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How to HACK NES Classic Add NEW GAMES to NES Mini RGT 85

From - Posted: Jan 08, 2017 - 79,818 viewsGame | How to HACK NES Classic Add NEW GAMES to NES Mini RGT 85 | How to HACK NES Classic Add NEW GAMES to NES Mini RGT 85
How to HACK NES Classic Add NEW GAMES to NES Mini RGT 85
How to HACK NES Classic Add NEW GAMES to NES Mini RGT 85
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The NES Classic has been hacked, and you can now add a variety of NES games to the console. This video will show you the steps to add any NES game to your NES Classic, and really open up the library of your NES Mini. It's never been easier to hack your NES Mini!Hakchi2 download: http:clusterrr.comsofthakchi2.zipShirts: Patreon: http:www.patreon.comshawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Facebook: http:www.facebook.comshawnlongneFor more great retro content visit

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What's up guys, today I will show you guys how to add even more NES games to the NES Classic Edition! EVERYTHING YOU DO TO YOUR NES CLASSIC IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!Program Link: http:clusterrr.comsofthakchi2.zipYour Browser may think that this is a virus, you've seen first hand it's not a virus, so don't be scared, just disable your firewall if it does mistake it as a virus!~DONATE https:www.twitchalerts.comdonateallnighters24 https:youtube.streamlabs.comweyaystudios If you'd like to help me create better, more professional content, feel free to donate! Any amount is greatly appreciated, even something as simple as $1! Thanks in advance!Thanks for watching the video guys! If you liked it, make sure to hit that like button, and subscribe if you're new!VERSION 3 OF MY MODPACK: http:www.mediafire.comfileq4wv41dw18gle5cProject+W+v3.zipTwitch: www.twitch.tvallnighters24Youtube Gaming: https:twitter.comWeyaystudios?lang=enWe have plenty of videos for your entertainment!
2,378 views | Jan 07, 2017
game | Tutorial como hackear nintendo nes mini softmod en español

Tutorial como hackear nintendo nes mini softmod en español

Ayer los hackers rusos que lograron hackear la Nintendo NES Mini liberaron el procedimiento y el software que permite hacerlo: Con este video sabréis como usar hakchi2 para hackear Mini NES Classic. Con este procedimiento no hay necesidad de abrir la consola. En este tutorial os muestro mi experiencia con este procedimiento de hackeo en mi nintendo nes mini classic, os explico paso a paso lo que he hecho para que me funcione.Sobre todo AVISO: este procedimiento no está aprobado por Nintendo por lo que si se aplica perderíais la garantía de vuestra consola. No me hago responsable de los daños que pueda causar la modificaciones descritas en el video.¡Un abrazo muy fuerte viejuners esperamos que os guste!TWITTER: https:twitter.comTuberViejuner FACE: https:www.facebook.comtuber.viejuner GOOGLE+: INSTAGRAM: https:www.instagram.comtuberviejuner
1,691 views | Jan 08, 2017
game | Hacked Modded NES Mini Classic 80 Games and Artwork

Hacked Modded NES Mini Classic 80 Games and Artwork

A moddedhacked NES mini classic with 80+ games installed. All works perfectly, I just need to clean up the titles and edit the 1p2p details on the menu so everything looks as it should. Hacked games, homebrew and translated roms work as well.
4,781 views | Jan 07, 2017



Please watch: "Nintendo Switch Giveaway from Mekel Kasanova use #mekelgiveaway Sponsored by GameFly" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-The NES Classic Edition has been hacked!! Now you're able to install any of the NES games you know and love (and some you didn't know about) in a few easy steps. Subscribe to my channel for more content like this and more!!Hakchi2 download: http:clusterrr.comsofthakchi2.zipFOLLOW ME: Patreon: https:www.patreon.commekelkasanova Snapchat - https:www.snapchat.comaddmekeduanljames Twitter - https:twitter.comMekelJames Instagram - http:www.instagram.comMekelJames Facebook - https:www.facebook.comMekelKasanova Twitch: https:www.twitch.tvmekelthekasanov... Website: http:mekeljames.wix.commekelkasanovaSUBSCRIBE: Great Deals on Tech: http:amzn.to2hvHgqy Free Amazon Prime: http:amzn.to2hMgE3iBusiness Contact: [email protected]
4,373 views | Jan 08, 2017
game | NES Mini hack I put 90 GAMES on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NES Mini hack I put 90 GAMES on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put on my Nes Mini 90 games with hakchi method but i think i change something with the application zadig_2.2 before but i not sure about that.
2,394 views | Jan 09, 2017
game | How to add more games to NES Classic Mini Hacking the NES Classic Mini

