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How to get FREE GEMS on

From - Posted: Nov 27, 2013 - 2,328 viewsGame | How to get FREE GEMS on | How to get FREE GEMS on
How to get FREE GEMS on
How to get FREE GEMS on
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Happy Thanksgiving GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!

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This is a glitch on how to bank up on gems! All you do is play the new game, Block Hunt! Click Fireworks on crafting tables to be able to use INFINITE Fireworks! 1 Firework Used = 2 Gems IGN: DZInfinityMiner Server Ip:
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How to get 4000 gems easily in mineplex server! Halloween

THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!Step 1: Find a dude that has the bat cannon thingywingy. (Saudi7 was just some random cool guy that helped me.) Step 2: Go to that place behind the Dominate game and do what we did in the video. (your friend does the bat blaster behind you and the bats carry you on top of the house :D)Step 3:Right click that bignose villager and you are 4000 gems richer! This works in lava-parkour too - TestedThanks for watching! And if this helped you be free to leave a like :D
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Mineplex How to get FREE Gems 10,000

IP:►Subscribe to my channel: ►Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comMrKDawg1018 ►Follow me on http:www.twitch.tvmrkdawg1018profileThanks for watching, dudes! Ratings, favorites, and general feedback is always appreciated :)--- Mineplex - How to get FREE Gems (10,000+) Mineplex - How to get FREE Gems (10,000+) Mineplex - How to get FREE Gems (10,000+)
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Minecraft Mineplex I Fast Gems Glitch And Gameplay I 10,000 Gems Or Mo...

If It worked for you Please give a Like! Could We Reach 50 Likes? I am 15th To It Now And Can We Get at least 10,000 Views???And I mean't FPS not Fraps...Guys this is 100% Real NOT fake This STILL Works for 1.7.4 now at least XD so hopefully you can get more gems!If it worked For You, please give a like! cuz I am trying to reach 50 likes in 3 months and also guys, I mean't "Jems" not "Gems" thanks!Want more Glitches? Visit This: http:adf.lyldb9R
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