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How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag

From - Posted: May 29, 2008 - 112,291 viewsGame | How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag | How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag
How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag
How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag
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In this tortural I'll show you how to improve speed on your computer and get rid of that anoying lag.

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Sup guys! Today I will show you how to stop lag in your PC games. If you still have lag after this...your PC was just not made to play games. Hope you enjoy! :3Subscribe for more content!GameBooster: http:adf.lyRnIom3D Analyzer: http:adf.lyRnJPWOFFICIAL Minecraft download: http:adf.lyRnJD3
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**This video is pretty old and I wanted to trash it but it seems like it's helping a lot of people so I'll keep it up for you guys. This still works by the way** This shows you the basic yet important things to do to help you get rid of lag and gain performance for your computer. CCleaner Download: http:www.filehippo.comdownload_ccleanerdownload58156f96255767aeec553947d393ec2c Regedit: TcpAckFrequency TCPNoDelay Please comment, rate, and subscribe! Games types: FPS RPG basically every game out there for computer is helped by this, but some are more effected than others.
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Visit my personal website for free advice, daily blog and tips. Also click on the 'links from youtube' tab for all the links i speak about If you want to increase your computer by another 200% get rid of all your viruses visit my new video - Optimize your computer to the max with our Computer Repair Playlist - Follow us on facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesRainford-Studios-Media142847429084420?ref=hl Techniques passed down from lots of computer expert engineers translated into a short easy to do process. Please do comment and ask me questions I would love to find out more about what you think and if you have found other ways of doing it. my personal email that i look at everyday: Here is the link for a free trail of the video recording software i used - Camtasia: http:www.techsmith.comdownloadcamtasia
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READ OR FAIL!!!!! SEX!!!!!!! Now when I got your attention please subscribe! Click Show More!!! Turn On Annotations Please! Link Of The RegCure Pro: READ OR FAIL!!!!!!!!!! 2:51 tut how to install it ^ |
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In this guide, I'll show you how to a) Clean out RAM using notepad b) See how much RAM your PC has c) Speed up your PC This guide works with most forms of Windows but I havn't tested this with mac's so i couldn't tell you if it works. This is not a virus to all those non believers. BTW add your own music it to make it more interesting Codes: mystring=(80000000) mystring=(16000000) IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: It is best if you don't add this to startup folder but keep it on desktop so that you can run it everytime your PC lags... I added it to startup folder because people kept asking me how to do this and it is possible that you may have many programs upon startup that don't need to be ran so that will just clear things up a little bit.. thanks :)
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Computer Slow? Top 10 Steps to Speed up Your Computer Part 1 of 2 Is your computer slow? This simple 10 step process will help speed up your computer to its maximum capabilities. If your computer is running slower than normal it's not only an inconvenience, it can potentially have dangerous malware known as spyware that can record keystrokes to steal your credit card information, personal information, user names, passwords, and more. The steps I have laid out to follow are simple, and anyone regardless of their level of computer skills will have no problem following. Along with this video I have created an article that is available via blog post or PDF download that you can find at: http:zebolsen.comslow-computer-10-steps-speed-computer which goes into greater detail as well as contains all the referenced links for tools I utilize to speed up a slow computer. The direct URL for the PDF download is: http:zebolsen.com10StepsToSpeedUpYourComputer.pdf Pay it forward! Please share this information freely with others who have a slow computer and are looking to speed up their computer. Here is the link to get AVG anti-virus for free: Here is the link to download Spybot Search & Destroy: http:projects.securitywonks.netprojectsdetails.php?file=2 Here is the link to download Tune-Up Utilities FREE 30 Day Trial: http:snipurl.comh5tsm Here is the link to test your internet speed:
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make you computer run like new with my new tutorial I have disabled comments from the amount of comments from baby's saying "I GOT A VIRUS OMFG" its not my upload so i have no idea if it has a virus and to be honest i was just trying to help. If you want to do it the safe way use the link below Link To Website--¬ http:www.tune-up.comproductstuneup-utilities Yes my Desktop is messy and exactly like my room, and i care why? DOWNLOAD: http:rapidshare.comfiles161781392TuneUp_Utilities_2008_7.0.8007__dustcrazy.net_.rar Internet Speed Test: The internet will tell your upload-download speed from this you can work out your internet connection you work this out by the download results 1000kbs=1mb 2000kbs=2mb 3000kbs=3mb 4000kbs=4mb etc etc it also tells your i.p address (Internet Protocol) which is different for every computer its a string of numbers which indentify's a computer for example: it makes the policecops easyier to track somebody down if doing illegal stuff, dial up is beta for doing illegal stuff because your i.p changes every time you dial which makes it more anonymous
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The song's called: Drunkenmunky - Calabria (Original Version) Hey guys in this video im gonna show you how you can increase gaming performance and reduce or get rid of lag...This is give you better frames per second! Which in turn is gonna really help your games run smoothly. Download to GameBooster: http:tinyurl.combl6mqe5 lightening Please Rate, Comment, and subcribe!! Thanks for watching guys!!
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How to Fix All Lag in Online Gaming on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

Email us:
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