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How to humiliate in COD Ghost! Complete Field Order

From - Posted: Nov 13, 2013 - 22 viewsGame | How to humiliate in COD Ghost! Complete Field Order | How to humiliate in COD Ghost! Complete Field Order
How to humiliate in COD Ghost! Complete Field Order
How to humiliate in COD Ghost! Complete Field Order
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Teaching you how to humiliate someone in COD Ghost!!!!!!!

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drop a like! ¤¤¤ Please Like + Favourite, and Subscribe!! :) ¤¤¤ ¤ Follow Me On Twitter - http:www.twitter.comeasynow1337 ¤ ¤ Add Me On Facebook - http:www.facebook.comeasynow1337 ¤¤ WeAreKnifers Community - ¤ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Intro Song = Mutrix ft. Charity Vance - Come Alive (The Two Friends Remix) Outro Song = Tall Ships - Best Ever (Draper Remix)Designer - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­----------------------------------------------------------------Check out my emblems here:-¤¤ Places you need to check out!! ¤¤
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Twitter: https:twitter.comTheSmithPlays Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvthesmithplayz SmithShirts: Click to Donate! https:streamtip.comtthesmithplayz Outro Song: this video I am bringing you another "call of duty" top five. Today we are specifically looking at 'call of duty black ops 2', 'call of duty black ops' and 'call of duty world at war'. The focus withing these games will be the game modes 'call of duty black ops 2 zombies', 'call of duty black ops zombies' and 'call of duty world at war zombies'. We will look at the top 5 zombie traps in "Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies", as well as Black ops and World at war Zombies. As always, I hope you enjoy my 'top 5' video for the "call of duty black ops 2 tranzit" map and have a great day! :)TOP 5 Worst Wonder Weapons in 'Call of Duty Zombies' - "Black Ops 2 Zombies", Black Ops & WaW:'TOP 5' Zombie Bosses in 'Call of Duty 'Zombies' - Black Ops 2, Black Ops & World at War Zombies:'TOP 5' Maps in 'Call of Duty Zombies' - "Black Ops 2 Zombies" BO2 Black Ops & World at War:'TOP 5' Worst Ways To Die in 'Call of Duty Zombies' - "Black Ops 2 Zombies" (BO2), Black Ops & WaW:'TOP 5' Annoying Maps in 'Call of Duty Zombies' - "Black Ops 2 Zombies" (BO2), Black Ops & WaW COD
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Je joue à Call of Duty Ghosts... Et je me marre !

