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How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!!

From - Posted: Nov 06, 2011 - 54,022 viewsGame | How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!! | How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!!
How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!!
How to delete a Pokemon Rumble Blast save file on the 3DS!!
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This is how to delete a current save file on Pokemon Rumble blast for the 3DS:________________________________________1. Hold the buttons A,B,X,Y(No need to hold the L and R buttons) at the 3DS home screen and start the game.2.Let go of the buttons when you get to the title screen..*(Note) There should be a message there that will ask you if you want to delete the previous saved data.3. Delete the old saved data4. Watch the introduction video.5. Start a new game!Congratulations! ___________________________________________Please...subscribe!

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