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How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!!

From - Posted: Nov 06, 2011 - 60,252 viewsGame | How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!! | How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!!
How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!!
How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!!
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This is how to delete a current save file on Pokemon Rumble blast for the 3DS:________________________________________1. Hold the buttons A,B,X,Y(No need to hold the L and R buttons) at the 3DS home screen and start the game.2.Let go of the buttons when you get to the title screen..*(Note) There should be a message there that will ask you if you want to delete the previous saved data.3. Delete the old saved data4. Watch the introduction video.5. Start a new game!Congratulations! ___________________________________________Please...subscribe!

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Hey every one. Now there is alot of people who cannot figure out, how to delete a file for Pokemon Rumble Blast 3D. Simple 'Hold the X,Y,B,A buttons at the same time of the home screen. and wait for the title to appear and let go of the buttons. And a option will give you of saying- '' Do you want to delete this file''. Click YES! and there should be an option of saying- New Game. And there you go. You can start all over.
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