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How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag

From - Posted: May 29, 2008 - 113,165 viewsGame | How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag | How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag
How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag
How To Get Rid Of Computer Lag
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In this tortural I'll show you how to improve speed on your computer and get rid of that anoying lag.

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**This video is pretty old and I wanted to trash it but it seems like it's helping a lot of people so I'll keep it up for you guys. This still works by the way**This shows you the basic yet important things to do to help you get rid of lag and gain performance for your computer.CCleaner Download:http:www.filehippo.comdownload_ccleanerdownload58156f96255767aeec553947d393ec2cRegedit:TcpAckFrequency TCPNoDelayPlease comment, rate, and subscribe!Games types:FPS RPGbasically every game out there for computer is helped by this, but some are more affected than others.
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