How to add more games to NES Classic Mini Hacking the NES Classic Mini

NES Classic Mini comes with 30 pre-installed games. Normally, Nintendo restricted you to add or remove the games inside the console.But a developer named Cluster which can be found on GBATemp, made a simple tool to add more games to NES Classic Mini.Just follow the tutorial to begin the hacking process.Download linksHakchi2 + Zadig : http:viid.meqoWlDNComplete NES ROMS : http:viid.meqoWzlQComplete NES Covers : http:viid.meqoWzRgenjoy the videoCredit to Cluster @GBATemp.
1,908 views | Jan 12, 2017

game | NES Classic Edition HACKED! Which 60 Games Did I Add?

NES Classic Edition HACKED! Which 60 Games Did I Add?

INSTAGRAM - https:instagram.comseejayare FACEBOOK - https:www.facebook.comSeeJayAre *Please help me out and LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE*JOIN THE FULLSCREEN NETWORK - http:www.twitch.tvseejayare TWITTER - https:twitter.comSeeJayAreAdd me on Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo Online - SeeJayAreVLOG PLAYLIST ROOM PLAYLIST VIDEOS VIDEOS
3,915 views | Jan 10, 2017
game | How To hack The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Mini

How To hack The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Mini

My attempt to hackjail break my Nes miniIf you choose to attempt this you do so at your own risk, I cannot be held responsible if it fails to work or bricks your device.Thanks goes to the following YT video - will require the application: English version **NEW VERSION RELEASED** https:github.comClusterMhakchi2releasesdownload2.08hakchi2.exeAlso if your PC fails to install the Nes mini USB driver I downloaded and installed the following application(which is linked in the application also) Zadig 2.2 : http:zadig.akeo.ieText copied from the video mentioned:Requirements: Windows 7 and higher (not tested on XP), .NET Framework 3.5No installation required, just unzip to a convenient location. I would suggest you create a single folder to store all the files in (RomsGames are not included you will have to source these yourself, google is your friend)Features: • Allows you to easily add games and adds them to displayed games library. • Allows you to easily change the parameters of the games - the number of players, the name, release date and so forth.. • For advanced users, you change far more settings for games. • Uses google automatically download covers for games. • Automatically corrects invalid header Roms. • When adding a game it checks to see if they are supported by mappers. • Allows you to remove the standard 30 games, if necessary. • Interface is in English and there is a Russian version should you wish.Cluster and madmonkey Genius!IMPORTANT READ The total games limit depends on the save slots you wantneedhttps:www.reddit.comrnesclassicmodscomments5mrmgwtotal_gamesave_countspace_issue_what_you_should
1,281 views | Jan 10, 2017
game | NES Classic Mini custom ROMS

NES Classic Mini custom ROMS

Thanks for MadMonkey and others on (they found exploit) and thanks for Cluster who made hakchi2 - NES Mini very simple pimp toolLink to hakchi2: https:gbatemp.netthreadshakchi2-nes-mini-very-simple-pimp-tool.456256
2,453 views | Jan 07, 2017

game | Let s hack the NES Classic Edition

Let s hack the NES Classic Edition

Join me as I add a few games to my NES Classic Edition. Reddit Thread: https:redd.it5mj06hDownload link: http:clusterrr.comsofthakchi2.zipEmulator supports mappers: 0 (NROM), 1 (MMC1), 2 (UxROM), 3 (CNROM), 4 (MMC3), 5 (MMC5), 7 (AxROM), 9 (MMC2), 10 (MMC4)Plug in NES Classic via USB to computer. Hold RESET, then power on the system. Once you hear that windows has recognized a USB device, let go of RESET. Install drivers included in under the drivers folder. If the driver install does not work, try Zadig ( The first time loading up hakchi2 you will have to dump and reup the kernel. After this hit 'Add more games' to add roms. Highlight each rom and hit 'Google' to add cover art. Once you have the games added that you want on the console hit 'Upload selected games to NES Mini'. You should be able to fit 40-80, depending on what roms and art you choose. If you uncheck 'Original 30 games', and add them manually, you will actually be able to add more games. Once hakchi2 is done, wait for the power light on the console to go off, then power cycle. Good luck!*UPDATE: 113: Total amount of gamessaves you can have: https:redd.it5n1sn3When originally loading games, the console would give me a c8 error after loading 'Summer Carnival '92 - Recca (J) [!].nes'. I came to discover it was because there were characters in the rom name that were not compatible. To get the game to work, I renamed the file 'Recca.nes'. Doing that fixed the console, and added the game correctly.Followup gameplay video https:youtu.be42bMnEv9S2k ------ If you liked the video please subscribe and like this video on YouTube. You can also catch my streams live on Twitch at https:www.twitch.tvowlnonymous
4,256 views | Jan 10, 2017
game | NES Classic Edition Hack HD