Cette vidéo n'est évidemment pas à prendre au premier degré. J'avais simplement envie de me marrer et ça a plutôt bien marché xD. Je me suis rendu compte que c'est en ne touchant plus à un COD pendant un certain moment qu'on arrive à y jouer sans se prendre la tête. Après pas de miracle, j'y ai encore un peu joué et j'ai rapidement compris pourquoi beaucoup de monde ne l'aime pas. C'est certainement le moins bon opus de la licence. Dites-moi dans les commentaires si vous voulez me voir découvrir le mode Extinction comme un gros noob que je suis sur ce jeu ! :D -----Abonne-toi pour rejoindre la Dx9Family ! :D http:bit.lyyUi8dKMerci à Nyo pour ses superbes miniatures ! A propos de moi -Twitter : http:twitter.comBenoitdx9 Page Facebook : http:www.facebook.comPageOfficielleDiablox9 Stream : http:www.twitch.tvBenoitdx9 Chaîne secondaire : Contact pro : Potes Partenaires (Points et abo Xbox Live) http:www.instant-gaming.comfr (Clés CD jeux PC)Cette vidéo est diffusée sous licence. Copyright © 2014 Diablox9
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Here's a quick video explaining Field Orders and how to complete Humiliation Order. Hope you guys enjoy. Follow My Livestream Here: http:www.twitch.tvdiggy_smalls Follow Me On Twitter:!Diggy__ Get A Scuff! Use the code DIGGY at the checkout! Improve Your Accuracy Kontrol Freeks 10% Off: http:www.kontrolfreek.comdefault.asp?aff=5353
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Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer - Ak-12 Assault Rifle Gameplay! ★ ALL "LiVE w Elite" Videos - http:bit.lyLiVEwELiTE ★ CoD Ghosts Maverick Sniping - http:bit.ly1qDPYzp ____________________________LiVE Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Gameplay... Experience every moment with me!Case & Point - Savage [Monstercat]▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ ★ Follow my Twitter: http:bit.ly18mARRP ★ Like my Facebook: http:full.scGVEZ0c ★ Join me on Twitch: http:bit.ly1jZXfuK ★ Follow my Instagram: http:bit.ly1eeoOYgNEW EliteShot Apparel! Get your ELiTE Tees & Hoodies here: https:irockcustom.myshopify.comcollectionseliteshotGet 10% OFF KontrolFreek Products! Use Discount Code "ELITE" at checkout: http:www.kontrolfreek.comaffiliateseliteshot?a_aid=ELITE▶▶ Join the Squad & SUBSCRiBE! ◀◀ ➥ #EliteSquad #FriendlyCODFanboy ____________________________cod ghosts multiplayer gameplay call of duty ghost gameplay cod ghost
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COD: Ghosts - How to complete the "Humiliation" order! :D ● SPECIALIST explained - http:youtu.betQWr1WRn1H4 ● K.E.M. 25 killstreak - http:youtu.bedCjinyY93aYWithin Call of Duty: Ghosts you can pick up "Field Orders" which will give you a challenge to complete. All of these are straight forward apart from the "humiliation" challenge - Find out how to complete it within this video! Enjoy! :)NEW Ali-A Shirts! • http:merchaddict.comAliAAli-A Xbox Picture Pack! • http:bit.ly188sz12Follow me! • Facebook - http:facebook.comAliAarmy • Twitter - http:www.twitter.comOMGitsAliA • #AliAapp (iOS) - http:bit.ly1b1ZpCu • #AliAapp (Android) - http:bit.ly1bUezO3The equipment I use! • The headset I use - http:tinyurl.comcr43q6h • How I record my gameplay - http:e.lga.toytm • Improve your aim (10% off) - http:bit.ly16ON9Ca • My controller - Use "AliA" for 15% off: http:bit.ly16pQ2LSSubscribe for more videos! - Ali-A--- COD: Ghosts - "HUMILIATION" FIELD ORDER Explained! - (Call of Duty: Ghost Top Tips) COD: Ghosts - "HUMILIATION" FIELD ORDER Explained! - (Call of Duty: Ghost Top Tips) COD: Ghosts - "HUMILIATION" FIELD ORDER Explained! - (Call of Duty: Ghost Top Tips)
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Today we bring you another Infected Hiding Tactics episode by RippyGaming! LIke for the awesome editing and best tactic!Famous50Piece: CerealSpoon: https:twitter.comCerealSp00nSubscribe to us here! ►http:bit.lyhiddenmasters Keep in Touch • Twitter: http:bit.lyhmtwit • Facebook: http:on.fb.meI0QZSv • Instagram: http:bit.lyinstahm• Join the Hidden Masters► http:bit.lyhiddenmasters and receive a cookie! :D"COD Ghost Infected" "COD Ghost Infected Hiding Spots" "COD Ghost Infected Hiding Tactics"
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Download Song on iTunes: Game Musicals #21: EXODUS THE MUSICAL In the grand finale of the Extinction musical saga, Samantha sings to the beat of her favorite Iggy song while she and her gang of Call of Duty DLC pals try to launch into space before Earth is toast!BEHIND THE SCENES: YOUTUBE: 2nd YOUTUBE: TWITCH: http:www.twitch.tvlhugueny TWITTER: https:twitter.comMovieMusicals FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comMovieMusicals INSTAGRAM: http:instagram.comlhuguenyLyrics, vocals, instruments & animation by lhugueny (Logan Hugueny-Clark: Samantha Cross voiced by TheEdgyHippieChild (Tyra Hansen:"Cold Deadly Cryptid": A musical parody about the Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction finale by Logan Hugueny-Clark (aka LHUGUENY)Special thanks to Infinity Ward.(c) 2011, 2014 LHC
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