for all games)Aim in Games: CSGO: no ADS (gun has a much more difficult recoil pattern) Battlefield, COD, Crysis (use a RDS on your gun) Quick Tip: Left side of character covered)========================================­==============In this video, I explain how to: Improve Your Mouse Aim in Any PC Game Improve Your Aim On PC mouse aiming tips accuracy tips better aim on pc be better at first person shooters be better at fps games aim better in call of duty aim better in black ops 3 aim better in battlefield========================================­==============[How To] Aim Better on PC | Improve Accuracy on PC Games (COD, Battlefield, CSGO) [How To] Aim Better on PC | Improve Accuracy on PC Games (COD, Battlefield, CSGO) [How To] Aim Better on PC | Improve Accuracy on PC Games (COD, Battlefield, CSGO)
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Ever wanted to get better at FPS games? Or thought of how to improve your accuracy by just even a little bit? This video is here to help you get started with the simple basics of getting better aim.The site to help you out with maintaining sensitivity: www.mouse-sensitivity.comMusic by TheFatRat, "NoNoNo": ======================================================== -Channel Art & Logo By: Bananaphone9 (I Love Bananas! Um... Not in that way :3) -Twitter: https:twitter.comImRaire
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Map file: http:steamcommunity.comsharedfilesfiledetails?id=213240871 Previous video: Please leave a rating and subscribe! ---------------------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions: http:bit.ly14NVBWI My Twitter: http:bit.ly104A0B6 Steam group: http:bit.ly10WMeSK ---------------------------------------- Tags: o0brilliance0o brilliance tips tricks how to commentary gameplay thoughts live opinion
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Lets try and hit 500 LIKES!!LIKE & FAVORITE | OPEN THE DESCRIPTION ▼▼▼▼▼This is a tutorial on how to boost your FPS in pc games that you play. There are several ways on how you can increase your fps and this video will show you exactly on how you can speed up your computer and optimize it for the best possible performance. Regardless how slow your computer is, this tutorial should give you extra fps. If your computer still runs really slow, It is highly recommended you upgrade your ram and graphics card. If you found this helpful, please leave a thumbs up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!Downloads ↓CCleaner https:www.piriform.comccleanerdownloadstandardRazor Cortex ↓ http:rzr.tocortex-download----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------Music: ♫ The following music is royalty free and I have permission to use it under the Creative Commons license. No copyright intended.Thanks for watching! ❤- CroatCode ♛
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How to INSTANTLY get better at Call of Duty!!! Don't buy a Hip Shot Dot....
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