NES Classic Edition Hack HD

1.8.17 (RE-UPLOADED IN HD)Didn't expect to do THIS tonight! Wooo!!
2,161 views | Jan 08, 2017
game | Nintendo Classic Mini Classic Edition HACK 84 games loaded

Nintendo Classic Mini Classic Edition HACK 84 games loaded

At this current time, hackchi2 allows to upload more than my current list -84 games so far-. The problem is whether I boot a game. Once I press the A button, you get a black screen followed by a "C8: An error has ocurred screen. If anyone could install more than 90 games without having C8 error please let me know. Perhaps it only depends on hackchi2 version. It just got released after all...Hack instructions -the easy way-1. Download and install hackchi2 from In the meanwhile, make sure your Super Mario Bros game has at least one savestate. Just boot the game and press reset to put a savestate when you press down in the game selection screen. 2. Inside hackchi2, open Kernel, then Dump Kernel. Follow instructions about putting your nes mini in a state where your computer can read and white over your Mini. 3. Flash custom kernel from Kernel tab again. It only needs to be done once. After this point it's all about adding ROMs 4. Click below at Add more games. I recommend having your ROMs folder away from hackchi2 folder. 5. Edit game information and add game covers if you like. hackchi2 has a neat feature where you can download your game covers straight from Google. 6. Once you are done, click Upload selected games to NES Mini. You'll need to follow the same instructions as step 2 and 3. 7. Enjoy!If you receive the "C8" error code when you start your NES Mini, it might be because one of your games has a really long Name which you'll want to get it short. The C8 error after booting a game might be when your gamelist is too long and for some reason which I haven't researsed yet-diskfull? I doubt it because 84 games worth 30MB, including settings and game covers-
3,579 views | Jan 07, 2017

game | NES mini with 70 games installed

NES mini with 70 games installed

Hacked nes mini with 40 additional games installed
2,011 views | Jan 07, 2017
game | Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition Features Trailer

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition Features Trailer

Whether you have fond NES memories or want to introduce yourself and your kids to the video games that made Nintendo a household name, you’ll love the compact and attractive console. The hub of the NES Classic Edition is the HOME Menu, which can be used to access all 30 of the classic NES games. From here, you can adjust various settings or just dive into a game and start playing. To help locate games quickly and easily, you can press the Select button to sort by title, two-player games, recently played games, number of times played, release date and publisher. To make sure every Goomba stomp looks as authentic as possible, all games can be played in three display modes. With the CRT filter, a scan-line effect is added to the screen to give everything that oh-so-retro look and feel. 4:3 is a sharp, clean look that adheres to the original aspect ratio used by the NES. And when playing in Pixel Perfect mode, every pixel is shown as a perfect square, providing the most accurate representation of the games as they were originally designed. Retro gaming is defined in part by the search for save spots and the need to enter long passwords, but in practice, those tasks can definitely be a little … um … time consuming. While all aspects of the original 30 NES games are intact, Suspend Points have been added to streamline the experience of playing them. At any point during gameplay, simply press the console’s Reset button to return to the HOME Menu and save a Suspend Point that will let you pick up right where you left off. Up to four Suspend Points can be saved per game, so you can track the progress of multiple players or file away your favorite moments. This is great news for parents, as their kids won’t be able to use the “I’ll be there when I get to the next save point!” excuse any more when dinner is ready. Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition is a little more than a month away! To learn more about the system while you wait for it to launch on Nov. 11 (and to view the list of all 30 playable NES games), visit http:www.nintendo.comnes-classic. Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https:goo.gl09xFdPVisit for all the latest! http:www.nintendo.comLike Nintendo on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comNintendo Follow us on Twitter: http:twitter.comNintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http:instagram.comNintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http:pinterest.comNintendo Follow us on Google+:
2,181 views | Sep 29, 2016
game | Mod your NES Classic! New Method!

Mod your NES Classic! New Method!

Much easier method to mod your NES Classic. You may need to disable your anti virus if it complains of a virus. It is confirmed to be a false positive. However the latest version of Hackchi2 apparently does not have this issue! (same link below to download)Download http:clusterrr.comsofthakchi2.zipYou also need dot net 3.5+ installed.If you have issues you could always try the first version of hackchi2 http:www.megafileupload.comp1uHhakchi2.zipAll credits to Clusterm for creating it! https:www.reddit.comuserclusterm
2,015 views | Jan 07, 2017

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